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Volume 41, Number 9, September 2011

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Synthesis, Characterization and Crystal Structure of Tetrabutylbis(4,5-dimethoxy-2-nitro benzoato)Distannoxane Dimer
pp. 1249-1253(5)
Authors: Shah, Farooq; Ali, Saqib; Shahzadi, Saira; Rizzoli, Corrado; Ianelli, Sandra

Synthesis and Crystal Structure of the Heteronuclear Decavanadates Complex: [Fe(phen)3]2·[V10O28]·15H2O
pp. 1254-1257(4)
Authors: Liu, Haixing; Wang, Jing; Li, Yufeng; Jian, Fangfang

Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Electronic Absorption and Magnetic Properties of a Novel Anion-Radical Salt Based on 7,7,8,8-Tetracyanoquinodimethane
pp. 1262-1267(6)
Authors: Liu, Guang-Xiang; Guo, Wei; Yang, Hao; Nishihara, Sadafumi; Ren, Xiao-Ming

Structure of 2-Aminopyridinium Dihydrogendiphosphate Monohydrate
pp. 1268-1272(5)
Authors: Guelmami, L.; Jouini, A.

Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Ammonium, Strontium Hexacyanoferrate(II) Dihydrate
pp. 1280-1284(5)
Authors: Medina Córdoba, L.; Morán, J.; Santos, S.; Piro, O.; Gómez, M.

Hardness and Bonding of Silicate Garnets
pp. 1285-1288(4)
Authors: Yang, Jun; Gao, Faming

Free Content Novel Synthesis and Crystal Structures of Two α, α′-bis-Substituted Benzylidene Cyclohexanones: 2,6-Bis-2-nitro(benzylidene)cyclohexanone and 2,6-Bis-4-methyl(benzylidene)cyclohexanone
pp. 1305-1309(5)
Authors: Amoozadeh, Ali; Rahmani, Salman; Dutkiewicz, Grzegorz; Salehi, Mehdi; Nemati, Firouzeh; Kubicki, Maciej

X-Ray Crystallographic Structure of the Cyclic Di-amino Acid Peptide: N,N′-Diacetyl-cyclo(Gly-Gly)
pp. 1323-1327(5)
Authors: Mendham, Andrew; Spencer, John; Chowdhry, Babur; Dines, Trevor; Mujahid, Muhammad; Palmer, Rex; Tizzard, Graham; Coles, Simon

X-Ray Crystallographic Structure and Absolute Configuration of the Cyclic Di-amino Acid Peptide: Cyclo(l-HomoCySH-l-HomoCySH)
pp. 1328-1334(7)
Authors: Mendham, Andrew; Spencer, John; Chowdhry, Babur; Dines, Trevor; Mujahid, Muhammad; Palmer, Rex; Tizzard, Graham; Coles, Simon

6-Chlorothieno[2,3-e]-1,4,2-dithiazine-3(2H)-thione-1,1-dioxide, Ammonium Salt Sesquihydrate: Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Density Functional Calculations
pp. 1335-1341(7)
Authors: Al-Refai, Mahmoud; Masad, Mohanad; Abu-El-Halawa, Rajab; Dawoud, Jamal; Ibrahim, Mohammad; Judeh, Zaher; Ali, Basem

The Synthesis, X-ray Structure Analysis and Photophysical Characterization of 2-(9-Anthrylmethylideneamino)-5-methylphenol
pp. 1342-1347(6)
Authors: Villalpando, Andrés; Fronczek, Frank; Isovitsch, Ralph

Synthesis and Crystal Structure of a Complex of Palladium(II) with 2-Hydroxyimino-3-(2-hydrazonopyridyl)-butane
pp. 1355-1359(5)
Authors: Guhathakurta, Bhargab; Biswas, Chiranjan; Naskar, Jnan; Lu, Liping; Zhu, Miaoli

Synthesis, Characterization and Bioactivity Research of a Derivative of Secnidazole: 1-(2-Chloropropyl)-2-methyl-5-nitro-1H-imidazole
pp. 1360-1364(5)
Authors: Huang, Xi-Shou; Wang, Li-Sheng; Yin, Yong; Li, Wan-Mei; Duan, Man; Ran, Wei; Zhu, Hai-Liang

An Unusual Diorganotin Bis-carboxylate Structure: catena-{(μ2-2-methyl-3,5-dinitrobenzoato-O,O′)dibutyltin(IV)}
pp. 1365-1369(5)
Authors: Danish, Muhammad; Tahir, M.; Ghafoor, Sabiha; Ahmad, Nazir; Ali, Saqib; Tiekink, Edward

Synthesis, Stereostructure and H-bonding Patterns of a Tris-THF Compound
pp. 1370-1375(6)
Authors: Centore, Roberto; Tuzi, Angela; Zaccaria, Sabrina; Piccialli, Vincenzo

Syntheses and Crystal Structures of Three Electron Poor N-Vinyltheophylline Derivatives
pp. 1376-1385(10)
Authors: Ramazani, Ali; Farshadi, Azam; Mahyari, Amir; Ślepokura, Katarzyna; Lis, Tadeusz; Rouhani, Morteza

Structural Studies of Electron Deficient Titanacyclobutanes
pp. 1391-1394(4)
Authors: Harvey, Benjamin; Arif, Atta; Ernst, Richard

Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Magnetic Behaviour of {[Yb(1,4-BDC)1.5(H2O)4]·H2O}n (1,4-BDC = 1,4-benzenedicarboxylate)
pp. 1400-1405(6)
Authors: Yao, Jing-cai; Cao, Xin-xiang; Zhang, Li; Wang, Yu-fang; Guo, Jin-bo; Fan, Cui-ping

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