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Volume 55, Number 4, November 2006

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Letter to the Editor

Paraphyly is bad taxonomy
pp. 831-832(2)
Authors: Ebach, Malte C.; Williams, David M.; Morrone, Juan J.

Symposium on Mitochondrial DNA

Reconstructing the basal angiosperm phylogeny: evaluating information content of mitochondrial genes
pp. 837-856(20)
Authors: Qiu, Yin-Long; Li, Libo; Hendry, Tory A.; Li, Ruiqi; Taylor, David W.; Issa, Michael J.; Ronen, Alexander J.; Vekaria, Mona L.; White, Adam M.

Are mitochondrial genes useful for the analysis of monocot relationships?
pp. 857-870(14)
Authors: Davis, Jerrold I.; Petersen, Gitte; Seberg, Ole; Stevenson, Dennis W.; Hardy, Christopher R.; Simmons, Mark P.; Michelangeli, Fabian A.; Goldman, Douglas H.; Campbell, Lisa M.; Specht, Chelsea D.; Cohen, James I.

RNA editing and phylogenetic reconstruction in two monocot mitochondrial genes
pp. 871-886(16)
Authors: Petersen, Gitte; Seberg, Ole; Davis, Jerrold I.; Stevenson, Dennis W.

DNA sequence evolution in fast evolving mitochondrial DNA nad1 exons in Geraniaceae and Plantaginaceae
pp. 887-896(10)
Authors: Bakker, Freek T.; Breman, Floris; Merckx, Vincent

Molecular Phylogenetics

Plastid atpA data provide improved support for deep relationships among ferns
pp. 897-906(10)
Authors: Schuettpelz, Eric; Korall, Petra; Pryer, Kathleen M.

Serpocaulon (Polypodiaceae), a new genus segregated from Polypodium
pp. 919-930B(12)
Authors: Smith, Alan R.; Kreier, Hans-Peter; Haufler, Christopher H.; Ranker, Tom A.; Schneider, Harald

A reassessment of Hemizygia and Syncolostemon (Ocimeae—Lamiaceae)
pp. 941-958(18)
Authors: Otieno, Donald F.; Balkwill, Kevin; Paton, Alan J.; Savolainen, Vincent


New names in Old World Clinopodium—the transfer of the species of Micromeria sect. Pseudomelissa to Clinopodium
pp. 977-981(5)
Authors: Bräuchler, Christian; Meimberg, Harald; Heubl, Günther


The systematic significance of seed morphology in Stenocereus (Cactaceae)
pp. 983-992A(10)
Authors: Arroyo-Cosultchi, Gabriel; Terrazas, Teresa; Arias, Salvador; Arreola-Nava, Hilda J.


A new combination in Senegalia and typification of six New World Acacia names
pp. 993-995(3)
Authors: Glass, Catherine E.; Seigler, David S.

Typification of the accepted names in the Jacobaea maritima group (Asteraceae)
pp. 1001-1004(4)
Authors: Peruzzi, Lorenzo; Passalacqua, Nicodemo G.; Jarvis, Charlie E.

Typification of some of Hudson's plant names in Carex L.
pp. 1009-1013(5)
Authors: Molina, Ana; Acedo, Carmen; Jarvis, Charlie; Llamas, Félix

Typification of names of taxa in Ornithogalum L. subg. Cathissa (Salisb.) Baker (Hyacinthaceae)
pp. 1014-1018(5)
Authors: Martínez-Azorín, Mario; Crespo, Manuel B.; Spencer, Mark

Typification of Linnaean plant names in Convolvulaceae
pp. 1019-1024(6)
Authors: Staples, George; Jarvis, Charles E.

The typification and identity of Cyperus hirtus Thunb. (1803)
pp. 1025-1026(2)
Author: Lye, Kåre Arnstein

Proposals to Conserve or Reject

Free Content (1738) Proposal to conserve the name Poria cocos against Daedalea extensa (Basidiomycota)
pp. 1027-1028(2)
Authors: Redhead, Scott A.; Ginns, James

Free Content (1739) Proposal to conserve the name Boletus applanatus against B. lipsiensis (Basidiomycota)
pp. 1029-1030(2)
Authors: Redhead, Scott A.; Ginns, James; Moncalvo, Jean-Marc

Free Content (1740) Proposal to conserve the name Agaricus lepideus against A. suffrutescens (Basidiomycota)
pp. 1030-1032(3)
Authors: Redhead, Scott A.; Ginns; May, Tom W.

Free Content (1742) Proposal to conserve the name Lyophyllum with a conserved type (Basidiomycota)
pp. 1034-1036(3)
Authors: Redhead, Scott A.; Hofstetter, Valerie; Clémençon, Heinz; Moncalvo, Jean-Marc; Vilgalys, Rytas J.

Free Content (1746) Proposal to conserve the name Marattiaceae against Danaeaceae (Pteridophyta)
pp. 1040-1042(3)
Authors: Murdock, Andrew G.; Reveal, James; Doweld, Alexander L.

Free Content (1747) Proposal to conserve the name Cynorkis fastigiata against Orchis obcordata (Orchidaceae)
pp. 1042-1042(1)
Authors: Hermans, Johan; Cribb, Phillip James

Free Content (1750) Proposal to reject the name Euphorbia longifolia (Euphorbiaceae)
pp. 1046-1046(1)
Author: Whitehouse, Christopher M.

Free Content (1753) Proposal to conserve the name Ziziphus jujuba against Z. zizyphus (Rhamnaceae)
pp. 1049-1050(2)
Authors: Kirkbride, Joseph H.; Wiersema, John H.

Proposal to Suppress a Work

Free Content Proposal to add Selbyana vol. 23 Supplement to the "opera utique oppressa"
pp. 1053-1053(1)
Author: van Rijckevorsel, Paul

In Memoriam

Bertel Hansen (1932–2005)
pp. 1055-1056(2)
Author: Friis, Ib

Plant Systematics World

Free Content Plant Systematics World
pp. 1057-1066(10)

New Names and Combinations

Free Content New Names and Combinations
pp. 1069-1070(2)

Reviews and Notices of Publications

General Index to Taxon Volume 55 (2006)

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