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Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis, founded in 1981, is sponsored by the Chinese Central Iron & Steel Research Institute. "Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis" has been indexed in SCI(1999), Ei(1992), MEDLINE(1999), and AJ (1999). "Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis" publishes original contributions on various fields in Spectroscopy, including research results on laser spectroscopy, IR, Ramn, UV/Vis, Optical Emission, Absorption and Fluorescence spectroscopy, X-ray Fluorescence, and Spectrochemical Analysis, as well as Reseach paper, Research notes, Experimental Technique and Instrument, Review and Progress on the latest development of spectroscopy and spectrochemical anlysis, etc. "Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis" is published monthly by Peking University Press with book sizes of large 16-mo format , and 292 pages per issue.

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Volume 29, Number 3, 1 March 2009

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Terahertz Wave Dielectric Properties of GaAs
pp. 577-579(3)
Author: LI, Jiu-sheng

Data Analysis of Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrum of Individual Particle Using Adaptive Resonance Theory Based Neural Network
pp. 580-584(5)
Authors: LIN, Ying; GUO, Xiao-yong; GU, Xue-jun; XIA, Wei-wei; ZHENG, Hai-yang; ZHANG, Wei-jun; FANG, Li

Spectral Characteristics of White Organic Light-Emitting Devices Based on a Novel Nitrile Fluorescence Dye
pp. 589-592(4)
Authors: WEN, Wen; YU, Jun-sheng; LI, Lu; MA, Tao; JIANG, Ya-dong

The Role of BCP in Electroluminescence of Multilayer Organic Light-Emitting Devices
pp. 593-597(5)
Authors: DENG, Zhao-ru; YANG, Sheng-yi; LOU, Zhi-dong; MENG, Ling-chuan

Optical Radiative Transition Characteristics of Eu(TTFA)3-Doped Resin Photoresist Polymer Film
pp. 602-606(5)
Authors: LI, Xiao-juan; TSANG, Kwok Chu; PUN, Edwin Yue-Bun; LIN, Hai

Energy Levels of Hydrogenic Impurities in InAs Quantum Ring
pp. 607-610(4)
Authors: ZHENG, Wen-li; LI, Zhi-wen; WANG, Xue-feng

Pseudo Color Method for the Infrared Thermogram Display of Local Breast Focus Tissue
pp. 611-615(5)
Authors: TANG, Xian-wu; DING, Hai-shu; TENG, Yi-chao

Remote Passive Sensing of Aeroengine Exhausts Using FTIR System
pp. 616-619(4)
Authors: XIA, Qing; ZUO, Hong-fu; LI, Shao-cheng; WEN, Zhen-hua; LI, Yao-hua

Effects of Cd Stress on FTIR Spectra and Physiological Traits of Hypnum fertile Sendtn.
pp. 620-623(4)
Authors: GU, Yan-hong; LIU, Peng; CAI, Qi-min; CHEN, Jie; XIE, Hong-kai

Mid-Infrared Atmosphere Radiation Transfer Analytic Model and Remote Sensing Images Simulation
pp. 629-634(6)
Authors: YANG, Gui-jun; LIU, Qin-huo; LIU, Qiang; GU, Qing; XIAO, Xing-fa; HUANG, Wen-jiang

Application and Prospect of Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy in Forage Analysis
pp. 635-640(6)
Authors: REN, Xiu-zhen; GUO, Hong-ru; JIA, Yu-shan; GE, Gen-tu; WANG, Kun

Progress in Application of Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy to the Study of Ruminant Nutrition
pp. 641-646(6)
Authors: GUO, Xu-sheng; SHANG, Zhan-huan; FANG, Xiang-wen; LONG, Rui-jun

Determination of Geographical Origin of Beef Based on FTIR Spectroscopy Analysis
pp. 647-651(5)
Authors: LI, Yong; WEI, Yi-min; PAN, Jia-rong; GUO, Bo-li

Modeling of Sugar Content Based on NIRS During Cider-Making Fermentation
pp. 652-655(4)
Authors: PENG, Bang-zhu; YUE, Tian-li; YUAN, Ya-hong; GAO, Zhen-peng

Analysis of Infrared Spectroscopy of Ginsengs by Support Vector Machine and Wavelet Transform
pp. 656-660(5)
Authors: JIN, Xiang-jun; ZHANG, Yong; XIE, Yun-fei; CONG, Qian; ZHAO, Bing

Determination of the Content of Poly(Lactic Acid-co-Phenylalanine) by Infrared Spectroscopy
pp. 661-664(4)
Authors: LIU, Ying; WEI, Rong-qing; LIU, Xiao-ning; WANG, Ming

Using GA-DOSC Method to Eliminate Interference of Peel with Prediction of Apple Firmness Based on Near Infrared Diffuse Reflection Spectra
pp. 665-670(6)
Authors: SHI, Bo-lin; QING, Zhao-shen; JI, Bao-ping; TU, Zhen-hua; ZHU, Da-zhou; YIN, Jing-yuan

Research on the Method for Rapid Detection of Soil Moisture Content Using Spectral Data
pp. 675-677(3)
Authors: SONG, Tao; BAO, Yi-dan; HE, Yong

Nondestructive Measurement of SSC in Western Pear Using Genetic Algorithms and FT-NIR Spectroscopy
pp. 678-681(4)
Authors: WANG, Jia-hua; PAN, Lu; SUN, Qian; LI, Peng-fei; HAN, Dong-hai

Nondestructive Identification of Different Oil Content Maize Kernels by Near-Infrared Spectra
pp. 686-689(4)
Authors: ZHANG, Yuan; ZHANG, Lu-da; BAI, Qi-lin; CHEN, Shao-jiang

Prepareation of Large Area Al-ZnO Thin Film by DC Magnetron Sputtering
pp. 698-701(4)
Authors: JIAO, Fei; LIAO, Cheng; HAN, Jun-feng; ZHOU, Zhen

Effects of Multi-Angle Hyperspectral Polarized Reflection by Forest Soil
pp. 702-706(5)
Authors: HAN, Yang; ZHAO, Yun-sheng; ZHAO, Nai-zhuo; LI, Qian; Lü, Yun-feng

Tongue Manifestation Based on Spectral Method
pp. 707-710(4)
Authors: LIN, Ling; XIE, Xin; LI, Gang

Study on the Arc Spectral Information for Welding Quality Diagnosis
pp. 711-715(5)
Authors: LI, Zhi-yong; GU, Xiao-yan; LI, Huan; YANG, Li-jun

Quantitative Evaluation of Soil Hyperspectra Denoising with Different Filters
pp. 722-725(4)
Authors: HUANG, Ming-xiang; WANG, Ke; SHI, Zhou; GONG, Jian-hua; LI, Hong-yi; CHEN, Jie-liang

Study on the Interaction of Cobalt() Polyamidomine Dendrimer with DNA by Spectrometry Techniques
pp. 726-729(4)
Authors: LI, Jin-huan; AI, Shi-yun; SHI, Wei-jie; YIN, Huan-shun; DU, Hong-xia

Surface Spectral Measurement and Characteristics Analysis of Turbid Water in Hangzhou Bay
pp. 730-734(5)
Authors: WANG, Fan; ZHOU, Bin; XU, Jian-ming; LING, Zai-ying; ZHUO, Gen-di

Improving Hyperspectral Matching Method through Feature-Selection/Weighting Based on SVM
pp. 735-739(5)
Authors: WANG, Yuan-yuan; CHEN, Yun-hao; LI, Jing

Spectroscopy Technique and Ruminant Methane Emissions Accurate Inspecting
pp. 740-744(5)
Authors: SHANG, Zhan-huan; GUO, Xu-sheng; LONG, Rui-jun

Test Research on State Monitor of PSST by Oil Spectrometric Analysis
pp. 749-751(3)
Authors: ZHENG, Chang-song; MA, Biao; MA, Yuan

Preparation and Characterization of Poly-Si Films on Different Topography Substrates by AIC
pp. 752-755(4)
Authors: WANG, Cheng-long; FAN, Duo-wang; LIU, Hong-zhong; ZHANG, Fu-jia; XING, Da; LIU, Song-hao

Preparation of Premonitory Li x MoS2 and Its Spectral Analysis
pp. 756-758(3)
Authors: FENG, Shi-hong; JIA, Tai-xuan; LIU, Zi-li

Fluorescence Quenching Assay of Ultratrace Horseradish Peroxidase Using Rhodamine Dye
pp. 759-761(3)
Authors: MA, Wen-sheng; HUANG, Guo-xia; LIANG, Ai-hui; JIANG, Zhi-liang

Effects of Exogenous Nitric Oxide on Chlorophyll in Cadmium-Induced Tomato Seedlings
pp. 762-764(3)
Authors: SHENG, Ji-ping; LIU, Kai-lang; SHEN, Lin

Effects of High Pulsed Electric Field on the Secondary and Tertiary Structure of Lipoxygenase
pp. 765-768(4)
Authors: ZHONG, Kui; HU, Xiao-song; WU, Ji-hong; CHEN, Fang; LIAO, Xiao-jun

Preparation and Characterization of SrS:Eu, Sm Phosphor
pp. 769-772(4)
Authors: LIU, Quan-sheng; ZHANG, Xi-yan; BAI, Zhao-hui; WANG, Xiao-chun; LU, Li-ping; MI, Xiao-yun

Study on Interaction Mechanism between Meso-Tetra-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)-Zn Porphyrin and Bovine Serum Albumin by Fluorescence Method
pp. 773-776(4)
Authors: ZHANG, Li-na; CHEN, Xin; XIA, Yang; WU, Dan; YU, Jing-hua; DU, Bin; WEI, Qin

Fluorescence Spectra Study of a New Toxic Protein from Malania Oleifera
pp. 777-780(4)
Authors: YUAN, Yan; XIAO, Han; KANG, Hong-jun; CHEN, Rui-yan; DAI, Xiao-chang

The Ultraviolet Absorption Spectra of Pyrazoles and 1-Carboxamidepyrazoles and Their Application
pp. 781-785(5)
Authors: SHI, Yun-feng; WU, Zhi-jie; CHEN, Li-jun; CHEN, Guang; LIU, Yao-peng; ZHANG, Li-li

Transient UV Absorption Spectra of Artemisinin Reacting with Sodium Hydroxide
pp. 786-788(3)
Authors: GAO, Yan-jun; LI, Ping; YANG, Li-jun; WANG, Qi-ming; XUE, Jun-peng; WU, Da-cheng; LI, Rui-xia

Controllable Synthesis and UV-Vis Spectral Analysis of Silver Nanoparticles in AOT Microemulsion
pp. 789-792(4)
Authors: ZHANG, Wan-zhong; QIAO, Xue-liang; LUO, Lang-li; CHEN, Jian-guo

Analysis of Primary Elemental Speciation Distribution in Mungbean During Enzymatic Hydrolization
pp. 797-800(4)
Authors: LI, Ji-hua; HUANG, Mao-fang; ZHU, De-ming; ZHENG, Wei-wan; ZHONG, Ye-jun

ICP-AES Determination of Cu2+,Pb2+ and Cd2+ with Adsorption Behavior of Potassium Hexatitanate Whisker
pp. 801-804(4)
Authors: XU, Wan-zhen; LI, Chun-xiang; LIU, Ai-qin; YAN, Yong-sheng

Analysis of Metallic Elements in Refractory Tantalum-Niobium Slag by ICP-AES
pp. 805-808(4)
Authors: WANG, Xiao-hui; ZHENG, Shi-li; XU, Hong-bin; ZHANG, Yi

Contents of Nutrient Elements in NH+ 4-N Fertilizer and Urea
pp. 809-811(3)
Authors: WANG, Zheng-rui; QU, Gui-qin; RUI, Yu-kui; SHEN, Jian-bo; ZHANG, Fu-suo

Comparison of ICP-MS and Two Other Analytical Methods for Determination of Selenium Content in Cordyceps Militaris
pp. 815-818(4)
Authors: WANG, Ying; TIE, Mei; KANG, Ping-li; LV, Yong-tong; BEN, Song-bin; CHEN, Chang-lan

Distribution Pattern of Heavy Metals in Transgenic(Bt+CpTI)Cotton
pp. 819-821(3)
Authors: RUI, Yu-kui; QU, Gui-qin

The Content of Nutrient Elements of Plant in KCl Fertilizer
pp. 822-823(2)
Authors: XU, Fang; RUI, Yu-kui; LIN, Qiang; ZHANG, Fu-suo

Adsorption Behavior of Immobilized Nanometer Barium-Strontium Titanate for Cadmium Ion in Water
pp. 824-828(5)
Authors: ZHANG, Dong; ZHANG, Wen-jie; GUAN, Xin; GAO, Hong; HE, Hong-bo

Spectra Study of a Sodion Triethylenetetramine-bisDithiocarbamate and Its Complexes with Heavy Metal Ions
pp. 829-832(4)
Authors: LIAO, Qiang-qiang; WANG, Zhong-yuan; LI, Yi-jiu; XIANG, Bo; CHENG, Ru-mei; ZHANG, Qin-jian

Determination of Rubidium and Cesium in Chloride Type Oilfield Water by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
pp. 833-836(4)
Authors: YE, Xiu-shen; ZHANG, Shan-ying; LI, Hai-jun; LI, Wu; WU, Zhi-jian

Identification of Tea from Different Regions Using X-Ray Fluorescence
pp. 837-839(3)
Authors: RAO, Xiu-qin; YING, Yi-bin; HUANG, Hai-bo; SHI, Zhou; ZHOU, Lian-qing

UV-Vis, FTIR and XRD Spectroscopic Analysis for the Preparation of Pt/CNTs Electrocatalysts
pp. 840-843(4)
Authors: CHEN, Sheng-zhou; YE, Fei; LIU, Zi-li; LIN, Wei-ming

System Design of Open-Path Natural Gas Leakage Detection Based on Fresnel Lens
pp. 844-847(4)
Authors: XIA, Hui; LIU, Wen-qing; ZHANG, Yu-jun; KAN, Rui-feng; CUI, Yi-ben; WANG, Min; HE, Ying; CUI, Xiao-juan; RUAN, Jun; GENG, Hui

Data Processing for Interferogram of Spatial Heterodyne Spectrometer
pp. 848-852(5)
Authors: YE, Song; XIONG, Wei; QIAO, Yan-li; HONG, Jin; FANG, Yong-hua

Study on Miniature Static Fourier Transform Spectrometer Used in Laser Warning Receiver
pp. 853-857(5)
Authors: TIAN, Er-ming; ZHANG, Ji-long; LI, Xiao; ZHANG, Yue; WANG, Zhi-bin

Digital Acoustic Burglar Alarm System Using Infrared Radio Remote Control
pp. 858-861(4)
Authors: WANG, Song-de; ZHAO, Yan; YAO, Li-ping; ZHANG, Shuan-ji

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