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Volume 13, Number 15, 4 August 2003

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Graphical Abstracts
pp. 2425-2434(10)

Effect of catechol derivatives on cell growth and lipoxygenase activity
pp. 2435-2439(5)
Authors: Simpson, J.; Forrester, R.; Tisdale, M.J.; Billington, D.C.; Rathbone, D.L.

Convenient synthesis of oligodeoxyribonucleotides bearing arabinofuranosyl pyrimidine derivatives and its duplex formation with complementary DNA
pp. 2441-2443(3)
Authors: Ozaki, H.; Nakajima, K.; Tatsui, K.; Izumi, C.; Kuwahara, M.; Sawai, H.

Discovery of new peptide-Based catalysts for the direct asymmetric aldol reaction
pp. 2445-2447(3)
Authors: Kofoed, J.; Nielsen, J.; Reymond J.-L.

Side-chain-to-tail thiolactone peptide inhibitors of the staphylococcal quorum-sensing system
pp. 2449-2453(5)
Authors: Scott, R.J.; Lian, L.; Muharram, S.H.; Cockayne, A.; Wood, S.J.; Bycroft, B.W.; Williams, P.; Chan, W.C.

Structure-based design of agents targeting the bacterial ribosome
pp. 2455-2458(4)
Authors: Bower, J.; Drysdale, M.; Hebdon, R.; Jordan, A.; Lentzen, G.; Matassova, N.; Murchie, A.; Powles, J.; Roughley, S.

Are 5'-O-Carbamate-2',3'-dideoxythiacytidine New Anti-HIV and Anti-HBV nucleoside Drugs or Prodrugs?
pp. 2459-2463(5)
Authors: Anastasi, C.; Vlieghe, P.; Hantz, O.; Schorr, O.; Pannecouque, C.; Witvrouw, M.; de Clercq, E.; Clayette, P.; Dereuddre-Bosquet, N.; Dormont, D.; Gondois-Rey, F.; Hirsch, I.; Kraus J.-L.

3,5,6-Trisubstituted naphthostyrils as CDK2 inhibitors
pp. 2465-2468(4)
Authors: Liu J.-J.; Dermatakis, A.; Lukacs, C.; Konzelmann, F.; Chen, Y.; Kammlott, U.; Depinto, W.; Yang, H.; Yin, X.; Chen, Y.; Schutt, A.; Simcox, M.E.; Luk, K.

Copper complex of hydroxyl-Substituted triazamacrocyclic ligand and its antitumor activity
pp. 2469-2472(4)
Authors: Liang, F.; Wu, C.; Lin, H.; Li, T.; Gao, D.; Li, Z.; Wei, J.; Zheng, C.; Sun, M.

Comparative molecular field analysis (CoMFA) of phthalazine derivatives as phosphodiesterase IV inhibitors
pp. 2473-2479(7)
Authors: Chakraborti, A.K.; Gopalakrishnan, B.; Sobhia, M.E.; Malde, A.

Development of 3D-QSAR models in cyclic ureidobenzenesulfonamides: human 3-Adrenergic receptor agonist
pp. 2481-2484(4)
Authors: Kashaw, S.K.; Rathi, L.; Mishra, P.; Saxena, A.K.

Design and synthesis of 1,5-diarylbenzimidazoles as inhibitors of the VEGF-receptor KDR
pp. 2485-2488(4)
Authors: Bilodeau, M.T.; Cunningham, A.M.; Koester, T.J.; Ciecko, P.A.; Coll, K.E.; Huckle, W.R.; Hungate, R.W.; Kendall, R.L.; McFall, R.C.; Mao, X.; Rutledge, R.Z.; Thomas, K.A.

Synthesis and DNA binding properties of terminally modified peptide nucleic acids
pp. 2489-2492(4)
Authors: Mokhir, A.; Zohm, B.; Fuessl, A.; Kraemer, R.

High throughput screening identifies novel inhibitors of Escherichia coli dihydrofolate reductase that are competitive with dihydrofolate
pp. 2493-2496(4)
Authors: Zolli-Juran, M.; Cechetto, J.D.; Hartlen, R.; Daigle, D.M.; Brown, E.D.

2-Aryl-3,6-dialkyl-5-dialkylaminopyrimidin-4-ones as novel crf-1 receptor antagonists
pp. 2497-2500(4)
Authors: Hodgetts, K.J.; Yoon, T.; Huang, J.; Gulianello, M.; Kieltyka, A.; Primus, R.; Brodbeck, R.; de Lombaert, S.; Doller, D.

DNA strand scission by a Cu(I).adenylated polymeric template: preliminary mechanistic and recycling studies
pp. 2501-2504(4)
Authors: Verma, S.; Srivatsan, S.G.; Claussen, C.A.; Long, E.C.

A facile solid phase synthesis of tetramic acid
pp. 2505-2507(3)
Authors: Liu, Z.; Ruan, X.; Huang, X.

3-(2-Benzyloxyphenyl)isoxazoles and isoxazolines: synthesis and evaluation as CFTR activators
pp. 2509-2512(4)
Authors: Sammelson, R.E.; Ma, T.; Galietta, L.J.V.; Verkman, A.S.; Kurth, M.J.

Design and synthesis of poly(ADP-ribose)polymerase-1 (PARP-1) inhibitors. Part 3: In vitro evaluation of 1,3,4,5-Tetrahydro-benzo[c][1,6]- and [c][1,7]-naphthyridin-6-ones
pp. 2513-2518(6)
Authors: Ferraris, D.; Ficco, R.P.; Pahutski, T.; Lautar, S.; Huang, S.; Zhang, J.; Kalish, V.

Synthesis and biological evaluation of gambierol analogues
pp. 2519-2522(4)
Authors: Fuwa, H.; Kainuma, N.; Satake, M.; Sasaki, M.

Novel prodrug approach to amprenavir-based HIV-1 protease inhibitors via O->N acyloxy migration of P1 moiety
pp. 2523-2526(4)
Authors: Kazmierski, W.M.; Bevans, P.; Furfine, E.; Spaltenstein, A.; Yang, H.

Synthesis and in vitro evaluation of novel small molecule inhibitors of bacterial arylamine N-acetyltransferases (NATs)
pp. 2527-2530(4)
Authors: Brooke, E.W.; Davies, S.G.; Mulvaney, A.W.; Okada, M.; Pompeo, F.; Sim, E.; Vickers, R.J.; Westwood, I.M.

Discovery of the first series of inhibitors of human papillomavirus type 11: inhibition of the assembly of the E1-E2-Origin DNA complex
pp. 2539-2541(3)
Authors: Yoakim, C.; Ogilvie, W.W.; Goudreau, N.; Naud, J.; Hache, B.; O'Meara, J.A.; Cordingley, M.G.; Archambault, J.; White, P.W.

Molecular probe for selective detection of thiols in water of neutral pH
pp. 2543-2546(4)
Authors: Kim, D.H.; Su Han, M.

Novel coumarin derivatives of heterocyclic compounds as lipid-Lowering agents
pp. 2547-2551(5)
Authors: Madhavan, G.R.; Balraju, V.; Mallesham, B.; Chakrabarti, R.; Lohray, V.B.

Solid-phase synthesis of methyl carboxymycobactin T 7 and analogues as potential antimycobacterial agents
pp. 2553-2556(4)
Authors: Poreddy, A.R.; Schall, O.F.; Marshall, G.R.; Ratledge, C.; Slomczynska, U.

Synthesis of an amphiphilic tetraantennary mannosyl conjugate and incorporation into liposome carriers
pp. 2557-2560(4)
Authors: Espuelas, S.; Haller, P.; Schuber, F.; Frisch, B.

Formylchromone derivatives as a novel class of protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B inhibitors
pp. 2561-2563(3)
Authors: Shim, Y.S.; Kim, K.C.; Chi, D.Y.; Lee, K.; Cho, H.

HIV protease inhibitors with picomolar potency against PI-Resistant HIV-1 by extension of the P3 substituent
pp. 2569-2572(4)
Authors: Duffy, J.L.; Rano, T.A.; Kevin, N.J.; Chapman, K.T.; Schleif, W.A.; Olsen, D.B.; Stahlhut, M.; Rutkowski, C.A.; Kuo, L.C.; Jin, L.; Lin, J.H.; Emini, E.A.; Tata, J.R.

The design, synthesis and evaluation of novel HIV-1 protease inhibitors with high potency against PI-resistant viral strains
pp. 2573-2576(4)
Authors: Zhang, F.; Chapman, K.T.; Schleif, W.A.; Olsen, D.B.; Stahlhut, M.; Rutkowski, C.A.; Kuo, L.C.; Jin, L.; Lin, J.H.; Emini, E.A.; Tata, J.R.

Tripeptide inhibitors of Yersinia protein-tyrosine phosphatase
pp. 2577-2581(5)
Authors: Lee, K.; Gao, Y.; Yao, Z.; Phan, J.; Wu, L.; Liang, J.; Waugh, D.S.; Zhang, Z.; Burke, T.R.

Improvement of biological activity and proteolytic stability of peptides by coupling with a cyclic peptide
pp. 2583-2586(4)
Authors: Shibata, K.; Suzawa, T.; Soga, S.; Mizukami, T.; Yamada, K.; Hanai, N.; Yamasaki, M.

Discovery of 2-amino-heteroaryl-benzothiazole-6-anilides as potent p56lck inhibitors
pp. 2587-2590(4)
Authors: Das, J.; Moquin, R.V.; Lin, J.; Liu, C.; Doweyko, A.M.; DeFex, H.F.; Fang, Q.; Pang, S.; Pitt, S.; Shen, D.R.; Schieven, G.L.; Barrish, J.C.; Wityak, J.

2-Phenyl-5,6-dihydro-2H-thieno[3,2-c]pyrazol-3-ol derivatives as new inhibitors of bacterial cell wall biosynthesis
pp. 2591-2594(4)
Authors: Li, Z.; Francisco, G.D.; Hu, W.; Labthavikul, P.; Petersen, P.J.; Severin, A.; Singh, G.; Yang, Y.; Rasmussen, B.A.; Lin Y.-I.; Skotnicki, J.S.; Mansour, T.S.

Synthesis, biological evaluation and DNA binding properties of novel bleomycin analogues
pp. 2595-2599(5)
Authors: Xu, Z.; Wang, M.; Xiao, S.; Liu, C.; Yang, M.

1,2,4-Triazolo mercapto and aminonitriles as potent antifungal agents
pp. 2601-2605(5)
Authors: Collin, X.; Sauleau, A.; Coulon, J.

Synthesis and activity of novel benzoxazole derivatives of mannopeptimycin glycopeptide antibiotics
pp. 2607-2610(4)
Authors: Sum P.-E.; How, D.; Torres, N.; Newman, H.; Petersen, P.J.; Mansour, T.S.

Corrigendum to 'Novel 5-Cyclopropyl-1,4-benzodiazepine-2-ones as Potent and Selective IKs-Blocking Class III Antiarrhythmic Agents' - [Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 13 (2003) 1165]
pp. 2611-2611(1)
Authors: Butcher, J.W.; Liverton, N.J.; Claremon, D.A.; Freidinger, R.M.; Jurkiewicz, N.K.; Lynch, J.J.; Salata, J.J.; Wang, J.; Dieckhaus, C.M.; Slaughter, D.E.; Vyas, K.

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