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The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease publishes articles on all aspects of lung health, including public health-related issues such as training programmes, cost-benefit analysis, legislation, epidemiology, intervention studies and health systems research. The IJTLD is dedicated to the continuing education of physicians and health personnel and the dissemination of information on tuberculosis and lung health world-wide.

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Publisher: International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease

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Volume 16, Number 5, 1 May 2012

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Free Content How can this be? Preventing death in patients with HIV-associated tuberculosis [Editorial]
pp. 569-570(2)
Authors: Marston, Barbara J.; De Cock, Kevin M.

Free Content Treatment of MDR-TB: is hepatotoxicity a problem? [Editorial]
pp. 571-571(1)
Authors: Loddenkemper, Robert; Schaberg, Tom

Free Content Are national asthma programmes needed in resource-limited settings? [Editorial]
pp. 572-572(1)
Authors: Chiang, C-Y.; Bissell, K.; Perrin, C.


Free Content Global guidelines for treatment of tuberculosis among persons living with HIV: unresolved issues [Perspectives]
pp. 573-578(6)
Authors: Kumar, A.; Kumar, A. M. V.; Gupta, D.; Kanchar, A.; Mohammed, S.; Srinath, S.; Tripathy, S.; Rajasekaran, S.; Chan, P-L.; Swaminathan, S.; Dewan, P. K.


Free Content NAT2 polymorphisms and susceptibility to anti-tuberculosis drug-induced liver injury: a meta-analysis [Review article]
pp. 589-595(7)
Authors: Wang, P-Y.; Xie, S-Y.; Hao, Q.; Zhang, C.; Jiang, B-F.


Free Content Hepatotoxicity during treatment for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis: occurrence, management and outcome
pp. 596-603(8)
Authors: Keshavjee, S.; Gelmanova, I. Y.; Shin, S. S.; Mishustin, S. P.; Andreev, Y. G.; Atwood, S.; Furin, J. J.; Miller, A.

Free Content Clinical outcomes of pyrazinamide-monoresistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Quebec
pp. 604-609(6)
Authors: Yee, D. P.; Menzies, D.; Brassard, P.

Free Content Treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in a high-prevalence region through a binational consortium [Short communication]
pp. 610-611(2)
Authors: Laniado-Laborín, R.; Estrada-Guzman, J.; Perez, H.; Batiz-Armenta, F.; Alcantar-Schramm, J. M.

Free Content Population-based surveillance of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis in Shandong Province, China [Short communication]
pp. 612-614(3)
Authors: Li, X.; Wang, H.; Jing, H.; Wang, Y.; Yu, C.; Wang, J.; Liu, Z.; Graviss, E. A.; Ma, X.

Free Content Integration of HIV testing in tuberculosis drug resistance surveillance in Kazakhstan and Kenya [Short communication]
pp. 615-617(3)
Authors: Klinkenberg, E.; van den Hof, S.; Tursynbayeva, A.; Kipruto, H.; Wahogo, J.; Pak, S.; Kutwa, A.; L'Herminez, R.

Free Content Survival of HIV-infected patients after starting tuberculosis treatment: a prospective cohort study
pp. 618-624(7)
Authors: Maruza, M.; Albuquerque, M. F. P. M.; Braga, M. C.; Barbosa, M. T. S.; Byington, R.; Coimbra, I.; Moura, L. V.; Batista, J. D. L.; Diniz, G. T. N.; Miranda-Filho, D. B.; Lacerda, H. R.; Rodrigues, L. C.; Ximenes, R. A. A.

Free Content Evaluation of integrated registers for tuberculosis and HIV surveillance in children, Ethiopia, 2007–2009 [Notes from the field]
pp. 625-627(3)
Authors: Click, E. S.; Feleke, B.; Pevzner, E.; Fantu, R.; Gadisa, T.; Assefa, D.; Melaku, Z.; Cain, K.; Menzies, H.

Free Content Value of different staging systems for predicting neurological outcome in childhood tuberculous meningitis
pp. 628-632(5)
Authors: van Toorn, R.; Springer, P.; Laubscher, J. A.; Schoeman, J. F.

Free Content Latent tuberculosis infection treatment for prison inmates: a randomised controlled trial
pp. 633-638(6)
Authors: Chan, P-C.; Yang, C-H.; Chang, L-Y.; Wang, K-F.; Lu, B-Y.; Lu, C-Y.; Shao, P-L.; Hsueh, P-R.; Fang, C-T.; Huang, L-M.

Free Content Tuberculosis seasonality in the Netherlands differs between natives and non-natives: a role for vitamin D deficiency?
pp. 639-644(6)
Authors: Korthals Altes, H.; Kremer, K.; Erkens, C.; van Soolingen, D.; Wallinga, J.

Free Content Trends and challenges in tuberculosis in a medium-sized southern European setting [Notes from the field]
pp. 645-648(4)
Authors: Pasticci, M. B.; Mazzolla, R.; Mercuri, A.; Gamboni, G.; Bombaci, J. C.; Tiecco, C.; Rubeca, M.; Papili, R.; Pasticci, F.; Casali, L.; Ferrara, G.; Baldelli, F.

Free Content Impact of a 14-year screening programme on tuberculosis transmission among the homeless in Paris
pp. 649-655(7)
Authors: Bernard, C.; Sougakoff, W.; Fournier, A.; Larnaudie, S.; Antoun, F.; Robert, J.; Brossier, F.; Truffot-Pernot, C.; Jarlier, V.; Veziris, N.

Free Content Interleukin-10 and interferon-gamma patterns during tuberculosis treatment: possible association with recurrence [Short communication]
pp. 656-659(4)
Authors: Lago, P. M.; Boéchat, N.; Migueis, D. P.; Almeida, A. S.; Lazzarini, L. C.; Saldanha, M. M.; Kritski, A. L.; Ho, J. L.; Lapa e Silva, J. R.

Free Content Long-term radiographic outcome of nodular bronchiectatic Mycobacterium avium complex pulmonary disease
pp. 660-664(5)
Authors: Kitada, S.; Uenami, T.; Yoshimura, K.; Tateishi, Y.; Miki, K.; Miki, M.; Hashimoto, H.; Fujikawa, T.; Mori, M.; Matsuura, K.; Kuroyama, M.; Maekura, R.

Free Content Effective screening tool to triage recovery rooms for possible tuberculosis patients undergoing bronchoscopy
pp. 665-669(5)
Authors: Di Quinzio, M.; Alvarez, G. G.; Stockton, K.; Roth, V. R.

Free Content Triaging pandemic flu: pneumonia severity scores are not the answer
pp. 670-673(4)
Authors: Commons, R. J.; Denholm, J.

Free Content Peak expiratory flow as a screening tool to detect airflow obstruction in a primary health care setting
pp. 674-680(7)
Authors: Tian, J.; Zhou, Y.; Cui, J.; Wang, D.; Wang, X.; Hu, G.; Tian, Y.; Jiang, Y.; Zheng, J.; Wang, J.; Zhong, N.; Ran, P.

Free Content FEV3, FEV6 and their derivatives for detecting airflow obstruction in adult Chinese
pp. 681-686(6)
Authors: Lam, D. C. L.; Fong, D. Y. T.; Yu, W. C.; Ko, F. W. S.; Lau, A. C. W.; Chan, J. W. M.; Choo, K. L.; Mok, T. Y. W.; Tam, C. Y.; Ip, M. S. M.; Chan-Yeung, M. M. W.

Free Content The challenges of replicating the methodology between Phases I and III of the ISAAC programme
pp. 687-693(7)
Authors: Ellwood, P.; Asher, M. I.; Stewart, A. W.; Aït-Khaled, N.; Mallol, J.; Strachan, D.; ISAAC Phase III Time Trends Study Group

Free Content Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and metabolic syndrome: a nationwide survey in Korea
pp. 694-700(7)
Authors: Park, B. H.; Park, M. S.; Chang, J.; Kim, S. K.; Kang, Y. A.; Jung, J. Y.; Kim, Y. S.; Kim, C.




Free Content Should Xpert® MTB/RIF be rolled out in low-income countries? [Correspondence]
pp. 702-703(2)
Authors: Peters, Dean; Theron, Grant; Peter, Jonny; Dheda, Keertan


Free Content In reply to ‘Should Xpert® MTB/RIF be rolled out in low-income countries?’ [Correspondence]
pp. 703-704(2)
Authors: Trébucq, A.; Harries, A. D.; Rieder, H. L.


Free Content Global laboratory initiative tool for a stepwise process towards tuberculosis laboratory accreditation [Correspondence]
pp. 704-705(2)
Authors: Datema, Tjeerd A. M.; Oskam, Linda; Engelberts, Mirjam F. M.; van Beers, Stella M.; Shinnick, Thomas M.; Baker, Martin; Ridderhof, John C.; Scholten, Jerod; van Deun, Armand; Gilpin, Christopher; Klatser, Paul R.

Free Content Line probe and automated real-time PCR TB assays warrant adherence to strict quality assurance measures [Correspondence]
pp. 705-706(2)
Authors: Somoskovi, Akos; Parsons, Linda M.; Gutierrez, Cristina; Lee, Evan; Salfinger, Max

Free Content Scientific and patient care evidence to change susceptibility breakpoints for first-line anti-tuberculosis drugs [Correspondence]
pp. 706-707(2)
Authors: Pasipanodya, Jotam G.; Srivastava, Shashikant; Gumbo, Tawanda

Free Content TB screening in an HIV clinic: how interferon-gamma assays improve screening compliance [Correspondence]
pp. 707-707(1)
Authors: O'Neal, Wesley T.; Winters, Matthew W.; Augustino, Kerri L.; Fang, Xiangming; Cook, Paul P.

Free Content Almost universal coverage: HIV testing among TB patients in a rural public programme [Correspondence]
pp. 708-708(1)
Authors: Chimbindi, Natsayi; Bärnighausen, Till; Newell, Marie-Louise

Free Content A presentation of Poncet's disease identified following immunosuppressive steroid therapy [Correspondence]
pp. 708-709(2)
Authors: Kasivisvanathan, V.; Connell, D. W.; Molyneaux, P. L.; Singanayagam, A.; George, P. M.; Tench, C.; Kon, O. M.

Free Content Geographic variability in COPD prevalence [Correspondence]
pp. 709-710(2)
Authors: Soriano, Joan B.; Lamprecht, Bernd


Free Content In reply to ‘Geographic variability in COPD prevalence’ [Correspondence]
pp. 710-710(1)
Authors: Tan, Wan C.; Sin, Don D.

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