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The Annals of Glaciology is a peer-reviewed, thematic journal published 2 to 4 times a year by the International Glaciological Society (IGS). Publication frequency is determined and volume/issue numbers assigned by the IGS Council on a year-to-year basis and with a lead time of 3 to 4 years. The Annals of Glaciology is included in the ISI Science Citation Index from volume 50, number 50 onwards.

Themes can be on any aspect of the study of snow and ice. Individual members can make a suggestion for a theme for an Annals issue to the Secretary General, who will forward it to the IGS Publications Committee. The IGS Publication Committee will make a recommendation for an individual themed Annals issue, together with a potential Annals Chief Editor for that issue, to IGS Council. The IGS Council will make the decision whether to proceed, taking into account the spread of topics and the overall capacity for publication of pages in Annals.

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Volume 46, Number 1, October 2007

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pp. i-i(1)
Author: Sharp, Martin

Ice-sheet mass balance: assessment, attribution and prognosis
pp. 1-7(7)
Authors: Alley, Richard B.; Spencer, Matthew K.; Anandakrishnan, Sridhar

Investigating small-scale variations of the recent accumulation rate in coastal Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica
pp. 14-21(8)
Authors: Anschütz, Helgard; Eisen, Olaf; Oerter, Hans; Steinhage, Daniel; Scheinert, Mirko

Three-dimensional flow influences on radar layer stratigraphy
pp. 22-28(7)
Authors: Leysinger Vieli, G.J.-M.C.; Hindmarsh, R.C.A.; Siegert, M.J.

Satellite-derived surface type and melt area of the Greenland ice sheet using MODIS data from 2000 to 2005
pp. 35-42(8)
Authors: Fausto, Robert S.; Mayer, Christoph; Ahlstrøm, Andreas P.

Hurd Peninsula glaciers, Livingston Island, Antarctica, as indicators of regional warming: ice-volume changes during the period 1956–2000
pp. 43-49(7)
Authors: Molina, C.; Navarro, F.J.; Calvet, J.; García-Sellés, D.; Lapazaran, J.J.

A time series of SAR data for monitoring changes in boundaries of glacier zones on the Antarctic Peninsula
pp. 55-60(6)
Authors: Arigony-Neto, Jorge; Rau, Frank; Saurer, Helmut; Jaña, Ricardo; Simöes, Jefferson Cardia; Vogt, Steffen

Investigations of meltwater refreezing and density variations in the snowpack and firn within the percolation zone of the Greenland ice sheet
pp. 61-68(8)
Authors: Parry, Victoria; Nienow, Peter; Mair, Douglas; Scott, Julian; Hubbard, Bryn; Steffen, Konrad; Wingham, Duncan

Changes in speed near the onset of Bindschadler Ice Stream, West Antarctica
pp. 83-86(4)
Authors: Winberry, J. Paul; Anandakrishnan, Sridhar; Smith, Andrew M.

Fast computation of a viscoelastic deformable Earth model for ice-sheet simulations
pp. 97-105(9)
Authors: Bueler, Ed; Lingle, Craig S.; Brown, Jed

Glacier geometry and elevation changes on Svalbard (1936–90): a baseline dataset
pp. 106-116(11)
Authors: Nuth, C.; Kohler, J.; Aas, H.F.; Brandt, O.; Hagen, J.O.

Positive mass balance during the late 20th century on Austfonna, Svalbard, revealed using satellite radar interferometry
pp. 117-122(6)
Authors: Bevan, Suzanne; Luckman, Adrian; Murray, Tavi; Sykes, Helena; Kohler, Jack

'Calving laws', 'sliding laws' and the stability of tidewater glaciers
pp. 123-130(8)
Authors: Benn, Douglas I.; Hulton, Nicholas R.J.; Mottram, Ruth H.

Geometry change between 1990 and 2003 at Finsterwalderbreen, a Svalbard surge-type glacier, from GPS profiling
pp. 131-135(5)
Authors: Hodgkins, Richard; Fox, Adrian; Nuttall, Anne-Marie

Glacier change and climate forcing in recent decades at Gran Campo Nevado, southernmost Patagonia
pp. 136-144(9)
Authors: Möller, M.; Schneider, C.; Kilian, R.

Ice-volume changes of selected glaciers in the Swiss Alps since the end of the 19th century
pp. 145-149(5)
Authors: Bauder, Andreas; Funk, Martin; Huss, Matthias

Integrated monitoring of mountain glaciers as key indicators of global climate change: the European Alps
pp. 150-160(11)
Authors: Haeberli, Wilfried; Hoelzle, Martin; Paul, Frank; Zemp, Michael

Relation between glacier-termini variations and summer temperature in Iceland since 1930
pp. 170-176(7)
Authors: Sigurđsson, Oddur; Jónsson, Trausti; Jóhannesson, Tómas

Recent glacier variations in Mongolia
pp. 185-188(4)
Authors: Tsutomu, Kadota; Gombo, Davaa

DEM quality assessment for quantification of glacier surface change
pp. 189-194(6)
Authors: Pope, Addy; Murray, Tavi; Luckman, Adrian

Recent glacier retreat in the Caucasus Mountains, Russia, and associated increase in supraglacial debris cover and supra-/proglacial lake development
pp. 195-203(9)
Authors: Stokes, C.R.; Popovnin, V.; Aleynikov, A.; Gurney, S.D.; Shahgedanova, M.

Glacier changes in the west Kunlun Shan from 1970 to 2001 derived from Landsat TM/ETM+ and Chinese glacier inventory data
pp. 204-208(5)
Authors: Donghui, Shangguan; Shiyin, Liu; Yongjian, Ding; Jing, LI; Yong, Zhang; Lianfu, Ding; Xing, Wang; Changwei, Xie; Gang, LI

20th-century glacier fluctuations on Disko Island (Qeqertarsuaq), Greenland
pp. 209-214(6)
Authors: Yde, Jacob C.; Knudsen, N. Tvis

Recent changes in glacier area and volume within the southern Canadian Cordillera
pp. 215-221(7)
Authors: Debeer, Christopher M.; Sharp, Martin J.

Spatial and morphological change on Eliot Glacier, Mount Hood, Oregon, USA
pp. 222-226(5)
Authors: Jackson, Keith M.; Fountain, Andrew G.

Energy-balance model validation on the top of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, using eddy covariance data
pp. 227-233(7)
Authors: Cullen, Nicolas J.; Mölg, Thomas; Kaser, Georg; Steffen, Konrad; Hardy, Douglas R.

Volume–area scaling vs flowline modelling in glacier volume projections
pp. 234-240(7)
Authors: Radić, Valentina; Hock, Regine; Oerlemans, Johannes

Calibrating a surface mass-balance model for Austfonna ice cap, Svalbard
pp. 241-248(8)
Authors: Schuler, Thomas Vikhamar; Loe, Even; Taurisano, Andrea; Eiken, Trond; Hagen, Jon Ove; Kohler, Jack

Mass balance of Devon Ice Cap, Canadian Arctic
pp. 249-254(6)
Authors: Shepherd, Andrew; Zhijun, DU; Benham, Toby J.; Dowdeswell, Julian A.; Morris, Elizabeth M.

Reconstruction of mass balance of glaciers in southern Norway back to 1948
pp. 255-260(6)
Authors: Rasmussen, L.A.; Andreassen, L.M.; Conway, H.

Evolution of Rhonegletscher, Switzerland, over the past 125 years and in the future: application of an improved flowline model
pp. 268-274(7)
Authors: Sugiyama, Shin; Bauder, Andreas; Zahno, Conradin; Funk, Martin

Response of glaciers in northwestern North America to future climate change: an atmosphere/glacier hierarchical modeling approach
pp. 283-290(8)
Authors: Zhang, Jing; Bhatt, Uma S.; Tangborn, Wendell V.; Lingle, Craig S.

Glacier mass-balance fluctuations in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, USA
pp. 291-296(6)
Authors: Josberger, Edward G.; Bidlake, William R.; March, Rod S.; Kennedy, Ben W.

Glaciological conditions in seven contrasting regions estimated with the degree-day model
pp. 297-302(6)
Authors: Braithwaite, Roger J.; Raper, Sarah C.B.

Contribution of glacier melt to stream runoff: if the climatically extreme summer of 2003 had happened in 1979…
pp. 303-308(6)
Authors: Koboltschnig, Gernot R.; Scho¨ner, Wolfgang; Zappa, Massimiliano; Holzmann, Hubert

Sensitivity of glacier runoff to summer snowfall events
pp. 309-315(7)
Authors: Escher-Vetter, Heidi; Siebers, Matthias

Recent air-temperature changes in the Arctic
pp. 316-324(9)
Author: Przybylak, Rajmund

Soluble ionic and oxygen isotopic compositions of a shallow firn profile, Baishui glacier No. 1, southeastern Tibetan Plateau
pp. 325-330(6)
Authors: Pang, Hongxi; He, Yuanqing; Theakstone, Wilfred H.; Zhang, David D.

Long-term changes in the snow–firn pack stratigraphy on U¨rümqi glacier No. 1, eastern Tien Shan, China
pp. 331-334(4)
Authors: Feiteng, Wang; Zhongqin, LI; Edwards, R.; Huilin, LI

Assessing the possibility to couple the chemical signal in winter snow on Storglaciären, Sweden, to atmospheric climatology
pp. 335-341(7)
Authors: Jansson, Peter; Linderholm, Hans W.; Pettersson, Rickard; Karlin, Torbjörn; Mörth, Carl-Magnus

20th-century variations in area of cirque glaciers and glacierets, Rocky Mountain National Park, Rocky Mountains, Colorado, USA
pp. 349-354(6)
Authors: Hoffman, Matthew J.; Fountain, Andrew G.; Achuff, Jonathan M.

Long-term change, interannual and intra-seasonal variability in climate and glacier mass balance in the central Greater Caucasus, Russia
pp. 355-361(7)
Authors: Shahgedanova, M.; Popovnin, V.; Aleynikov, A.; Petrakov, D.; Stokes, C.R.

Temperature variations over the past millennium on the Tibetan Plateau revealed by four ice cores
pp. 362-366(5)
Authors: Tandong, Yao; Keqin, Duan; Thompson, L.G.; Ninglian, Wang; Lide, Tian; Baiqing, XU; Youqing, Wang; Wusheng, YU

Long-term change of mass balance and the role of radiation
pp. 367-374(8)
Authors: Ohmura, Atsumu; Bauder, Andreas; Müller, Hans; Kappenberger, Giovanni

Variations of the snow physical parameters and their effects on albedo in Sapporo, Japan
pp. 375-381(7)
Authors: Aoki, Teruo; Motoyoshi, Hiroki; Kodama, Yuji; Yasunari, Teppei J.; Sugiura, Konosuke

Observed changes of cryosphere in China over the second half of the 20th century: an overview
pp. 382-390(9)
Authors: Cunde, Xiao; Shiyin, Liu; Lin, Zhao; Qingbai, Wu; Peiji, LI; Chunzhen, Liu; Qiwen, Zhang; Yongjian, Ding; Tandong, Yao; Zhongqin, LI; Jiancheng, PU

Antarctic sea ice: a self-organizing map-based perspective
pp. 391-396(6)
Authors: Reusch, David B.; Alley, Richard B.

Some aspects of ice phenology on ponds in central Alaska, USA
pp. 397-403(7)
Authors: Jeffries, Martin O.; Morris, Kim

A late-winter to early-spring temperature reconstruction for southeastern Norway from 1758 to 2006
pp. 404-408(5)
Authors: Nordli, Ø.; Lundstad, E.; Ogilvie, A.E.J.

Whither Arctic sea ice? A clear signal of decline regionally, seasonally and extending beyond the satellite record
pp. 428-434(7)
Authors: Meier, Walter N.; Stroeve, Julienne; Fetterer, Florence

Sea-ice mass-balance monitoring in an Arctic fjord
pp. 435-442(8)
Authors: Gerland, Sebastian; Renner, Angelika H.H.

River-ice break-up/freeze-up: a review of climatic drivers, historical trends and future predictions
pp. 443-451(9)
Authors: Prowse, T.D.; Bonsal, B.R.; Duguay, C.R.; Lacroix, M.P.

Programme of Sessions
pp. 453-458(6)

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