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Volume 24, Number 8, 1998

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pp. i-i(1)

RIKEN RI beam facility and its physics programme
pp. 1311-1323(13)
Author: Tanihata, I.

The spiral project at GANIL and future opportunities
pp. 1331-1339(9)
Author: Mittig, W.

RIKEN RI-Beam Factory project
pp. 1341-1345(5)
Authors: Goto, A.; Yano, Y.; Katayama, T.

Design of the RFQ and the LINAC postaccelerator for the VEC-RIB facility
pp. 1367-1370(4)
Authors: Bandyopadhyay, A.; Kamigaito, O.; Chakrabarti, A.; Banerjee, V.; Ghosh, P.; Goto, A.; Yano, Y.

Development of a radioactive ion beam facility using 15 UD tandem accelerator at NSC
pp. 1371-1375(5)
Authors: Das, J.J.; Sugathan, P.; Madhavan, N.; Kumar, B.; Varughese, T.; Rao, P.V.M.; Sinha, A.K.

Opportunities using gamma-ray arrays with radioactive beams
pp. 1377-1384(8)
Author: Catford, W.N.

Search for exotic decay modes at the proton drip line
pp. 1385-1393(9)
Author: Blank, B.

Half-life measurements of the neutron drip line nuclei , and
pp. 1395-1398(4)
Authors: Yoneda, K.; Aoi, N.; Iwasaki, H.; Sakurai, H.; Ogawa, H.; Nakamura, T.; Schmidt-Ott, W-D.; Schaefer, M.; Notani, M.; Fukuda, N.; Ideguchi, E.; Kishida, T.; Yamamoto, S.S.; Ishihara, M.

Beta-delayed proton spectroscopy of
pp. 1403-1407(5)
Authors: Banerjee, V.; Kubo, T.; Chakrabarti, A.; Sakurai, H.; Bandyopadhyay, A.; Morita, K.; Lukyanov, S.M.; Yoneda, K.; Ogawa, H.; Beaumel, D.

Collective modes of nuclei far from -stability line
pp. 1417-1428(12)
Authors: Hamamoto, I.; Sagawa, H.; Zhang, X.Z.

Structure and reactions of exotic nuclei
pp. 1429-1438(10)
Author: Lenske, H.

Excitation of collective modes in neutron-rich nuclei
pp. 1439-1444(6)
Author: Vitturi, A.

Giant monopole states in nuclei near drip lines
pp. 1445-1454(10)
Authors: Sagawa, H.; Hamamoto, I.; Zhang, X.Z.

Gamow-Teller and magnetic dipole transitions for , and
pp. 1455-1460(6)
Author: Suzuki, T.

Use of the Ginocchio potential in mean-field studies and beyond
pp. 1461-1466(6)
Authors: Pittel, S.; Stoitsov, M.V.

Relativistic theory of drip-line nuclei
pp. 1467-1478(12)
Author: Ring, P.

Relativistic many-body theory for unstable nuclei and astrophysics
pp. 1479-1489(11)
Authors: Toki, H.; Shen, H.; Sumiyoshi, K.; Hirata, D.; Sugahara, H.; Tanihata, I.

Structure of excited states of unstable nuclei studied with antisymmetrized molecular dynamics
pp. 1499-1503(5)
Authors: Kanada-En'yo, Y.; Horiuchi, H.; Dot, A.

Structure and continuum response of halo nuclei
pp. 1505-1512(8)
Authors: Thompson, I.J.; Danilin, B.V.; Efros, V.D.; Zhukov, M.V.; Vaagen, J.S.; collaboration

Antisymmetrized treatment of halo nuclei
pp. 1513-1517(5)
Author: Pal, M.K.

Hyperspherical three-body calculation for neutron drip-line nuclei
pp. 1519-1525(7)
Authors: Khan, M.A.; Dutta, S.K.; Das, T.K.; Pal, M.K.

Study of nuclei in the drip-line regions
pp. 1527-1533(7)
Authors: Satpathy, L.; Nayak, R.C.

Symmetry schemes for spectroscopy of drip line nuclei
pp. 1535-1540(6)
Author: Kota, V.K.B.

Inelastic proton scattering and nuclear structure towards the drip lines
pp. 1541-1546(6)
Authors: Alamanos, N.; Auger, F.; Brown, B.A.; Pakou, A.

Low-energy radioactive ion beam induced nuclear reactions
pp. 1553-1559(7)
Authors: Ostrowski, A.N.; Shotter, A.C.; Bradfield-Smith, W.; Laird, A.M.; Pietro, A.d.; Davinson, T.; Morrow, S.; Woods, P.J.; Cherubini, S.; Galster, W.; Graulich, J.S.; Leleux, P.; Michel, L.; Ninane, A.; Vervier, J.; Aliotta, M.; Cali, C.; Cappuzzello, F.; Cunsolo, A.; Spitalieri, C.; Grres, J.; Wiescher, M.; Rahighi, J.; Hinnefeld, J.

Coulomb excitation studies with radioactive nuclear beams
pp. 1569-1574(6)
Author: Motobayashi, T.

Structure effects on Coulomb dissociation of
pp. 1575-1582(8)
Authors: Nunes, F.M.; Shyam, R.; Thompson, I.J.

Sizes and interactions of halo nuclei
pp. 1589-1597(9)
Authors: Tostevin, J.A.; Al-Khalili, J.S.; Brooke, J.M.; Christley, J.A.

Using inverse scattering methods to study inter-nucleus potentials
pp. 1599-1610(12)
Authors: Mackintosh, R.S.; Cooper, S.G.

Is the 1.3 MeV excited state of Li a signature of pygmy resonance?
pp. 1611-1616(6)
Authors: Kanungo, R.; Samanta, C.

A study of nuclei of astrophysical interest in the continuum shell model
pp. 1631-1636(6)
Authors: Bennaceur, K.; Nowacki, F.; Okolowicz, J.; Ploszajczak, M.

Astrophysical implications of non-resonant break-up of
pp. 1637-1640(4)
Authors: Utsunomiya, H.; Tokimoto, Y.; Osada, K.; Yamagata, T.; Ohta, M.; Aoki, Y.; Hirota, K.; Ieki, K.; Iwata, Y.; Katori, K.; Hamada, S.; Lui, Y-W.; Schmitt, R.P.

Half-lives and presupernova weak interaction rates for nuclei away from the stability line
pp. 1641-1645(5)
Authors: Kar, K.; Chakravarti, S.; Ray, A.; Sarkar, S.

Protoneutron star in a strongly quantizing magnetic field
pp. 1647-1649(3)
Authors: Bandyopadhyay, D.; Pal, S.; Chakrabarty, S.

Concluding remarks
pp. 1651-1656(6)
Author: Siemssen, R.H.

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