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Volume 11, Number 23, 3 December 2001

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Graphical Abstracts
pp. v-vi(2)

Discovery of a N'-hydroxyphenylformamidine derivative HET0016?
pp. 2993-2995(3)
Authors: Sato, M.; Ishii, T.; Kobayashi-Matsunaga, Y.; Amada, H.; Taniguchi, K.; Miyata, N.; Kameo, K.

Cellular solid-phase binding assay and mass spectrometry for screening of α47 integrin antagonists
pp. 2997-3000(4)
Authors: Gottschling, D.; Boer, J.; Schuster, A.; Holzmann, B.; Kessler, H.

Determination and use of a transition state for the enzyme estrone sulfatase (ES) from a proposed reaction mechanism
pp. 3001-3005(5)
Authors: Ahmed, S.; James, K.; Owen, C.P.; Patel, C.K.; Patel, M.B.

Novel spermine-Amino acid conjugates and basic tripeptides enhance cleavage of the hairpin ribozyme at low magnesium ion concentration
pp. 3007-3010(4)
Authors: Stolze, K.; Holmes, S.C.; Earnshaw, D.J.; Singh, M.; Stetsenko, D.; Williams, D.; Gait, M.J.

Stereoselective synthesis of 7α- and 7-aminocholestanol as potent fungicidal drugs
pp. 3011-3014(4)
Authors: Fouace, S.; El kihel, L.; Dherbomez, M.; Letourneux, Y.

Cyclopenta[g]quinazoline-based antifolates: the effect of the chirality at the 6-position on the inhibition of thymidylate synthase (TS)
pp. 3015-3017(3)
Authors: Bavetsias, V.; Marriott, J.H.; Theti, D.S.; Melin, J.C.; Wilson, S.C.; Jackman, A.L.

Discovery and evaluation of piperidinyl carboxylic acid derivatives as potent α41 integrin antagonists
pp. 3019-3021(3)
Authors: Muller, G.; Albers, M.; Fischer, R.; Heszler, G.; Lehmann, T.E.; Okigami, H.; Tajimi, M.; Bacon, K.; Rolle, T.

7-Nitrobenzofurazan (NBD) derivatives of 5'-N-ethylcarboxamidoadenosine (NECA) as new fluorescent probes for human A3 adenosine receptors
pp. 3023-3026(4)
Authors: Macchia, M.; Salvetti, F.; Bertini, S.; Di Bussolo, V.; Gattuso, L.; Gesi, M.; Hamdan, M.; Klotz, K.; Laragione, T.; Lucacchini, A.; Minutolo, F.; Nencetti, S.; Papi, C.; Tuscano, D.; Martini, C.

Synthesis of antitumor dendritic imides
pp. 3027-3029(3)
Authors: Brana, M.F.; Domnguez, G.; Saez, B.; Romerdahl, C.; Robinson, S.; Barlozzari, T.

2-Aryl indole NK1 antagonists: optimisation of the amide substituent
pp. 3031-3034(4)
Authors: Shaw, D.; Chicchi, G.G.; Elliott, J.M.; Kurtz, M.; Morrison, D.; Ridgill, M.P.; Szeto, N.; Watt, A.P.; Williams, A.R.; Swain, C.J.

Beta 3 agonists. Part 1: evolution from inception to BMS-194449
pp. 3035-3039(5)
Authors: Washburn, W.N.; Sher, P.M.; Poss, K.M.; Girotra, R.N.; McCann, P.J.; Gavai, A.V.; Mikkilineni, A.B.; Mathur, A.; Cheng, P.; Dejneka, T.C.; Sun, C.Q.; Wang, T.C.; Harper, T.W.; Russell, A.D.; Slusarchyk, D.A.; Skwish, S.; Allen, G.T.; Hillyer, D.E.; Frohlich, B.H.; Abboa-Offei, B.E.; Cap, M.; Waldron, T.L.; George, R.J.; Tesfamariam, B.; Ciosek, C.P.; Ryono, D.; Young, D.A.; Dickinson, K.E.; Seymour, A.A.; Arbeeny, C.M.; Gregg, R.E.

BMS-196085: A potent and selective full agonist of the human 3 adrenergic receptor
pp. 3041-3044(4)
Authors: Gavai, A.V.; Sher, P.M.; Mikkilineni, A.B.; Poss, K.M.; McCann, P.J.; Girotra, R.N.; Fisher, L.G.; Wu, G.; Bednarz, M.S.; Mathur, A.; Wang, T.C.; Sun, C.Q.; Slusarchyk, D.A.; Skwish, S.; Allen, G.T.; Hillyer, D.E.; Frohlich, B.H.; Abboa-Offei, B.E.; Cap, M.; Waldron, T.L.; George, R.J.; Tesfamariam, B.; Harper, T.W.; Ciosek, C.P.; Young, D.A.; Dickinson, K.E.; Seymour, A.A.; Arbeeny, C.M.; Washburn, W.N.

Unprecedented sugar-dependent in vivo antitumor activity of carbohydrate-pendant cis-diamminedichloroplatinum(II) complexes
pp. 3045-3047(3)
Authors: Mikata, Y.; Shinohara, Y.; Yoneda, K.; Nakamura, Y.; Brudzinska, I.; Tanase, T.; Kitayama, T.; Takagi, R.; Okamoto, T.; Kinoshita, I.; Doe, M.; Orvig, C.; Yano, S.

Synthesis and evaluation of novel pseudomycin side-chain analogues. Part 3
pp. 3055-3059(5)
Authors: Sun, X.; Zhang, Y.; Zeckner, D.; Current, W.; Chen S.-H.

Hydrolysis of linear DNA duplex catalyzed by Co(III) complex of cyclen attached to polystyrene
pp. 3061-3064(4)
Authors: Jeung, C.; Song, J.B.; Kim, Y.; Suh, J.

Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of new 3α-Hydroxy-23,24-bisnorcholane polyamine carbamates
pp. 3065-3068(4)
Authors: Kim H.-S.; Kwon, K.; Kim, K.S.; Lee, C.H.

A novel class of highly potent, selective, and non-peptidic inhibitor of ras farnesyltransferase (FTase)
pp. 3069-3072(4)
Authors: Lee, H.; Lee, J.; Lee, S.; Shin, Y.; Jung, W.; Kim, J.; Park, K.; Kim, K.; Cho, H.S.; Ro, S.; Lee, S.; Jeong, S.; Choi, T.; Chung, H.; Koh, J.S.

Combretoxazolones: synthesis, cytotoxicity and antitumor activity
pp. 3073-3076(4)
Authors: Nam, N.; Kim, Y.; You, Y.; Hong, D.; Kim, H.; Ahn B.-Z.

Dual neurokinin NK1/NK2 antagonists: N-[(R,R)-(E)-1-arylmethyl-3-(2-oxo-azepan-3-yl)carbamoyl]allyl-N-methyl-3,5- bis(trifluoromethyl)benzamides and 3-[N'-3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)benzoyl-N-arylmethyl-N'-methylhydrazino]-N-[(R )-2-oxo-azepan-3-yl]propionamides
pp. 3081-3084(4)
Authors: Gerspacher, M.; La Vecchia, L.; Mah, R.; von Sprecher, A.; Anderson, G.P.; Subramanian, N.; Hauser, K.; Bammerlin, H.; Kimmel, S.; Pawelzik, V.; Ryffel, K.; Ball, H.A.

Identification of a novel family of nucleosides that specifically inhibit HIV-1 reverse transcriptase
pp. 3085-3088(4)
Authors: Chamorro, C.; Lobaton, E.; Bonache, M.; de Clercq, E.; Balzarini, J.; Velazquez, S.; San-Felix, A.; Camarasa M.-J.

Corrigendum to ''Glutamyl--boronate Inhibitors of Bacterial Glu-tRNAGln Amidotransferase'' [Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 11 (2001) 2561]
pp. 3089-3089(1)
Authors: Decicco, C.P.; Nelson, D.J.; Luo, Y.; Shen, L.; Horiuchi, K.Y.; Amsler, K.M.; Foster, L.A.; Spitz, S.M.; Merrill, J.J.; Sizemore, C.F.; Rogers, K.C.; Copeland, R.A.; Harpel, M.R.

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