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Volume 42, Number 7, April 2007

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pp. 2215-2215(1)
Author: Solórzano, Guillermo

Decay of photo-excited conductivity of Er-doped SnO2 thin films
pp. 2216-2221(6)
Authors: Morais, Evandro; Scalvi, Luis

Nanocoating of Al2O3 additive on ZrO2 powder and its effect on the sintering behaviour in ZrO2 ceramic
pp. 2222-2225(4)
Authors: Gonçalves, R.; Godinho, M.; Leite, E.; Maciel, A.; Longo, E.; Varela, J.

Copper slag waste as a supplementary cementing material to concrete
pp. 2226-2230(5)
Authors: Moura, Washington; Gonçalves, Jardel; Lima, Mônica

Scintillating properties of pure and doped BGO ceramics
pp. 2231-2235(5)
Authors: Santana, Geane; Mello, Ana; Valerio, Mário; Macedo, Zélia

Production and characterization of pure and Cr3+-doped hydroxyapatite for biomedical applications as fluorescent probes
pp. 2236-2243(8)
Authors: Araujo, Tatiana; Macedo, Zélia; Oliveira, Petrus; Valerio, Mário

Nonhydrolytic sol-gel synthesis and characterization of YAG
pp. 2244-2249(6)
Authors: Nassar, Eduardo; dos Santos Pereira, Paula; de Oliveira Nassor, Evelisy; Ávila, Lilian; Ciuffi, Katia; Calefi, Paulo

Correlation between chemical vapor deposited diamond and carbon fibers substrates
pp. 2250-2254(5)
Authors: Almeida, Erica; Trava-Airoldi, Vladimir; Baldan, Mauricio; Rosolen, José; Ferreira, Neidenei

Hydrogen permeation through internally oxidized Pd alloys
pp. 2255-2260(6)
Authors: Azambuja, Viviane; dos Santos, Dilson S.

Effects of hydrogen on the mechanical properties of a 2 1/4Cr–1Mo steel
pp. 2261-2266(6)
Authors: Siquara, Paula; Eckstein, Carlos; Almeida, Luiz; dos Santos, Dilson

Numerical and experimental analysis of microstructure formation during stainless steels solidification
pp. 2267-2275(9)
Authors: Melo, M.; Penhalber, Carlos; Pereira, Nilton; Pelliciari, Carmo; Santos, Carlos

Influence of temperature and aging time on hardness and magnetic properties of the maraging steel grade 300
pp. 2276-2281(6)
Authors: Pardal, J.; Tavares, S.; Cindra Fonseca, M.; da Silva, M.; Neto, J.; Abreu, H.

Electronic structure and pressure dependence of magnetic properties of Fe/N/Fe multi-layers
pp. 2282-2289(8)
Authors: Santos, A.; Krause, J.; Kuhnen, C.

Studies on electrodeposition of corrosion resistant Ni–Fe–Mo alloy
pp. 2290-2296(7)
Authors: Santana, Renato; Prasad, Shiva; Moura, Elisangela; Campos, Ana; Silva, Gecilio; Lima-Neto, Pedro

Superparamagnetic relaxation evidences large surface contribution for the magnetic anisotropy of MnFe204 nanoparticles of ferrofluids
pp. 2297-2303(7)
Authors: Alves, C.; Aquino, Renata; Depeyrot, Jérôme; Tourinho, Francisco; Dubois, Emmanuelle; Perzynski, Régine

Thermal-lens study of thermo-optical properties of tellurite glasses
pp. 2304-2308(5)
Authors: Pilla, V.; Chillcce, E.; Neves, A.; Munin, E.; Catunda, T.; Cesar, C.; Barbosa, L.

Growth of YLF:Yb:Tm:Nd for optical applications
pp. 2309-2313(5)
Authors: Ranieri, I.; Courrol, L.; Carvalho, A.; Gomes, L.; Baldochi, S.

Influence of graded interfaces on the exciton energy of type-I and type-II Si/Si1-x Ge x quantum wires
pp. 2314-2317(4)
Authors: Chaves, Andrey; Costa e Silva, Jusciane; King Freire, José; Degani, Marcos; Freire, Valder; Aquino Farias, Gil

Electrical conductivity of homopolymer and copolymers of N-vinylcarbazole
pp. 2329-2333(5)
Authors: Possidonio, Shirley; Onmori, Roberto; Peres, Laura; Wang, Shu

TEM microstructural analysis of As-Bonded Al–Au wire-bonds
pp. 2334-2346(13)
Authors: Karpel, Adi; Gur, Giyora; Atzmon, Ziv; Kaplan, Wayne

Microstructural evolution of gold–aluminum wire-bonds
pp. 2347-2357(11)
Authors: Karpel, Adi; Gur, Giyora; Atzmon, Ziv; Kaplan, Wayne

The preparatory optimal conditions of barium titanate thin film from a hydrothermal method at low temperature
pp. 2376-2382(7)
Authors: Hung, Kun-Ming; Hsieh, Ching-Shieh; Yang, Wein-Duo; Sun, Yi-Jiun

Dielectric properties of B2O3 doped Sm(Co1/2Ti1/2)O3 ceramics at microwave frequency
pp. 2393-2398(6)
Authors: Soong, Hong-Tie; Hsu, Cheng-Hsing; Huang, Cheng-Liang; Kuo, Ming-Ta

Synthesis of visible-light responsive nitrogen/carbon doped titania photocatalyst by mechanochemical doping
pp. 2399-2404(6)
Authors: Yin, Shu; Komatsu, Masakazu; Zhang, Qiwu; Saito, Fumio; Sato, Tsugio

Microstructure and microtexture of highly cold-rolled commercially pure titanium
pp. 2405-2416(12)
Authors: Bozzolo, N.; Dewobroto, N.; Wenk, H.; Wagner, F.

Dry sliding wear behavior of stir cast aluminium base short steel fiber reinforced composites
pp. 2417-2425(9)
Authors: Mandal, Durbadal; Dutta, B.; Panigrahi, S.

Quantitative analysis for kinetics of reactive diffusion in the Fe–Cr system
pp. 2432-2442(11)
Authors: Kajihara, M.; Yamashina, T.

Stress-impedance effects in sandwiched FeCuNbCrSiB/Cu/FeCuNbCrSiB films fabricated by Microelectromechanical Systems technique
pp. 2450-2454(5)
Authors: Zhou, Zhimin; Cao, Ying; Zhou, Yong; Chen, Ji-An; Ding, Wen

Influence of diameter of carbon nanotubes mounted in flow-through capacitors on removal of NaCl from salt water
pp. 2471-2475(5)
Authors: Zhang, Dengsong; Shi, Liyi; Fang, Jianhui; Dai, Kai

Microtexture and electrical properties of PAN-ACF
pp. 2486-2491(6)
Authors: Lee, Jong; Kim, Je; Kim, Sung

Characterization of Ba0.9Sr0.1TiO3 prepared by low temperature chloride aqueous synthesis
pp. 2492-2498(7)
Authors: Sreekantan, Srimala; Noor, Ahmad; Ahmad, Zainal; Othman, Radzali; West, Anthony; Sinclair, Derek

Deformation and fracture behaviour of flax fibre reinforced thermosetting polymer matrix composites
pp. 2499-2511(13)
Authors: Hughes, Mark; Carpenter, James; Hill, Callum

Studying of salt diffusion behaviour in brick
pp. 2512-2520(9)
Authors: Ahl, Jori; Lü, Xiaoshu

Thermodynamic assessment of phase relations in the system PbO–RuO2–TiO2
pp. 2521-2523(3)
Authors: Jacob, K.; Subramanian, R.

Effects of electrochemical hydrogen charging on electrical properties of WO3 ceramics
pp. 2524-2527(4)
Authors: Chen, W.; Zhu, X.; Shen, Z.; Sun, J.; Shi, J.; Qiu, X.; Wang, Y.; Chan, H.

Preparation and characterization of ZrWMoO8 powders with different morphologies using hydrothermal method
pp. 2528-2531(4)
Authors: Liu, Qin-Qin; Yang, Juan; Sun, Xiu-Juan; Cheng, Xiao-Nong; Xu, Gui-Fang; Yan, Xue-Hua

Preparation and properties of novel phosphonium-type ionic liquids/silica gel nanocomposites
pp. 2532-2535(4)
Authors: Sawada, Hideo; Kodama, Shun; Tsunashima, Katsuhiko; Sugiya, Masashi

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