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Volume 45, Number 2, March 2009

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Glucofructans from Taraxacum officinale roots
pp. 141-144(4)
Authors: Olennikov, D.; Tankhaeva, L.; Rokhin, A.

Arabinogalactomannan from Gleditsia macracantha seeds
pp. 145-147(3)
Author: Rakhmanberdyeva, R.

Synthesis and structure—aroma correlation of anisaldehyde oxime esters
pp. 148-151(4)
Authors: Zhukovskaya, N.; Dikusar, E.; Potkin, V.; Vyglazov, O.

Modified coumarins. 28. Synthesis of spirosubstituted pyranocoumarins
pp. 152-157(6)
Authors: Nagorichna, I.; Tkachuk, A.; Garazd, M.; Garazd, Ya.; Khilya, V.

Modified coumarins. 29. Synthesis of structural analogs of natural 6-arylfuro[3,2-g]chromen-7-ones
pp. 158-163(6)
Authors: Garazd, M.; Garazd, Ya.; Ogorodniichuk, A.; Khilya, V.

Modified coumarins. 30. Synthesis of 6-heteroarylcoumarins
pp. 164-168(5)
Authors: Nagorichna, I.; Tkachuk, A.; Garazd, M.; Garazd, Ya.; Khilya, V.

Modified coumarins. 32. Synthesis of amino-acid derivatives of dihydropyranocoumarins
pp. 169-173(5)
Authors: Veselovskaya, M.; Garazd, Ya.; Garazd, M.; Ogorodniichuk, A.

Bioaccumulation and biotransformation of flavonols by erythrocytes
pp. 174-178(5)
Authors: Bondaryuk, E.; Senchuk, V.

Two novel phenolic compounds from Stenoloma chusanum and their antifungal activity
pp. 182-186(5)
Authors: Ren, Bingru; Xia, Bing; Li, Weilin; Wu, Julan; Zhang, Hanqing

Synthesis of conjugates based on chlorin and isosteviol building blocks
pp. 187-192(6)
Authors: Mal′shakova, M.; Korochkina, M.; Belykh, D.; Kataev, V.; Kuchin, A.

Sterol composition of the macromycete fungus Laetiporus sulphureus
pp. 193-196(4)
Authors: Ericsson, David; Ivonne, Jeannette

A new triterpene glycoside from Premna microphylla
pp. 197-199(3)
Authors: Zhan, Zha-Jun; Tang, Lan; Shan, Wei-Guang

Synthesis of 6-chloronicotinates of steroidal 3,5α,6-triols and 3,5-dihydroxy-6-ketones
pp. 200-204(5)
Authors: Kovganko, N.; Chernov, Yu.; Sokolov, S.; Kashkan, Zh.; Survilo, V.

Synthesis of new α-chloropyridine derivatives of steroidal 3,5α,6-triols and 3,5-dihydroxy-6-ketones
pp. 205-208(4)
Authors: Kovganko, N.; Chernov, Yu.; Sokolov, S.; Kashkan, Zh.; Survilo, V.

Synthesis of thiourea derivatives of the alkaloid anabasine and crystal structure of N-(anabasino1-thiocarbonyl)furan-2-carboxamide
pp. 209-212(4)
Authors: Kulakov, I.; Nurkenov, O.; Turdybekov, D.; Ibragimov, B.; Talipov, S.; Zhambekov, Z.; Ainabaev, A.; Turdybekov, K.

Effect of cotton-seed biocidal peptides and gossypol on resistance to biotic factors
pp. 213-216(4)
Authors: Abdurakhimov, R.; Veshkurova, O.; Uzbekov, V.; Arzanova, I.; Sultanova, E.; Salikhov, Sh.

Identification of cotton pr-proteins exhibiting 1,3--glucanase and chitinase activity
pp. 217-220(4)
Authors: Maksimov, V.; Sultanova, E.; Arzanova, I.; Uzbekov, V.; Veshkurova, O.; Salikhov, Sh.

Free sugar compositions based on kernel taste in almond genotypes Prunus dulcis from Eastern Turkey
pp. 221-224(4)
Authors: Balta, F.; Battal, P.; Fikret Balta, M.; Yoruk, H.

Fatty acids from seeds of Sophora flavescens and Styphnolobium japonicum
pp. 225-226(2)
Authors: Olennikov, D.; Tankhaeva, L.; Sandanov, D.

Fatty acids of some plants of the genus Calamintha
pp. 231-233(3)
Authors: Kitic, D.; Zlatkovic, B.; Palic, R.; Jovanovic, T.; Ristic, M.

Mono-aromatic constituents of Dendrobium longicornu
pp. 234-236(3)
Authors: Li, Jiang-Tao; Yin, Ben-Lin; Liu, Ying; Wang, Li-Qin; Chen, Ye-Gao

Chemical constituents of Dendrobium cariniferum
pp. 237-238(2)
Authors: Liu, Ying; Jiang, Jin-He; Yin, Ben-Lin; Chen, Ye-Gao

Flavonoid aglycones of Oxytropis falcata
pp. 239-241(3)
Authors: Huan, Yang; Dong, Wang; Li, Tong; Baochang, Cai

Minor flavonols from Dracocephalum multicaule
pp. 242-243(2)
Author: Oganesyan, G.

α-glucosidase inhibitory constituents from Toona sinensis
pp. 244-246(3)
Authors: Zhao, Jun; Zhou, Xuan-Wei; Chen, Xiao-Bin; Wang, Quan-Xi

Glycosylation of Shikonin by the Helferich method
pp. 247-248(2)
Author: Polonik, S.

Flavonoids and anthocyans from Alhagi pseudoalhagi
pp. 249-250(2)
Authors: Novruzov, E.; Abdullaeva, G.; Shamsizade, L.; Mustafaev, N.

Schmidt reaction of usnic acid
pp. 251-252(2)
Authors: Luzina, O.; Polovinka, M.; Salakhutdinov, N.; Tolstikov, G.

Chemical composition and antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of Seseli rigidum flower essential oil
pp. 253-256(4)
Authors: Stojkovic, S.; Petrovic, S.; Kukic, J.; Dzamic, A.; Ristic, M.; Milenkovic, M.; Glamoclija, J.; Sokovic, M.; Stojkovic, D.

Chemical composition of volatile constituents of Magnolia grandiflora
pp. 257-258(2)
Authors: Wang, Yuan; Mu, Ruimin; Wang, Xiangrong; Liu, Sixiu; Fan, Zhengqiu

Chemical composition and antifungal activity of Illicium verum and Eugenia caryophyllata essential oils
pp. 259-261(3)
Authors: Dzamic, Ana; Sokovic, Marina; Ristic, Mihailo; Grijic-Jovanovic, Slavica; Vukojevic, Jelena; Marin, Petar

Chemical variability of essential oil components of two Rosa x damascena genotypes growing in Iran
pp. 262-264(3)
Authors: Safaei-Ghomi, Javad; Akhoondi, Sakineh; Batooli, Hossein; Dackhili, Mohammad

Essential oil composition of Thymus longicaulis from Serbia
pp. 265-266(2)
Authors: Grujic Jovanovic, S.; Marin, P.; Dzamic, A.; Ristic, M.

Chemical composition of the essential oil from leaves of Callicarpa nudiflora
pp. 267-268(2)
Authors: Jijun, Liang; Feng, Han; Zhongyan, Wang; Yongbo, Yan; Fengkui, Mo

Chemical composition of the essential oil of Helichrysum oligocephalum
pp. 269-271(3)
Authors: Ebrahim Sajjadi, S.; Jafari, A.; Naderian, M.

Chemical composition of the volatile compounds of Cinnamomum septentrionale
pp. 272-273(2)
Authors: Fan, Zhengqiu; Ruan, Xiaofeng; Mu, Ruimin; Wang, Xiangrong; Liu, Sixiu; Wang, Shoubing

Essential oil composition of Achillea teretifolia from Turkey
pp. 274-275(2)
Authors: Aslan, S.; Evren, H.; Konuklugil, B.; Turkoglu, I.; Kartal, M.

Composition of the essential oil of Centaurea saligna
pp. 276-277(2)
Authors: Altintas, A.; Kose, Y.; Kandemir, A.; Demirci, B.; Baser, K.

Chemical composition of commercially available essential oils from Eucalyptus, Pine, Ylang, and Juniper
pp. 278-279(2)
Authors: Golebiowski, Marek; Paszkiewicz, Monika; Halinski, Lukasz; Malinski, Edmund; Stepnowski, Piotr

Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of essential oil from seeds of Anethum graveolens growing in Uzbekistan
pp. 280-281(2)
Authors: Yili, A.; Aisa, H.; Maksimov, V.; Veshkurova, O.; Salikhov, Sh.

Calycosin 7-O--D-glucopyranoside, an anti-HIV agent from the roots of Astragalus membranaceus var. mongholicus
pp. 282-285(4)
Authors: Ma, Chun-Hui; Wang, Rui-Rui; Tian, Ren-Rong; Ye, Guan; Fan, Ming-Song; Zheng, Yong-Tang; Huang, Cheng-Gang

Free Content Sterols from Setaria italica grain
pp. 286-286(1)
Authors: Kislichenko, V.; Omel’chenko, Z.; Vel’ma, V.

Alkaloids from the aerial parts of Consolida anthoroidea and Delphinium linearilobum
pp. 287-289(3)
Authors: Suzgec, S.; Bitis, L.; Sozer, U.; Ozcelik, H.; Zapp, J.; Kiemer, A.; Mericli, F.; Mericli, A.

Diketopiperazine constituents of marine Bacillus subtilis
pp. 290-292(3)
Authors: Lu, Xiaoling; Shen, Yunheng; Zhu, Yuping; Xu, Qiangzhi; Liu, Xiaoyu; Ni, Kunyi; Cao, Xin; Zhang, Weidong; Jiao, Binghua

Comparison of extracts from seeds and sprouts of Nigella sativa
pp. 293-294(2)
Authors: Oshchepkova, Yu.; Rogozhin, E.; Veshkurova, O.; Egorov, Ts.; Salikhov, Sh.

Free Content Index of natural objects
pp. 295-295(1)

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