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Volume 60, Number 5, October 2011

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Points of View

Parental divergence and hybrid speciation in angiosperms revisited
pp. 1241-1244(4)
Authors: Paun, Ovidiu; Forest, Félix; Fay, Michael F.; Chase, Mark W.

Systematics and Phylogeny

Micromitriaceae: A new family of highly reduced mosses
pp. 1245-1254(10)
Authors: Goffinet, Bernard; Budke, Jessica M.; Newman, Leah C.

Redefinition of Adiantopsis Fée (Pteridaceae): Systematics, diversification, and biogeography
pp. 1255-1268(14)
Authors: Link-Pérez, Melanie A.; Watson, Linda E.; Hickey, R. James

Evidence for radiations of cheilanthoid ferns in the Greater Cape Floristic Region
pp. 1269-1283(15)
Authors: Eiserhardt, Wolf L.; Rohwer, Jens G.; Russell, Stephen J.; Yesilyurt, Jovita C.; Schneider, Harald

Molecular phylogeography of Thymus herba-barona (Lamiaceae): Insight into the evolutionary history of the flora of the western Mediterranean islands
pp. 1295-1305(11)
Authors: Molins, Arántzazu; Bacchetta, Gianluigi; Rosato, Marcela; Rosselló, Josep A.; Mayol, Maria

Canary grasses (Phalaris, Poaceae): Molecular phylogenetics, polyploidy and floret evolution
pp. 1306-1316(11)
Authors: Voshell, Stephanie M.; Baldini, Riccardo M.; Kumar, Rohit; Tatalovich, Nicholas; Hilu, Khidir W.

Phylogeny of the subtribe Hyptidinae (Lamiaceae tribe Ocimeae) as inferred from nuclear and plastid DNA
pp. 1317-1329(13)
Authors: Pastore, José Floriano Barêa; Harley, Raymond M.; Forest, Félix; Paton, Alan; van den Berg, Cássio

Biosystematic studies on the family Tofieldiaceae III. Classification of Tofieldia nuda into three species and three varieties
pp. 1339-1348(10)
Authors: Tamura, Minoru N.; Fuse, Shizuka; Lee, Nam Sook; Kim, Jin Ohk; Yamashita, Jun; Ishii, Takaaki

A phylogenetic analysis of the genus Colchicum L. (Colchicaceae) based on sequences from six plastid regions
pp. 1349-1365(17)
Authors: Persson, Karin; Petersen, Gitte; del Hoyo, Alberto; Seberg, Ole; Jørgensen, Tina

Systematics of the genus Salweenia (Leguminosae) from Southwest China with discovery of a second species
pp. 1366-1374(9)
Authors: Yue, Xue-Kun; Yue, Ji-Pei; Yang, Li-Er; Li, Zhi-Min; Sun, Hang

Origin and diversification of the genus Echium (Boraginaceae) in the Cape Verde archipelago
pp. 1375-1385(11)
Authors: Romeiras, Maria M.; Paulo, Octávio S.; Duarte, M. Cristina; Pina-Martins, Francisco; Cotrim, M. Helena; Carine, Mark A.; Pais, M. Salomé

Newmania: A new ginger genus from central Vietnam
pp. 1386-1396(11)
Authors: Leong-Škorničková, Jana; Lý, Ngoc-Sâm; Poulsen, Axel Dalberg; Tosh, James; Forrest, Alan

Molecular systematics and incongruent gene trees of Urophylleae (Rubiaceae)
pp. 1397-1406(10)
Authors: Smedmark, Jenny E.E.; Bremer, Birgitta

Molecular delimitation of clades within New World species of the "spiny solanums" (Solanum subg. Leptostemonum)
pp. 1429-1441(13)
Authors: Stern, Stephen; Agra, Maria de Fátima; Bohs, Lynn

Methods and Techniques

A simple and cost-effective approach for microsatellite isolation in non-model plant species using small-scale 454 pyrosequencing
pp. 1442-1449(8)
Authors: Takayama, Koji; López, Patricio S.; König, Christiane; Kohl, Gudrun; Novak, Johannes; Stuessy, Tod F.

Botanical History

Dates of publication of Scripta Botanica
pp. 1458-1463(6)
Author: Doweld, Alexander B.


Typification of names of taxa of Bauhinia L. (Leguminosae: Cercideae) from Brazil
pp. 1464-1474(11)
Author: Vaz, Angela Maria Studart da Fonseca

Typification of the name Papaver hybridum L. (Papaveraceae)
pp. 1475-1476(2)
Authors: Aghababyan, Mariam; Raimondo, Francesco M.

Typification of the name Cynoglossum creticum Mill. (Boraginaceae)
pp. 1477-1477(1)
Authors: Selvi, Federico; Jarvis, Charles E.

Revised lectotypification of Reseda glauca L. (Resedaceae)
pp. 1478-1479(2)
Authors: Martín-Bravo, Santiago; Jiménez-Mejías, Pedro; Jarvis, Charles E.

Revised lectotypification of Spartium scoparium L. (Fabaceae)
pp. 1480-1481(2)
Authors: Auvray, Gaëlle; Malécot, Valéry

The valid publication of the name Euaraliopsis (Araliaceae)
pp. 1482-1484(3)
Author: Deng, Yun-Fei

Chamerion or Chamaenerion (Onagraceae)? The old story in new words
pp. 1485-1488(4)
Author: Sennikov, Alexander N.

Nomenclature and taxonomy of Croton glabellus L. (Euphorbiaceae), a widespread Caribbean species
pp. 1489-1494(6)
Authors: van Ee, Benjamin; Gandhi, Kanchi N.; Berry, Paul E.

XVIII International Botanical Congress

Free Content Major changes to the Code of Nomenclature—Melbourne, July 2011
pp. 1495-1497(3)
Authors: McNeill, John; Turland, Nicholas J.

Free Content Conserving Acacia Mill. with a conserved type: What happened in Melbourne?
pp. 1504-1506(3)
Authors: Smith, Gideon F.; Figueiredo, Estrela

Free Content XVIII International Botanical Congress: Preliminary mail vote and report of Congress action on nomenclature proposals
pp. 1507-1520(14)
Authors: McNeill, John; Turland, Nicholas J.; Monro, Anna M.; Lepschi, Brendan J.

Proposals to Conserve or Reject Names

Free Content (2028) Proposal to conserve the name Stichorkis (Orchidaceae, Malaxideae) with a conserved type
pp. 1521-1522(2)
Authors: Schuiteman, André; Pedersen, Henrik; Friis, Ib

Free Content (2029) Proposal to conserve the name Meiogyne against Fitzalania (Annonaceae)
pp. 1522-1523(2)
Authors: Chaowasku, Tanawat; Zijlstra, Gea; Chatrou, Lars W.

Erratum to Taxon 60(3)

Free Content Erratum to Taxon 60(3)
pp. 1525-1525(1)
Author: Middleton, David J.

Erratum to Taxon 60(4)

Free Content Erratum to Taxon 60(4)
pp. 1525-1525(1)
Authors: Leong-Škorničková, Jana

New Names and Combinations

Plant Systematics World

Free Content Plant Systematics World
pp. 1529-1533(5)

Reviews and Notices of Publications

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