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Folia biologica is an international quarterly journal that publishes papers on the broad field of experimental zoology, nuclear and chromosome research, and also ultrastructural studies. All papers are subject to peer reviews. Indexed in: ISI Master Journal List, Current Contents, Polish Scientific Journals Contents. I.F. 0.667

Publisher: Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals, Polish Academy of Sciences

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Volume 56, Numbers 3-4, June 2008

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Free Content Sodium Orthovanadate Affects Growth of Some Human Epithelial Cancer Cells (A549, HTB44, DU145)
pp. 115-121(7)
Authors: Klein, Andrzej; Holko, Przemyslaw; Ligeza, Janusz; Kordowiak, Anna M.

Free Content Reversible Inhibition of Movement in the Amoebae Dictyostelium discoideum and its Effect on Chemoattractant Recognition
pp. 123-131(9)
Authors: Waligórska, Agnieszka; Wianecka-Skoczeń, Magdalena; Korohoda, Włodzimierz

Free Content Circadian Activity Rhythm in Sheep and Goats Housed in Stable Conditions
pp. 133-137(5)
Authors: Piccione, Giuseppe; Giannetto, Claudia; Casella, Stefania; Caola, Giovanni

Free Content The Structure of the Synaptonemal Complexes in Meiocytes of European Domestic Goose (Anser anser)
pp. 139-147(9)
Authors: Andraszek, Katarzyna; Smalec, Elżbieta; Czyżewska, Dominika

Free Content Polymorphism of the Genus Isophya (Orthoptera, Phaneropteridae, Barbitistinae) Revealed by RAPD
pp. 153-157(5)
Authors: Grzywacz, Beata; Warchałowska-Śliwa, Elżbieta

Free Content Analysis of DNA Polymorphism (RAPD-PCR) and Reciprocal Effects of Geese Crossbreeds
pp. 159-164(6)
Authors: Lisowski, Mirosław; Slawinska, Anna; Dluzniewska, Paulina; Mazanowski, Adam; Bednarczyk, Marek

Free Content Densities and Morphology of Two Co-existing Lizard Species (Lacerta agilis and Zootoca vivipara) in Extensively Used Farmland in Poland
pp. 165-171(7)
Authors: Ekner, Anna; Majláth, Igor; Majláthová, Viktória; Hromada, Martin; Bona, Martin; Antczak, Marcin; Bogaczyk, Maciej; Tryjanowski, Piotr

Free Content mRNA Expression and Immunocytochemical Localization of Leptin Receptor in the Oviduct of the Laying Hen (Gallus domesticus)
pp. 179-185(7)
Authors: Grzegorzewska, Agnieszka K.; Paczoska-Eliasiewicz, Helena E.; Rząsa, Janusz

Free Content Expression of α and  Estrogen Receptors in the Chicken Ovary
pp. 187-191(5)
Authors: Hrabia, Anna; Wilk, Mieszko; Rząsa, Janusz

Free Content Influence of Electroporation on Chicken Blastoderm Cell Viability in vitro
pp. 197-201(5)
Authors: Wawrzynska, Magdalena; Bednarczyk, Marek; Łakota, Pawel; Lubiszewska, Marta

Free Content Paramecium Species of the Upper and Lower Volga River Basin, Russia
pp. 203-207(5)
Authors: Potekhin, Alexey; Przyboś, Ewa; Rautian, Maria

Free Content Karyotypic Diversity in the Subfamily Eurytominae (Hymenoptera: Eurytomidae)
pp. 209-212(4)
Authors: Gokhman, Vladimir E.; Mikhailenko, Andrey P.

Free Content Taxonomy of the Genus Isophya (Orthoptera, Phaneropteridae, Barbitistinae): Comparison of Karyological and Morphological Data
pp. 227-241(15)
Authors: Warchałowska-Śliwa, Elżbieta; Chobanov, Dragan P.; Grzywacz, Beata; Maryańska-Nadachowska, Anna

Free Content Description of the Muscovy Duck (Cairina moschata) Karyotype
pp. 243-248(6)
Authors: Wójcik, Ewa; Smalec, Elżbieta

Free Content Molecular Studies on Intraspecific Differentiation of Paramecium dodecaurelia, with Description of New Stands of the Species (Protozoa, Ciliophora)
pp. 249-262(14)
Authors: Przyboś, Ewa; Tarcz, Sebastian; Greczek-Stachura, Magdalena; Surmacz, Marta; Potekhin, Alexey; Rautian, Maria

Free Content Morphological and Mineral Characteristics of Peripheral Blood in Female Polar Fox in Relation to Age
pp. 263-267(5)
Authors: Piotrowska, Anna; Szymeczko, Roman; Ozgo, Małgorzata; Bogusławska-Tryk, Monika; Burlikowska, Katarzyna

Free Content Physical State of Human Papillomavirus Type 16 in Cervical Cell DNA
pp. 269-271(3)
Authors: Szostek, Sława; Klimek, Małgorzata; Zawilińska, Barbara; Kosz-Vnenchak, Magdalena

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