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Document Delivery

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You and your patrons can purchase individual articles from Ingenta Connect via pay-per-view using a credit card, debit card or by setting up a payment account.

Simple article access via credit or debit card

Ingenta Connect offers two simple ways of purchasing articles via pay-per-view.

If you are buying a single article, choose the "Buy now" button on the article's abstract page for the quickest, easiest transaction. This option charges the price of the article (including any applicable taxes and delivery charges) to the credit card, debit card or payment account with which your registration is associated. With one simple click, you have purchased access to the document which allows you to view, download or save the article.

Alternatively, if you wish to purchase multiple articles within the same transaction, choose the "Add to cart" button, which notes that you wish to purchase the current content while allowing you to continue browsing for other items. Once you have added all required items to your cart, you can choose to complete the transaction with the "Proceed to checkout" option. Once purchased, all content will be available for viewing, downloading or saving for 48 hours.

Pay-per-view charges are set by the individual publisher, together with an Ingenta Connect delivery charge. Issues and volumes of certain publications along with some journal subscriptions can also be purchased, and there are also a number of publications with samples issues or free trials available.

Ingenta Connect accepts all major credit cards, debit cards and PayPal.

“The first time I used Ingenta Connect I was so impressed at the same day service that I haven't stopped using it since.”

Voula Paschalis, ACTU Library, Australia

Controlled purchasing via payment account

Setting up a payment account allows you to control your budget, while providing patrons with access to articles from non-subscribed publications:

  • Access can be made available to all those within your library, or limited to smaller groups
  • Funding can be segmented by department and further cost centers created for billing back to projects
  • Control can be maintained by setting limits on the amount spent within a time period or per item
  • Reports delivered monthly allow you to track spending habits. Used in collaboration with Ingenta Connect usage statistics, efficient budgeting can be achieved
  • Discounts are available for large-volume orders

“Carleton patrons do use Ingenta Connect a lot. It's a one-stop shopping service where patrons can search, order and receive their journal articles through unmediated ordering. This is a bonus for our patrons.”

Callista Kelly, Carleton University Library, USA

For further information or advice please contact our library services team, [email protected], to discuss more about how our various services can meet your specific needs.

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