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Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis, founded in 1981, is sponsored by the Chinese Central Iron & Steel Research Institute. "Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis" has been indexed in SCI(1999), Ei(1992), MEDLINE(1999), and AJ (1999). "Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis" publishes original contributions on various fields in Spectroscopy, including research results on laser spectroscopy, IR, Ramn, UV/Vis, Optical Emission, Absorption and Fluorescence spectroscopy, X-ray Fluorescence, and Spectrochemical Analysis, as well as Reseach paper, Research notes, Experimental Technique and Instrument, Review and Progress on the latest development of spectroscopy and spectrochemical anlysis, etc. "Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis" is published monthly by Peking University Press with book sizes of large 16-mo format , and 292 pages per issue.

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Volume 31, Number 5, 1 May 2011

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Improvement of the Power Conversion Efficiency in Organic Solar Cells
pp. 1161-1167(7)
Author: MU, Li-pingYUAN DanHUAN MinCHEN Zhi-jianXIAO Li-xinQU BoGONG Qi-huang

The Study of Fluorescence Spectrum Using Ultraviolet-Laser for Several Typical Oil Pollutants
pp. 1168-1170(3)
Authors: FENG, Wei-wei; WANG, Rui; SUN, Pei-yan; GAO, Zhen-hui; CHEN, Ling-xin

Differentiation of Plastic with Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
pp. 1171-1174(4)
Authors: LIU, Kai; WANG, Qian-qian; ZHAO, Hua; XIAO, Yin-long

Plasma Continuum Processing Using Optimization Method
pp. 1175-1177(3)
Authors: CHEN, Fa-xin; ZHENG, Jian; LI, Zheng-hong; YE, Fan

Study of Spectral Line Profile in a Slot Microplasma
pp. 1178-1180(3)
Authors: DONG, Li-fang; Lü, Ying-hui; CHEN, Jun-ying; FAN, Wei-li; JI, Ya-fei

Cathodoluminescent Properties of Na2GdPO4F2:Tb3+ Green Phosphors
pp. 1181-1184(4)
Author: LI, Song-boZHAO Wen-yuFAN BinAN Sheng-li

Luminescence Properties of Eu3+/Dy3+ Coating ZnO Nanocrystals
pp. 1185-1188(4)
Author: LIAO, Chen-xingWANG Yin-haiHU Yi-huaLUO LiZHANG Wei

Electroluminescent Performance and Spectral Characteristics of a Novel (t-bt)2Ir(acac) Phosphorescent Iridium Complex
pp. 1189-1192(4)
Authors: ZHAO, Juan; YU, Jun-sheng; WEN, Wen; JIANG, Ya-dong

Preparation and Luminescence Properties of Nanomaterials TiO2—SiO2 Doped with Eu3+
pp. 1193-1196(4)
Author: WANG, Xi-guiQI XiaBO Su-lingNA Mi-la

Luminescence Properties of Thenardite Activated with Cu
pp. 1197-1199(3)
Authors: Ajimu, Abulai; Taximaiti, Yusufu; Alifu, Shafuti; Aierken, Sidike

Synthesis and Luminescent Characteristic of BaMoO4:Eu3+
pp. 1200-1203(4)
Authors: QIU, Gui-ming; XU, Cheng-ke; HUANG, Chong

Multi-Task Least-Squares Support Vector Regression Machines and Their Applications in NIR Spectral Analysis
pp. 1208-2111(904)
Authors: XU, Shuo; QIAO, Xiao-dong; ZHU, Li-jun; AN, Xin; ZHANG, Lu-da

Ozone Concentration Inversion Based on Multi-Reflected Cell FTIR Spectra and Correlation Analysis
pp. 1212-1215(4)
Authors: CHENG, Si-yang; GAO, Min-guang; XU, Liang; ZHANG, Tian-shu; LU, Yi-huai; LIU, Jian-guo; TONG, Jing-jing; JIN, Ling; LI, Sheng; WEI, Xiu-li; LIU, Wen-qing

The Influence of Reference Data Noise on the NIR Prediction Results
pp. 1216-1219(4)
Authors: YAO, Sheng; WU, Guo-feng; ZHOU, Shu-ke; JIANG, Yi-fei; JIN, Xiao-juan; ZHAO, Qiang; PU, Jun-wen

Detection of Firmness and Surface Color of Pear by Near Infrared Spectroscopy Based on Monte Carlo Uninformative Variables Elimination Method
pp. 1225-1229(5)
Authors: HAO, Yong; SUN, Xu-dong; PAN, Yuan-yuan; GAO, Rong-jie; LIU, Yan-de

Research on Optimization of Model for Detecting Sugar Content of Navel Orange by Online Near Infrared Spectroscopy
pp. 1230-1235(6)
Authors: SUN, Xu-dong; HAO, Yong; GAO, Rong-jie; OUYANG, Ai-guo; LIU, Yan-de

In Situ Measurement of the Permeability of Concrete by FTIR-MIR
pp. 1236-1240(5)
Author: LIN, Jun-renLIN Zhong-yuDU Rong-guiLIN Chang-jian

Investigation of FTIR spectra Analysis on Carbon Dioxide Absorption with Improved Amine Solution
pp. 1241-1244(4)
Author: YIN, Wen-xuanLIU Jian-zhouGAO Li-pingJIANG Jing-liangWANG Zhi-hua

Near Infrared Spectral Analysis and Measuring System for Primary Nutrient of Soil
pp. 1245-1249(5)
Authors: GAO, Hong-zhi; LU, Qi-peng

Identification of Cortex Phellodendri by Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy and Principal Component Analysis
pp. 1258-1261(4)
Authors: YUAN, Yu-feng; TAO, Zhan-hua; LIU, Jun-xian; TIAN, Chang-hai; WANG, Gui-wen; LI, Yong-qing

Research on Infrared Spectrum Intercomparison Search Method Based on Wavelet Multi-Scale Decomposition
pp. 1262-1265(4)
Authors: DU, Shuang-yu; WANG, Xian-pei; CAI, Tao; YANG, Jie

Anomaly of Infrared Thermal Radiation Intensity on Unilateral Mild to Moderate Bell’s Palsy
pp. 1266-1269(4)
Authors: LIU, Xu-long; HONG, Wen-xue; ZHANG, Tao; WU, Zhen-ying; ZHANG, Dong

Study of Fermi Resonance by Means of Solution Concentration Variation
pp. 1270-1273(4)
Authors: JIANG, Xiu-lan; LI, Dong-fei; CHEN, Yuan-zheng; ZHOU, Mi; SUN, Cheng-lin; YANG, Guang; LI, Zuo-wei GAO Shu-qin

FTIR, FT-Raman and Surface Enhanced Raman Study of S-Thyminyl-L-Cysteine
pp. 1274-1278(5)
Authors: CAI, Peng-ying; ZHOU, Guang-ming; YANG, Da-cheng

The Application of Piecewise Direct Standardization with SNV in Calibration Transfer of Raman Spectra
pp. 1279-1282(4)
Author: HUANG, Cheng-weiDAI Lian-kuiDONG Xue-feng

Two Endmember Extraction Algorithms with Combined Spatial and Spectral Domain TM Image
pp. 1286-1290(5)
Authors: WANG, Jie; YANG, Liao; SHEN, Jin-xiang; WU, Xiao-boGUO Peng-cheng

Study of Tyrosine Online Fluorescence Spectrum under High Pressure
pp. 1291-1294(4)
Authors: JIANG, Chun-yue; XIANG, Run-qing; BAO, Cheng-manGAI Yun

Effect of pH of Methyl Orange Solution on the Fluorescence Enhancement Effect of Silver Nanoparticles
pp. 1295-1299(5)
Authors: WANG, Yue-hui; ZHU, Yi-shui; ZHU, Shuo-xuan

Two-Photon Sensors for Proton Derived from 7-Pyridinylbenzo[c] [1,2,5]thiadiazole Receptor
pp. 1300-1304(5)
Authors: ZHAO, Wei-feng; WANG, Xiao-mei; LUO, Jian-fang; TAO, Xu-tang

Aging Explosive Detection Using Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy
pp. 1305-1308(4)
Authors: MENG, Kun; LI, Ze-ren; LIU, Qiao

Orthogonal Projection Divergence-Based Hyperspectral Band Selection
pp. 1309-1313(5)
Author: SU, Hong-junSHENG Ye-huaYang HeDu Qian

Classification Technique for Hyperspectral Image Based on Subspace of Bands Feature Extraction and LS-SVM
pp. 1314-1317(4)
Authors: GAO, Heng-zhen; WAN, Jian-wei; ZHU, Zhen-zhen; WANG, Li-bao; NIAN, Yong-jian

Research on Hyperspectral Remote Sensing in Monitoring Snow Contamination Concentration
pp. 1318-1321(4)
Authors: TANG, Xu-guang; LIU, Dian-wei; ZHANG, Bai; DU, Jia; LEI, Xiao-chun; ZENG, Li-hong; WANG, Yuan-dong; SONG, Kai-shan

Noninvasive Prediction of Red Blood Cell Counts by Normalized Reflection Spectroscopy for Tongue Inspection
pp. 1328-1331(4)
Authors: LI, Gang; ZHAO, Jing; LI, Jia-xing; XIONG, Hui; LIN, Ling; TONG, Ying; ZHANG, Bao-ju

Element Detection by Single-Shot Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy of Lead
pp. 1332-1335(4)
Authors: LU, Yin-feiJIN Xin; ZHANG, Gui-zhongYAO Jian-quan

Diagnosis Study of Rice Leaf under Phosphorus Insufficiency Based on Spectral Features of Scan Image and Pattern Recognition
pp. 1336-1339(4)
Authors: DING, Xiao-dongSHI Yuan-yuanLU XueDENG Jin-songSHEN Zhang-quan; WANG, Ke

Extraction of Spectral Information of Additives from Activated Manganese Dioxide Products Using Adaptive Kernel Independent Component Analysis
pp. 1340-1343(4)
Authors: WANG, Guo-qing; PENG, Yang; LIU, Shao-wen; SUN, Xiao-li; ZHAO, Jian-bo; SUN, Yu-an; LIU, Ying-fan

Laser Photolysis Studies on Pyrene in Ionic Liquids and Conventional Solvents
pp. 1344-1347(4)
Author: FU, Hai-yingXING Zhao-guoWU Guo-zhong

Research on the Spectral Properties of the Rhodamine 101 Dye
pp. 1348-1351(4)
Authors: JIANG, Li-lin; SONG, Yun-fei; YANG, Zhen-ling; HE, Xing; LIU, Wei-long; YU, Guo-yang; WANG, Yang; YANG, Yan-qiang

Changes of Reflectance Spectra of Pine Needles in Different Stage after Being Infected by Pine Wood Nematode
pp. 1352-1356(5)
Authors: XU, Hua-chao; LUO, You-qing; ZHANG, Ting-ting; SHI, Yong-jun

The Multi-Spectra Classification Algorithm Based on K-Means Clustering and Spectral Angle Cosine
pp. 1357-1360(4)
Author: WEI, Jun-xiaXIANGLI BinGAO Xiao-huiDUAN Xiao-feng

Characteristic Spectrum Linear Inversion Modeling to Extract the Mineral Information
pp. 1366-1370(5)
Authors: WANG, Fei; LIN, Qi-zhong; WANG, Qin-junLI Shuai

Resonance Scattering Detection of Trace Hg2+ Using Aptamer Modified AuSe Nanoalloy
pp. 1371-1374(4)
Authors: JIANG, Zhi-liang; ZHANG, Yi; QIN, Hui-min; ZHOU, Lian-ping; LIANG, Ai-hui; WANG, Peng-fei; OUYANG, Hui-xiang

Design of Full-Polarized and Multi-Spectral Imaging System Based on LCVR
pp. 1375-1378(4)
Authors: ZHANG, Ying; ZHAO, Hui-jie; CHENG, Xuan; XIONG, Sheng-jun

Winter Wheat Area Estimation with MODIS-NDVI Time Series Based on Parcel
pp. 1379-1383(5)
Authors: LI, Le; ZHANG, Jin-shui; ZHU, Wen-quan; HU, Tan-gao; HOU, Dong

Quantitative Analysis of the Polarized Reflection Factor of Influence of Oil Film on Water Surface and Their Interaction
pp. 1384-1387(4)
Authors: SUN, Zhong-qiu; LI, Shao-ping; ZHAO, Yun-sheng; YAN, Guo-qian

Spectrum Analysis of Blue to Purple Membrane Transition Induced by Diverse Valent Cations
pp. 1388-1392(5)
Authors: XU, Bing; HAN, Jin-duo; YU, Peng; ZHANG, YongHU Kun-sheng

Synthesis and Characterization of CTMAB and PDMDAAC Modified Organobentonite
pp. 1393-1397(5)
Authors: YU, Hai-qin; YAN, Liang-guo; XIN, Xiao-dong; DU, Bin; WEI, Qin; FAN, Yu-hua; BI, Cai-feng

Preparation of CdSe Nanoparticle-Deposited TiO2 Nanobelts and Their Visible-Light Photocatalysis
pp. 1398-1402(5)
Authors: ZHOU, Ji; JI, Tian-hao; LI, Li; SUN, Jia-yue

Study on Using Apparent Spectrum to Retrieve the Inherent Optical Properties of Ocean Water
pp. 1403-1408(6)
Authors: ZHANG, Min-wei; DONG, Qing; TANG, Jun-wu; SONG, Qing-jun

Topography Structure and Flocculation Mechanism of Polymeric Phosphate Ferric Sulfate(PPFS)
pp. 1409-1413(5)
Authors: ZHENG, Huai-li; ZHANG, Hui-qin; JIANG, Shao-jie; LI, Fang; JIAO, Shi-jun; FANG, Hui-li

Effect of Boron on the Excitation Temperature of Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy
pp. 1419-1422(4)
Author: WANG, Guo-xinXU Yu-yuWANG HuiWU ChengLIU FengYANG Peng-yuan

Determination of Gold in Copper Matte and Sintered Copper Material
pp. 1423-1427(5)
Authors: GE, Yu-wei; XIAO, Li-mei; SUO, Jin-ling; WANG, Cheng; HU, Xiao-min; ZHAO, Shu-yun

X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrum Studies on Bioorganic Carbon in Cereals and Carbon Chemical Circulation
pp. 1428-1434(7)
Authors: DUAN, De-liang; BIAN, Fu-yong; YUAN, Bo; WANG, Shu; GE, Mao-fa; ZHANG, Xing-kang; XU, Si-chuan

Effect of Curvature Radius Error on the Flat-Field Holographic Concave Grating Resolution and Its Compensation
pp. 1435-1438(4)
Authors: KONG, Peng; Bayanheshig; LI, Wen-hao; TANG, Yu-guo; CUI, Jin-jiang

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