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Volume 37, Number 7, July 2010

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Fluctuations and correlations in nucleus–nucleus collisions within transport models
pp. 73101-73159(59)
Authors: Konchakovski, V P; Gorenstein, M I; Bratkovskaya, E L; Greiner, W

Analytic QCD coupling with no power terms in the UV regime
pp. 75001-75016(16)
Authors: Cvetič, Gorazd; Kögerler, Reinhart; Valenzuela, Cristián

Evolution equation for soft physics at high energy
pp. 75006-75011(6)
Authors: Brogueira, P; J Dias de Deus

&e^-e^+\rightarrow \overline{N}N; at threshold and proton form factor
pp. 75007-75014(8)
Authors: Yan, Y; Khosonthongkee, K; Kobdaj, C; Suebka, P

Magnetic dipole moment of the light tensor mesons in light cone QCD sum rules
pp. 75008-75017(10)
Authors: Aliev, T M; Azizi, K; Savcı, M

Jet transverse structure as a test of hadronization models
pp. 75009-75019(11)
Authors: Gavrilov, V; Kodolova, O; Lychkovskaya, N

Charmonium narrow resonances in the string breaking region
pp. 75010-75020(11)
Authors: Segovia, J; Entem, D R; Fernández, F

Centrality dependence of elliptic flow and QGP viscosity
pp. 75011-75022(12)
Author: Chaudhuri, A K

A model for right-handed neutrino magnetic moments
pp. 75012-75023(12)
Authors: Aparici, Alberto; Santamaria, Arcadi; Wudka, José

Branching ratios of the Bc meson decaying to pseudoscalar and axial-vector mesons
pp. 75013-75025(13)
Authors: Sharma, Neelesh; Verma, R C; Dhir, Rohit

Pion: space-like structure
pp. 75014-75024(11)
Author: Robilotta, M R

The non-perturbative analytical equation of state for the gluon matter: I
pp. 75015-75038(24)
Authors: Gogokhia, V; Vasúth, M

The scalars from the topcolor scenario and the spin correlations of the top pair production at the LHC
pp. 75016-75031(16)
Authors: Yue, Chong-Xing; Zhang, Ting-Ting; Liu, Jin-Yan

Can Y(4140) be a &c \bar{c} s \bar{s}; tetraquark?
pp. 75017-75030(14)
Author: Stancu, Fl

Radiative corrections to the CKM unitarity triangles
pp. 75018-75025(8)
Authors: Luo, Shu; Xing, Zhi-zhong

Testing charmonium production mechanism via the polarized J/ pair production at the LHC
pp. 75019-75030(12)
Authors: Qiao, Cong-Feng; Sun, Li-Ping; Sun, Peng

Exploring the parameter space of texture four-zero quark mass matrices
pp. 75020-75029(10)
Authors: Verma, Rohit; Ahuja, Gulsheen; Mahajan, Neelu; Randhawa, Monika; Gupta, Manmohan

Cross section structure of 232Th in the unresolved resonance region
pp. 75101-75113(13)
Authors: Koyumdjieva, N; Janeva, N; Lukyanov, A A

Dense stellar matter with trapped neutrinos under strong magnetic fields
pp. 75102-75119(18)
Authors: Rabhi, Aziz; Providência, Constança

Spectral analysis: a consistency criterion. Application to the 208ΛPb hypernucleus
pp. 75103-75113(11)
Authors: Mezhoud, R; Lombard, R J

Rotational bands in the semi-magic nucleus 5728Ni29
pp. 75105-75117(13)
Authors: Rudolph, D; Ragnarsson, I; Reviol, W; Andreoiu, C; Bentley, M A; Carpenter, M P; Charity, R J; Clark, R M; Cromaz, M; Ekman, J; Fahlander, C; Fallon, P; Ideguchi, E; Macchiavelli, A O; Mineva, M N; Sarantites, D G; Seweryniak, D; Williams, S J

The Negele–Vautherin density-matrix expansion applied to the Gogny force
pp. 75106-75125(20)
Authors: Dobaczewski, J; Carlsson, B G; Kortelainen, M

The influence of the symmetry energy on the giant monopole resonance of neutron-rich nuclei analyzed in Thomas–Fermi theory
pp. 75107-75128(22)
Authors: Centelles, M; Patra, S K; Roca-Maza, X; Sharma, B K; Stevenson, P D; Viñas, X

Unusual potential behavior for the weakly bound nucleus 9Be in elastic scattering from 208Pb and 209Bi near the threshold
pp. 75108-75116(9)
Authors: Yu, N; Zhang, H Q; Jia, H M; Zhang, S T; Ruan, M; Yang, F; Wu, Z D; Xu, X X; Bai, C L

Rapidity dependence of J/ production at the RHIC and LHC
pp. 75110-75116(7)
Authors: Liu, Yunpeng; Qu, Zhen; Xu, Nu; Zhuang, Pengfei

Strong electric fields induced on a sharp stellar boundary
pp. 75201-75209(9)
Authors: Mishustin, Igor N; Ebel, Claudio; Greiner, Walter

Color-magnetic flux tubes in quark matter cores of neutron stars
pp. 75202-75226(25)
Authors: Alford, Mark G; Sedrakian, Armen

Neutrino propagation in the nuclear 'pasta phase' of neutron stars
pp. 75203-75219(17)
Authors: Grygorov, P; Gögelein, P; Müther, H

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