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CIC is the premier annual technical gathering for scientists, technologists, and engineers working in the areas of color science and systems, and their application to color imaging. Participants represent disciplines ranging from psychophysics, optical physics, image processing, color science to graphic arts, systems engineering, and hardware and software development. While a broad mix of professional interests is the hallmark of these conferences, the focus is color. CICs traditionally offer two days of short courses followed by three days of technical sessions that include three keynotes, an evening lecture, and a vibrant interactive papers session. An endearing symbol of the meeting is the Cactus Award, given each year to the author(s) of the best interactive paper presentation.

Publisher: Society for Imaging Science and Technology

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9th Color and Imaging Conference Final Program and Proceedings

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Saturation, Superfluous or Superior?
pp. 1-5(5)
Author: Hunt, Robert W.G.

Color Categories in Various Color Spaces
pp. 6-8(3)
Author: Yaguchi, Hirohisa

High Dynamic Range Imaging
pp. 9-16(8)
Author: Ward, Greg

Multidimensional Analysis Reveals Importance of Color for Image Quality
pp. 17-21(5)
Authors: Montag, Ethan D.; Kasahara, Hirokazu

Measurement of Omnidirectional Light Distribution by a Mirrored Ball
pp. 22-26(5)
Authors: Tominaga, Shoji; Tanaka, Norihiro

Illuminating Illumination
pp. 27-34(8)
Authors: DiCarlo, Jeffrey M.; Xiao, Feng; Wandell, Brian A.

A Indoor/Outdoor/Close-up Photo Classifier
pp. 35-40(6)
Authors: Schettini, R.; Brambilla, C.; Valsasna, A.; Ponti, M.De

Automatic Color Correction based on Generic Content Based Image Analysis
pp. 41-45(5)
Authors: Schröder, Michael; Moser, Stefan

A Geometric Foundation of Colorimetry
pp. 46-51(6)
Author: Lenz, Reiner

Measurement of Surface Reflection Properties
pp. 52-55(4)
Authors: Tanaka, Norihiro; Tominaga, Shoji

Compact Description of 3D Image Gamut by Singular Value Decomposition
pp. 56-61(6)
Authors: Kotera, Hiroaki; Saito, Ryoichi

The Estimation of Spectral Reflectances Using the Smoothness Constraint Condition
pp. 62-67(6)
Authors: Li, Changjun; Luo, M. Ronnier

Multispectral Image Compression for Color Reproduction; Weighted KLT and Adaptive Quantization based on Visual Color Perception
pp. 68-72(5)
Authors: Murakami, Yuri; Manabe, Hiroyuki; Obi, Takashi; Yamaguchi, Masahiro; Ohayama, Nagaaki

Real-Time Multi-Spectral Image Processing For Mapping Pigmentation In Human Skin
pp. 80-84(5)
Authors: Nakao, Daisuke; Tsumura, Norimichi; Miyake, Yoichi

Pigment Identification of Artist Materials Via Multi-Spectral Imaging
pp. 85-90(6)
Authors: Berns, Roy S.; Imai, Francisco H.

Assimilation and Contrast
pp. 91-96(6)
Author: J.McCann, John

Chroma Scaling and Crispening
pp. 97-101(5)
Author: Moroney, Nathan

What is the Chrominance of “Gray”?
pp. 102-107(6)
Author: Bala, Raja

Darwinism of Color Image Difference Models
pp. 108-112(5)
Authors: Johnson, Garrett M.; Fairchild, Mark D.

Color Imaging with JPEG 2000
pp. 113-119(7)
Author: Buckley, Robert

A Computational Model for the Design of a Multispectral Imaging System
pp. 130-134(5)
Authors: Connah, David; Westland, Stephen; Thomson, Mitchell G.A.

Multispectral Image Encoding and Compression
pp. 135-140(6)
Authors: MacDonald, Lindsay; Westland, Stephen; Liu, Dongmei

Illuminant Estimation Based on von Kries Transformation and Gamut Comparison
pp. 141-145(5)
Authors: Jiang, Xiaoyun; Ohta, Noboru

Memory Colors as Illuminant Predictors
pp. 146-152(7)
Author: Cooper, Ted

Measurement and Modeling for the Two Dimensional MTF of Human Eye and Its Application for Digital Color Reproduction
pp. 153-157(5)
Authors: Miyake, Yoichi; Ishihara, Tetsuya; Ohishi, Keitaro; Tsumura, Norimichi

Gamut Extension Modelling Based on Observer Experimental Data
pp. 158-162(5)
Authors: Kang, Byoung-Ho; Cho, Maeng-Sub; Morovic, Jan; Luo, M. R.

Hue Constancy of RGB Spaces
pp. 163-167(5)
Authors: Moroney, Nathan; Gibson, Jason

Which color similarity measure is most effective for background-frame differencing ?
pp. 168-173(6)
Authors: Hild, Michael; Emura, Toshinobu

Herding CATs: A Comparison of Linear Chromatic-Adaptation Transforms for CIECAM97s
pp. 174-178(5)
Authors: Calabria, Anthony J.; Fairchild, Mark D.

The Influence of Constant Luminance on Digital Video
pp. 179-183(5)
Authors: Kim, Jin-Seo; Kang, Byoung-Ho; Kim, Jae-Chul; Heo, Tae-Wook; Jung, Jae-Young; Kim, Dae-Hee; Cho, Maeng-Sub

Halftoning and Color Noise
pp. 184-188(5)
Author: Gooran, Sasan

Multilevel Color Halftoning
pp. 189-193(5)
Authors: Mitchell, Joan L.; Thompson, Gehard; Wu, Chai Wah; Trenary, Timothy J.; Qiao, Yue

Modified Jointly-Blue Noise Mask Approach Using S-CIELAB Color Difference
pp. 194-198(5)
Authors: Kwon, Yong-Sung; Kim, Yun-Tae; Lee, Ho-Keun; Ha, Yeong-Ho

CMYK Halftoning Algorithm Based on Direct Binary Search
pp. 199-204(6)
Authors: Lee, Je-Ho; Allebach, Jan P.

Automatic Color Correction for Ink Cartridge Variations
pp. 205-208(4)
Authors: Chu, Chia-Lin (Charlie); Bayramoglu, Alp; D'Souza, Henry

Spectral Color Reproduction Based on a Six-Color InkJet Output System
pp. 209-213(5)
Authors: Taplin, Lawrence A.; Berns, Roy S.

The Impact of Paper on Ink: From the Photomechanical Printer's Perspective
pp. 214-218(5)
Authors: Parraman, Carinna; Hoskins, Stephen

Colorimetric Thresholds for Printed Images
pp. 219-223(5)
Authors: Song, Tao; Luo, Ronnier

Color Transformation Accuracy and Efficiency in ICC Color Management
pp. 224-232(9)
Authors: Zeng, Huanzhao; Nielsen, Mary

Proposal for Color Management of LCD
pp. 233-238(6)
Authors: Yoshida, Yasuhiro; Yamamoto, Yoichi

Colour Characterisation of a Digital Cine Film Scanner
pp. 239-244(6)
Authors: Noriega, Leonardo; Morovic, Jan; Lempp, Wolfgang; MacDonald, Lindsay

Color Reproduction Using “Black-Point Adaptation”
pp. 245-250(6)
Authors: Park, Sun Ju; Fairchild, Mark D.

Non–Iterative Minimum ΔE Gamut Clipping
pp. 251-256(6)
Authors: Morovic, Ján; Sun, Pei-Li

Gamut Mapping with Enhanced Chromaticness
pp. 257-262(6)
Author: Cui, Chengwu

Investigating Inverse Gamut Mapping of Current Color Management Tools
pp. 263-266(4)
Authors: Buring, Hendrik; Herzog, Patrick G.; Jung, Eggert

Answering Hunt's Web Shopping Challenge: Spectral Color Management for a Virtual Swatch
pp. 267-273(7)
Authors: Rosen, Mitchell R.; Taplin, Lawrence A.; Imai, Francisco H.; Berns, Roy S.; Ohta, Noboru

Preferred Color Reproduction of Images with unknown Colorimetry
pp. 274-279(6)
Authors: Fernandez, Scot R.; Fairchild, Mark D.

Adaptive Quartile Sigmoid Function Operator for Color Image Contrast Enhancement
pp. 280-285(6)
Authors: Wen, Chao-hua; Lee, Jyh-jiun; Liao, Yi-chin

Color Calibrated High Dynamic Range Imaging with ICC Profiles
pp. 286-290(5)
Authors: Goesele, Michael; Heidrich, Wolfgang; Seidel1, Hans-Peter

Model Based Color Separation for CMYKcm Printing
pp. 298-302(5)
Author: Agar, A. Ufuk

Is the Sharp Adaptation Transform more plausible than CMCCAT2000?
pp. 310-315(6)
Authors: Finlayson, Graham D.; Morovic, Peter

Incomplete Chromatic Adaptation under Mixed Illuminations
pp. 316-320(5)
Authors: Sueeprasan, Suchitra; Luo, Ronnier

Spherical Sampling and Color Transformations
pp. 321-325(5)
Authors: Finlayson, Graham D.; Süsstrunk, Sabine

Optimal Design of Camera Spectral Sensitivity Functions Based on Practical Filter Components
pp. 326-331(6)
Authors: Quan, Shuxue; Ohta, Noboru; Berns, Roy S.; Katoh, Naoya

3D Recording and Rendering of Art Paintings
pp. 337-341(5)
Authors: Tominaga, Shop; Matsumoto, Toshinori; Tanaka, Norihiro

Color Balancing Experimental Projection Displays
pp. 342-347(6)
Author: Stone, Maureen C.

DLP Cinema™ Technology: Color Management and Signal Processing
pp. 348-354(7)
Authors: Pettitt, Greg; Walker, Brad

Accurate Prediction of Colours on Liquid Crystal Displays
pp. 355-359(5)
Authors: Kwak, Youngshin; MacDonald, Lindsay W.

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