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Volume 13, Number 12, 16 June 2003

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pp. CO2-CO2(1)

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pp. 1947-1954(8)

Synthesis, stereochemical assignment and biological activity of a novel series of C-4'' modified aza-Macrolides
pp. 1955-1958(4)
Authors: Bronk, B.S.; Letavic, M.A.; Bertsche, C.D.; George, D.M.; Hayashi, S.F.; Kamicker, B.J.; Kolosko, N.L.; Norcia, L.J.; Rushing, M.A.; Santoro, S.L.; Yang, B.V.

Identification of a dual histamine H1/H3 receptor ligand based on the H1 antagonist chlorpheniramine
pp. 1959-1961(3)
Authors: Aslanian, R.; Mutahi, M.w.; Shih, N.; Piwinski, J.J.; West, R.; Williams, S.M.; She, S.; Wu, R.; Hey, J.A.

Sphingomyelin analogues as inhibitors of sphingomyelinase
pp. 1963-1966(4)
Authors: Taguchi, M.; Sugimoto, K.; Goda, K.; Akama, T.; Yamamoto, K.; Suzuki, T.; Tomishima, Y.; Nishiguchi, M.; Arai, K.; Takahashi, K.; Kobori, T.

Chemoenzymatic synthesis of (E)-3,7-dimethyl-2-octene-1,8-diol isolated from the hairpencils of male danaus chrysippus (African monarch)
pp. 1967-1969(3)
Authors: Takabe, K.; Mase, N.; Hashimoto, H.; Tsuchiya, A.; Ohbayashi, T.; Yoda, H.

Novel water soluble 2,6-dimethoxyphenyl ester derivatives with intravenous anaesthetic activity
pp. 1971-1975(5)
Authors: Bennett, D.J.; Anderson, A.; Buchanan, K.; Byford, A.; Cooke, A.; Gemmell, D.K.; Hamilton, N.M.; Maidment, M.S.; McPhail, P.; Stevenson, D.F.M.; Sundaram, H.; Vijn, P.

Hemisynthesis and preliminary evaluation of novel endocannabinoid analogues
pp. 1977-1980(4)
Authors: El Fangour, S.; Balas, L.; Rossi, J.; Fedenyuk, A.; Gretskaya, N.; Bobrov, M.; Bezuglov, V.; Hillard, C.J.; Durand, T.

Dihydroquinolines with amine-containing side chains as potent n-NOS inhibitors
pp. 1981-1984(4)
Authors: Jaroch, S.; Holscher, P.; Rehwinkel, H.; Sulzle, D.; Burton, G.; Hillmann, M.; McDonald, F.M.

Unexpected inhibition of S-adenosyl-l-homocysteine hydrolase by a guanosine nucleoside
pp. 1985-1988(4)
Authors: Seley, K.L.; Quirk, S.; Salim, S.; Zhang, L.; Hagos, A.

Structure-activity relationships in a series of NPY Y5 antagonists: 3-amido-9-ethylcarbazoles, core-modified analogues and amide isosteres
pp. 1989-1992(4)
Authors: Hammond, M.; Elliott, R.L.; Gillaspy, M.L.; Hager, D.C.; Hank, R.F.; LaFlamme, J.A.; Oliver, R.M.; DaSilva-Jardine, P.A.; Stevenson, R.W.; Mack, C.M.; Cassella, J.V.

Arylaminoethyl amides as inhibitors of the cysteine protease cathepsin K-investigating P1' substituents
pp. 1997-2001(5)
Authors: Altmann, E.; Green, J.; Tintelnot-Blomley, M.

The discovery of a new class of large-conductance Ca2+-activated K+ channel opener targeted for overactive bladder: synthesis and structure-activity relationships of 2-amino-4-azaindoles
pp. 2003-2007(5)
Authors: Turner, S.C.; Carroll, W.A.; White, T.K.; Gopalakrishnan, M.; Coghlan, M.J.; Shieh, C.; Zhang, X.; Parihar, A.S.; Buckner, S.A.; Milicic, I.; Sullivan, J.P.

A study on the synthesis of antiangiogenic (+)-coronarin A and congeners from (+)-sclareolide
pp. 2009-2012(4)
Authors: Oh, S.; Jeong, I.H.; Shin, W.; Lee, S.

Discovery of selective phosphonamide-based inhibitors of tumor necrosis factor-α converting enzyme (TACE)
pp. 2021-2024(4)
Authors: Sawa, M.; Kurokawa, K.; Inoue, Y.; Kondo, H.; Yoshino, K.

Chemical synthesis and cytotoxicity of dihydroxylated cyclopentenone analogues of neocarzinostatin chromophore
pp. 2025-2027(3)
Authors: Urbaniak, M.D.; Frost, L.M.; Bingham, J.P.; Kelland, L.R.; Hartley, J.A.; Woolfson, D.N.; Caddick, S.

d-Phe-Pro-Arg type thrombin inhibitors: unexpected selectivity by modification of the P1 moiety
pp. 2029-2033(5)
Authors: Lange, U.E.W.; Baucke, D.; Hornberger, W.; Mack, H.; Seitz, W.; Hoffken, H.W.

Discovery of N-Hydroxy-2-(2-oxo-3-pyrrolidinyl)acetamides as potent and selective inhibitors of tumor necrosis factor-α converting enzyme (TACE)
pp. 2035-2040(6)
Authors: Duan J.J.-W.; Lu, Z.; Xue, C.; He, X.; Seng, J.L.; Roderick, J.J.; Wasserman, Z.R.; Liu, R.; Covington, M.B.; Magolda, R.L.; Newton, R.C.; Trzaskos, J.M.; Decicco, C.P.

Inhibition of mandelate racemase by α-fluorobenzylphosphonates
pp. 2041-2044(4)
Authors: Maurice, M.S.; Bearne, S.L.; Lu, W.; Taylor, S.D.

3-(2-Carboxy-ethyl)-4,6-dichloro-1H-indole-2-carboxylic acid: an allosteric inhibitor of fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase at the AMP site
pp. 2055-2058(4)
Authors: Wright, S.W.; Carlo, A.A.; Danley, D.E.; Hageman, D.L.; Karam, G.A.; Mansour, M.N.; McClure, L.D.; Pandit, J.; Schulte, G.K.; Treadway, J.L.; Wang, I.; Bauer, P.H.

Inhibitors of inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase: SARs about the N-[3-Methoxy-4-(5-oxazolyl)phenyl moiety
pp. 2059-2063(5)
Authors: Iwanowicz, E.J.; Watterson, S.H.; Guo, J.; Pitts, W.J.; Murali Dhar, T.G.; Shen, Z.; Chen, P.; Gu, H.H.; Fleener, C.A.; Rouleau, K.A.; Cheney, D.L.; Townsend, R.M.; Hollenbaugh, D.L.

The activity of diguanidino and 'reversed' diamidino 2,5-diarylfurans versus Trypanosoma cruzi and Leishmania donovani
pp. 2065-2069(5)
Authors: Stephens, C.E.; Brun, R.; Salem, M.M.; Werbovetz, K.A.; Tanious, F.; Wilson, W.D.; Boykin, D.W.

Synthesis and biological activity of 5-methylidene 1,2-dihydrochromeno[3,4-f]quinoline derivatives as progesterone receptor modulators
pp. 2071-2074(4)
Authors: Zhi, L.; Tegley, C.M.; Pio, B.; Edwards, J.P.; Jones, T.K.; Marschke, K.B.; Mais, D.E.; Risek, B.; Schrader, W.T.

Development of progesterone receptor antagonists from 1,2-dihydrochromeno[3,4-f]quinoline agonist pharmacophore
pp. 2075-2078(4)
Authors: Zhi, L.; Ringgenberg, J.D.; Edwards, J.P.; Tegley, C.M.; West, S.J.; Pio, B.; Motamedi, M.; Jones, T.K.; Marschke, K.B.; Mais, D.E.; Schrader, W.T.

Urea small molecule agonists on mouse melanocortin receptors
pp. 2079-2082(4)
Authors: Joseph, C.G.; Bauzo, R.M.; Xiang, Z.; Haskell-Luevano, C.

Design and synthesis of phosphotyrosine mimetics
pp. 2083-2085(3)
Authors: Yan, Z.; Kahn, M.; Qabar, M.; Urban, J.; Kim, H.; Blaskovich, M.A.

Corrigendum to 'Design, Synthesis and Binding Affinity of 3'-Fluoro Analogues of C1-IB-MECA as Adenosine A3 Receptor Ligands'[Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 13 (2003) 817]?
pp. 2087-2087(1)
Authors: Lim, M.H.; Kim, H.O.; Moon, H.R.; Lee, S.J.; Chun, M.W.; Gao, Z.; Melman, N.; Jacobson, K.A.; Kim, J.H.; Jeong, L.S.

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