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Blumea is an international journal on the biodiversity, evolution and biogeography of plants, including topics on systematics, floristics, phylogeny, morphology and anatomy. For floristic studies, the focus is on tropical Africa south of the Sahara, tropical Southeast Asia with a strong emphasis on Malesia, and South America with emphasis on the Guianas. Papers in Blumea are subjected to peer review and are in English. Blumea is published three times a year, comprising c. 300 pages in total.
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Volume 54, Numbers 1-3, October 2009
Proceedings of the 7th Flora Malesiana Symposium

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Free Content Flora Malesiana in the coming decade
pp. 3-5(3)
Authors: Roos, M.C.; Hovenkamp, P.

Research Article

Free Content EuphORBia: a global inventory of the spurges
pp. 11-12(2)
Authors: Esser, H.-J.; Berry, P.E.; Riina, R.

Free Content Interactive web-taxonomy for the Araceae:
pp. 13-15(3)
Authors: Haigh, A.; Mayo, S.J.; Croat, T.; Reynolds, L.; Pinto, M. Mora; Boyce, P.C.; Lay, L.; Bogner, J.; Clark, B.; Kostelac, C.; Hay, A.

Free Content Bioinformatics interoperability: all together now !
pp. 16-17(2)
Authors: Meganck, B.; Mergen, P.; Meirte, D.

Free Content Tree Flora of Sabah and Sarawak project – progress and future activities
pp. 23-24(2)
Authors: Tan, H.S.; Nadiah, I.; Eryani, S.S.

Free Content How to tackle revisions of large genera: lessons from Macaranga and Mallotus (Euphorbiaceae)
pp. 25-28(4)
Authors: van Welzen, P.C.; Kulju, K.K.M.; Sierra, S.E.C.

Free Content Documentation of inherited knowledge on wild edible fungi from Malaysia
pp. 35-38(4)
Authors: Abdullah, F.; Rusea, G.

Free Content Specialty rattans of the ASEAN
pp. 39-43(5)
Author: Baja-Lapis, A.C.

Free Content Pollen morphology of Philippine species of Phyllanthus (Phyllanthaceae, Euphorbiaceae s.l.)
pp. 47-58(12)
Authors: Chen, Y.-J.; Chen, S.-H.; Huang, T.-C.; Wu, M.-J.

Free Content Taxonomic reconsideration of Disporum luzoniense (Liliaceae s.l.) using flavonoid characters
pp. 59-62(4)
Authors: Saito, Y.; Iwashina, T.; Peng, C.-I; Kokubugata, G.

Free Content Comparative morphology on leaves of Daphniphyllum (Daphniphyllaceae)
pp. 63-68(6)
Authors: Tang, M.-S.; Yang, Y.-P.; Sheue, C.-R.

Free Content Inventory and conservation of endangered, endemic and economically important flora of Hamiguitan Range, southern Philippines
pp. 71-76(6)
Authors: Amoroso, V.B.; Obsioma, L.D.; Arlalejo, J.B.; Aspiras, R.A.; Capili, D.P.; Polizon, J.J.A.; Sumile, E.B.

Free Content Taxonomy, ecology, and conservation status of Philippine Rafflesia (Rafflesiaceae)
pp. 77-93(17)
Authors: Barcelona, J.F.; Pelser, P.B.; Balete, D.S.; Co, L.L.

Free Content Assessing conservation status of Peninsular Malaysian Begonias (Begoniaceae)
pp. 94-98(5)
Authors: Chua, L.S.L.; Kiew, R.; Chan, Y.M.

Free Content Taxonomy and conservation of Philippine Cycads
pp. 99-102(4)
Authors: Madulid, D.A.; Agoo, E.M.G.

Free Content Large–scale patterns of plant diversity and conservation priorities in South East Asia
pp. 103-108(6)
Authors: Marsh, S.T.; Brummitt, N.A.; de Kok, R.P.J.; Utteridge, T.M.A.

Free Content Malaysian limestone orchids status: diversity, threat and conservation
pp. 109-116(8)
Authors: Rusea, G.; Lim, M.Y.L.; Phoon, S.N.; Yong, W.S.Y.; Tang, C.H.; Khor, H.E.; Abdullah, J.O.; Abdullah, J.

Free Content A new technique for inventory of permanent plots in tropical forests: a case study from lowland dipterocarp forest in Kuala Belalong, Brunei Darussalam
pp. 124-130(7)
Authors: Hédl, R.; Svátek, M.; Dančák, M.; Rodzay, A.W.; Salleh A.B., M.; Kamariah, A.S.

Free Content Succession on tin-mined land in Bangka Island
pp. 131-138(8)
Authors: Nurtjahya, E.; Setiadi, D.; Guhardja, E.; Muhadiono; Setiadi, Y.

Free Content Sphagnum bogs of Kelantan, Peninsular Malaysia
pp. 139-141(3)
Authors: Yao, T.L.; Kamarudin, S.; Chew, M.Y.; Kiew, R.

Free Content Southeast Asia's changing palaeogeography
pp. 148-161(14)
Author: Hall, R.

Free Content Segregation of Leptatherum from Microstegium (Andropogoneae, Poaceae) confirmed by Internal Transcribed Spacer DNA sequences
pp. 175-180(6)
Authors: Chen, C.-H.; Veldkamp, J.F.; Kuoh, C.-S.; Tsai, C.-C.; Chiang, Y.-C.

Free Content Davalliaceae in Peninsular Malaysia, a preliminary study based on trnL-F region
pp. 203-206(4)
Authors: Maideen, H.; Milne, R.I.; Gibby, M.

Free Content New genera of Malesian Grammitidacae (Monilophyta)
pp. 217-219(3)
Author: Parris, B.S.

Free Content On the morphology and molecular basis of segregation of Ceriops zippeliana and C. decandra (Rhizophoraceae) from Asia
pp. 220-227(8)
Authors: Sheue, C.-R.; Liu, H.-Y.; Tsai, C.-C.; Rashid, S.M.A.; Yong, J.W.H.; Yang, Y.-P.

Free Content Phylogenetic systematics of Hoya (Apocynaceae)
pp. 228-232(5)
Author: Wanntorp, L.

Free Content Phylogenetic biogeography of Euphrasia section Malesianae (Orobanchaceae) in Taiwan and Malesia
pp. 242-247(6)
Authors: Wu, M.-J.; Huang, T.-C.; Huang, S.-F.

Free Content An introduction to the flora of the Milne Bay Archipelago
pp. 251-254(4)
Authors: Johns, R.; Gideon, O.; Simaga, J.; Kuria, T.; Bagoera, G.

Free Content The rediscovery of Philippine Begonias
pp. 267-268(2)
Authors: Rubite, R.R.; Madulid, D.A.

Free Content Ecology and distribution of Lycopodiaceae Mirbel in Malaysia
pp. 269-271(3)
Authors: Rusea, G.; Claysius, K.; Runi, S.; Joanes, U.; Maideen, K.M. Haja; Latiff, A.

Free Content The Begonias of New Guinea – an overview
pp. 272-277(6)
Author: Sands, M.J.S.

Free Content Notes on Aeschynanthus (Gesneriaceae) of Sumatra, Indonesia
pp. 278-279(2)
Authors: Tjitrosoedirdjo, Sri S.; Zakaria, R.; Nurainas

Free Content The subalpine and alpine flora of Mount Jaya (New Guinea): status and threats
pp. 280-283(4)
Authors: Utteridge, T.M.A.; Edwards, P.J.

Free Content Catalogue of the bryophytes of Sulawesi.

Supplement 1: new species records

pp. 287-289(3)
Authors: Ariyanti, N.S.; Gradstein, S.R.; Sporn, S.G.; Angelika, R.; Tan, B.C.

Free Content Biogeography of Mindoro mosses
pp. 290-296(7)
Author: Linis, V.C.

Free Content Tropical urban lichens: observations from Singapore
pp. 297-299(3)
Author: Sipman, H.J.M.

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