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Volume 17, Number 2, July 2003

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pp. v-viii(4)

pp. 181-181(1)
Author: Anagnostopoulos, A.N.

On the physical basis of pattern formation in nonlinear systems
pp. 183-188(6)
Authors: Sanduloviciu, M.; Lozneanu, E.; Popescu, S.

Pattern of diffusion-limited aggregation on nonuniform substrate
pp. 189-193(5)
Authors: Ouyang, W.; Tan, Z.; Zou, X.; Jin, Z.

Self-organized complex space charge configurations at the origin of flicker noise
pp. 203-207(5)
Authors: Popescu, S.; Lozneanu, E.; Sanduloviciu, M.

Period doubling patterns of interval maps
pp. 209-217(9)
Author: Valaristos, A.

New technology for the control of narrow-gap semiconductors
pp. 219-223(5)
Authors: Antoniou, I.; Bozhevolnov, V.; Melnikov, Y.; Yafyasov, A.

The electrophysical properties of the surface layer of the (TlBiSe2)1-x-(TlBiS2)x mixed crystals
pp. 225-229(5)
Authors: Anagnostopoulos, A.; Bogevolnov, V.; Ivankiv, I.; Shevchenko, O.; Perepelkin, A.; Yafyasov, A.

Physical processes in thin-film electroluminescent structures based on ZnS:Mn showing self-organized patterns
pp. 231-236(6)
Authors: Zuccaro, S.; Raker, T.; Niedernostheide, F.; Kuhn, T.; Purwins, H.

Statistical mechanical theory of transport and relaxation processes in interacting lattice systems
pp. 237-242(6)
Authors: Vikhrenko, V.S.; Bokun, G.S.; Groda, Y.G.

Plasma experiments with relevance for the nonlinear behavior of semiconductors
pp. 243-248(6)
Authors: Lozneanu, E.; Popescu, S.; Sanduloviciu, M.

Intermittency in low frequency current oscillations in semi-insulating GaAs
pp. 249-253(5)
Authors: Samuilov, V.; Veselova, T.; Cenys, A.; Kyritsi, K.G.; Anagnostopoulos, A.N.; Bleris, G.L.

Realization of a neural algorithm by means of front-propagation in a thyristor-based hybrid system
pp. 255-262(8)
Authors: Niedernostheide F.-J.; Schulze, H.; Freyd, O.; Bode, M.; Gorbatyuk, A.V.

Non-locality and quantum nanostructures
pp. 277-281(5)
Authors: Antoniou, I.; Karpov, E.; Pronko, G.

Wave dynamics in two-dimensional samples of n-GaAs with point contacts
pp. 283-288(6)
Authors: Escobedo, R.; Bonilla, L.L.

High-frequency oscillations in an α-Si/Si(p)/Si(n) device
pp. 289-295(7)
Authors: Dorosinets, V.A.; Samuilov, V.A.; Roskos, H.; Kyritsi, K.; Anagnostopoulos, A.N.; Bleris, G.L.

Internet traffic dynamics: local area network study
pp. 305-309(5)
Authors: Akritas, P.; Akishin, P.G.; Antoniou, I.; Bonushkina, A.Y.; Drossinos, I.; Ivanov, V.V.; Kalinovsky, Y.L.; Korenkov, V.V.; Zrelov, P.V.

Decoherence and Zeno time in quantum computations
pp. 311-315(5)
Authors: Antoniou, I.; Karpov, E.; Pronko, G.; Yarevsky, E.

Synchronization of two resistively coupled nonautonomous and hyperchaotic oscillators
pp. 317-325(9)
Authors: Kyprianidis, I.M.; Stouboulos, I.N.

Chaotic synchronization of three coupled oscillators with ring connection
pp. 327-336(10)
Authors: Kyprianidis, I.M.; Stouboulos, I.N.

Time operators, innovations and approximations
pp. 337-342(6)
Authors: Suchanecki, Z.; Antoniou, I.

Very high and ultrahigh frequency hyperchaotic oscillators with delay line
pp. 343-347(5)
Authors: Mykolaitis, G.; Tamasevicius, A.; Cenys, A.; Bumeliene, S.; Anagnostopoulos, A.N.; Kalkan, N.

Hyperchaos in coupled Colpitts oscillators
pp. 349-353(5)
Authors: Cenys, A.; Tamasevicius, A.; Baziliauskas, A.; Krivickas, R.; Lindberg, E.

Experimental pulse synchronisation of two chaotic circuits
pp. 355-361(7)
Authors: Fortuna, L.; Frasca, M.; Rizzo, A.

Synchronization of chaos in two microchip lasers by using incoherent feedback method
pp. 363-368(6)
Authors: Uchida, A.; Kinugawa, S.; Yoshimori, S.

Dynamics of chaotic oscillations in mutually coupled microchip lasers
pp. 369-377(9)
Authors: Uchida, A.; Takahashi, T.; Kinugawa, S.; Yoshimori, S.

Decoding chaotic cryptography without access to the superkey
pp. 379-386(8)
Authors: Vaidya, P.G.; Angadi, S.

Homoclinic dynamics of the vibronic laser
pp. 387-396(10)
Authors: Gadomski, W.; Ratajska-Gadomska, B.; Meucci, R.

Dynamical modelling of measured time series from a Q-switched CO2 laser
pp. 397-404(8)
Authors: Horbelt, W.; Timmer, J.; Bunner, M.J.; Meucci, R.; Ciofini, M.

Laser signals' nonlinear change in fatty acids
pp. 405-409(5)
Authors: Ghelmez Dumitru, M.; Toma, C.; Piscureanu, M.; Sterian, A.

Nonlinear dynamics in a laser field: spontaneous oscillation of mesoscopic soft matter
pp. 419-423(5)
Authors: Nomura S.-I.M.; Mayama, H.; Yoshikawa, K.

Monitoring and speeding up chaotic synchronization
pp. 433-439(7)
Author: Vaidya, P.G.

Resonances and time operator for the cusp map
pp. 445-448(4)
Authors: Antoniou, I.; Shkarin, S.A.

No evidence of chaos but some evidence of dependence in the US stock market
pp. 449-454(6)
Authors: Serletis, A.; Shintani, M.

Information operations with multiple pulses on an excitable field
pp. 455-461(7)
Authors: Motoike, I.N.; Yoshikawa, K.

Lyapunov exponents for complex systems with delayed feedback
pp. 473-484(12)
Author: Dailyudenko, V.F.

Chaos in elliptical galaxy models
pp. 485-491(7)
Authors: Karanis, G.I.; Caranicolas, N.D.

Non-linear dynamics of the passivity breakdown of iron in acidic solutions
pp. 505-522(18)
Authors: Sazou, D.; Pagitsas, M.

An improved neural network based targeting method for chaotic dynamics
pp. 523-529(7)
Authors: Iplikci, S.; Denizhan, Y.

Chaotic signal processing: information aspects
pp. 531-544(14)
Authors: Andreyev, Y.V.; Dmitriev, A.S.; Efremova, E.V.; Anagnostopoulos, A.N.

Game theory and non-linear dynamics: the Parrondo Paradox case study
pp. 545-555(11)
Authors: Arena, P.; Fazzino, S.; Fortuna, L.; Maniscalco, P.

Small-world networks of fuzzy chaotic oscillators
pp. 557-565(9)
Authors: Bucolo, M.; Fazzino, S.; La Rosa, M.; Fortuna, L.

Markov chaotic sequences for correlation based watermarking schemes
pp. 567-573(7)
Authors: Tefas, A.; Nikolaidis, A.; Nikolaidis, N.; Solachidis, V.; Tsekeridou, S.; Pitas, I.

Signals of chaotic behavior in PMMA
pp. 575-583(9)
Authors: Hacinliyan, A.; Skarlatos, Y.; Sahin, G.; Akin, G.

Relativistic description of regular and chaotic dynamics in the giant monopole resonances
pp. 585-590(6)
Authors: Lalazissis, G.A.; Vretenar, D.; Paar, N.; Ring, P.

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