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Volume 27, Number 11, November 2010

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Free Content Multifunctional Polymeric Carriers for Gene and Drug Delivery
pp. 2257-2259(3)
Author: Bronich, Tatiana

pH-Sensitive Multi-PEGylated Block Copolymer as a Bioresponsive pDNA Delivery Vector
pp. 2260-2273(14)
Authors: Lai, Tsz; Bae, Younsoo; Yoshida, Takayuki; Kataoka, Kazunori; Kwon, Glen

Multi-component Polymeric System for Tumour Cell-Specific Gene Delivery Using a Universal Bungarotoxin Linker
pp. 2274-2282(9)
Authors: Willemsen, Ralph; Pechar, Michal; Carlisle, Robert; Schooten, Erik; Pola, Robert; Thompson, Amber; Seymour, Leonard; Ulbrich, Karel

PEG-Functionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Applications
pp. 2283-2295(13)
Authors: Yallapu, Murali; Foy, Susan; Jain, Tapan; Labhasetwar, Vinod

Multifunctional Tumor-Targeted Polymer-Peptide-Drug Delivery System for Treatment of Primary and Metastatic Cancers
pp. 2296-2306(11)
Authors: Chandna, Pooja; Khandare, Jayant; Ber, Elizabeth; Rodriguez-Rodriguez, Lorna; Minko, Tamara

PAMAM-Camptothecin Conjugate Inhibits Proliferation and Induces Nuclear Fragmentation in Colorectal Carcinoma Cells
pp. 2307-2316(10)
Authors: Thiagarajan, Giridhar; Ray, Abhijit; Malugin, Alexander; Ghandehari, Hamidreza

Temozolomide Delivery to Tumor Cells by a Multifunctional Nano Vehicle Based on Poly(-L-malic acid)
pp. 2317-2329(13)
Authors: Patil, Rameshwar; Portilla-Arias, José; Ding, Hui; Inoue, Satoshi; Konda, Bindu; Hu, Jinwei; Wawrowsky, Kolja; Shin, Paul; Black, Keith; Holler, Eggehard; Ljubimova, Julia

PEG-poly(amino acid) Block Copolymer Micelles for Tunable Drug Release
pp. 2330-2342(13)
Authors: Ponta, Andrei; Bae, Younsoo

In Vivo Distribution of Polymeric Nanoparticles at the Whole-Body, Tumor, and Cellular Levels
pp. 2343-2355(13)
Authors: Lee, Helen; Hoang, Bryan; Fonge, Humphrey; Reilly, Raymond; Allen, Christine

Triclosan-Loaded Tooth-Binding Micelles for Prevention and Treatment of Dental Biofilm
pp. 2356-2364(9)
Authors: Chen, Fu; Rice, Kelly; Liu, Xin-Ming; Reinhardt, Richard; Bayles, Kenneth; Wang, Dong

Old and New Molecular Mechanisms Associated with Platelet Resistance to Antithrombotics
pp. 2365-2373(9)
Authors: López Farré, Antonio; Tamargo, Juan; Mateos-Cáceres, Petra; Azcona, Luís; Macaya, Carlos

Crystallization of Trehalose in Frozen Solutions and its Phase Behavior during Drying
pp. 2374-2383(10)
Authors: Sundaramurthi, Prakash; Patapoff, Thomas; Suryanarayanan, Raj

Influence of Crystallizing and Non-crystallizing Cosolutes on Trehalose Crystallization During Freeze-Drying
pp. 2384-2393(10)
Authors: Sundaramurthi, Prakash; Suryanarayanan, Raj

Nanocomposite Formulation System of Lipid-Regulating Drugs Based on Layered Double Hydroxide: Synthesis, Characterization and Drug Release Properties
pp. 2394-2401(8)
Authors: Berber, Mohamed; Hafez, Inas; Minagawa, Keiji; Mori, Takeshi; Tanaka, Masami

Leachables from Saline-Containing IV Bags Can Alter Therapeutic Protein Properties
pp. 2402-2413(12)
Authors: Chang, Judy; Xiao, Nina; Zhu, Min; Zhang, Jennifer; Hoff, Ed; Russell, Stephen; Katta, Viswanatham; Shire, Steven

PLGA Erosion: Solubility- or Diffusion-Controlled?
pp. 2414-2420(7)
Author: Körber, Martin

Mixed pH-Sensitive Polymeric Micelles for Combination Drug Delivery
pp. 2421-2432(12)
Authors: Bae, Younsoo; Alani, Adam; Rockich, Nicole; Lai, T.; Kwon, Glen

Reliability of Inhibition Models to Correctly Identify Type of Inhibition
pp. 2433-2445(13)
Authors: Kolhatkar, Vidula; Polli, James

Influence of Permeant Lipophilicity on Permeation Across Human Sclera
pp. 2446-2456(11)
Authors: Wen, He; Hao, Jinsong; Li, S.

Effect of Serum on Transfection by Polyethylenimine/Virus-Like Particle Hybrid Gene Delivery Vectors
pp. 2457-2465(9)
Authors: Drake, David; Keswani, Rahul; Pack, Daniel

Multicomponent Amorphous Nanofibers Electrospun from Hot Aqueous Solutions of a Poorly Soluble Drug
pp. 2466-2477(12)
Authors: Yu, Deng-Guang; Gao, Li-Dong; White, Kenneth; Branford-White, Christopher; Lu, Wei-Yue; Zhu, Li-Min

Design of a Semisolid Vaginal Microbicide Gel by Relating Composition to Properties and Performance
pp. 2478-2491(14)
Authors: Mahalingam, Alamelu; Smith, Eric; Fabian, Judit; Damian, Festo; Peters, Jennifer; Clark, Meredith; Friend, David; Katz, David; Kiser, Patrick

Inhibition of Endogenous Hedgehog Signaling Protects Against Acute Liver Injury After Ischemia Reperfusion
pp. 2492-2504(13)
Authors: Pratap, Akshay; Panakanti, Ravikiran; Yang, Ningning; Eason, James; Mahato, Ram

Building Membrane Emulsification into Pulmonary Drug Delivery and Targeting
pp. 2505-2508(4)
Authors: Bao, Decai; Zhao, Yanjun

Application of Plant Viruses as Nano Drug Delivery Systems
pp. 2509-2513(5)
Authors: Ren, Yupeng; Wong, Sek; Lim, Lee

AAPS Connection
pp. 2514-2515(2)

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