Distinguishing between type 2B and pseudo-von Willebrand disease and its clinical importance

Authors: Enayat, Mohammad S.1Guilliatt, Andrea M.1Lester, William2Wilde, Jonathan T.2Williams, Michael D.1Hill, Frank G.H.1

Source: British Journal of Haematology, Volume 133, Number 6, June 2006, pp. 664-666(3)

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

Keywords: GPIb╬▒ gene; mutation; platelet aggregation with cryoprecipitate; pseudo-von Willebrand disease; type 2B von Willebrand disease

Document Type: Research Article

Affiliations: 1: Department of Haematology, The Birmingham Children's Hospital NHS Trust 2: Department of Haematology, University Hospital, Birmingham, UK

Publication date: June 1, 2006

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