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Volume 22, Number 14, 2002

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pp. CO2-CO2(1)

pp. vii
Author: Ramirez de Arellano Lopez, P.A.

Cooperative grain-boundary sliding in polycrystalline ceramics
pp. 2437-2442(6)
Authors: Muto, H.; Takahashi, Y.; Futami, T.; Sakai, M.

The creep mechanism of ceramic matrix composites at low temperature and stress, by a material science approach
pp. 2443-2460(18)
Authors: Chermant, J.L.; Boitier, G.; Darzens, S.; Farizy, G.; Vicens, J.; Sangleboeuf, J.C.

Mechanical spectroscopy of creep appearance in fine-grained yttria-stabilized zirconia
pp. 2461-2467(7)
Authors: Schaller, R.; Daraktchiev, M.

Diffusion creep in oxide ceramics
pp. 2469-2478(10)
Author: Chokshi, A.H.

Non-cavitation tensile creep in Lu-doped silicon nitride
pp. 2479-2487(9)
Authors: Lofaj, F.; Wiederhorn, S.M.; Long, G.G.; Hockey, B.J.; Jemian, P.R.; Browder, L.; Andreason, J.; Taffner, U.

High performance porous silicon nitrides
pp. 2489-2494(6)
Authors: Inagaki, Y.; Kondo, N.; Ohji, T.

Creep behaviour of two sintered silicon nitride ceramics
pp. 2495-2499(5)
Authors: Melendez-Martnez, J.J.; Jimenez-Melendo, M.; Domnguez-Rodrguez, A.; Wotting, G.

Mechanical spectroscopy connected to creep and stress relaxation in a high resistant silicon nitride
pp. 2511-2516(6)
Authors: Testu, S.; Schaller, R.; Besson, J.L.; Rouxel, T.; Bernard-Granger, G.

Thermal stability of in situ formed Si3N4-Si2N2O-TiN composites
pp. 2527-2535(9)
Authors: Duan, R.; Roebben, G.; Vleugels, J.; van der Biest, O.

Ceramic layers formed on metals by reactive plasma processing
pp. 2537-2541(5)
Authors: Nunogaki, M.; Inoue, M.; Yamamoto, T.

Characterisation and high temperature mechanical properties of zirconium boride-based materials
pp. 2543-2549(7)
Authors: Melendez-Martnez, J.J.; Domnguez-Rodrguez, A.; Monteverde, F.; Melandri, C.; de Portu, G.

Nonoxide-boron nitride composites: in situ synthesis, microstructure and properties
pp. 2551-2554(4)
Authors: Zhang G.-J.; Yang, J.; Ando, M.; Ohji, T.

High-temperature deformation of a BaCe0.8Y0.2O3-y+Ni composite
pp. 2555-2560(6)
Authors: de Arellano-Lopez, A.R.; Goretta, K.C.; Park, E.T.; Dorris, S.E.; Balchandran, U.; Routbort, J.L.

The reaction rate at Si3N4/steel interfaces as a function of sintering aids
pp. 2561-2570(10)
Authors: Oliveira, F.J.; Silva, R.F.; Vieira, J.M.

Processing and mechanical properties of materials in the Hf-N system
pp. 2571-2576(6)
Authors: Wuchina, E.; Opeka, M.; Gutierrez-Mora, F.; Koritala, R.E.; Goretta, K.C.; Routbort, J.L.

Nano-structured metal-containing polymer precursors for high temperature non-oxide ceramics and ceramic fibers-syntheses, pyrolyses and properties
pp. 2577-2585(9)
Authors: Tsirlin, A.M.; Shcherbakova, G.I.; Florina, E.K.; Popova, N.A.; Gubin, S.P.; Moroz, E.M.; Riedel, R.; Kroke, E.; Steen, M.

Microstructure of hot-pressed Ti(C,N)-based cermets
pp. 2587-2593(7)
Authors: Monteverde, F.; Medri, V.; Bellosi, A.

Microstructure of Y2O3 doped Al2O3-ZrO2 eutectics grown by the laser floating zone method
pp. 2595-2602(8)
Authors: Pena, J.I.; Merino, R.I.; Harlan, N.R.; Larrea, A.; de la Fuente, G.F.; Orera, V.M.

Mechanical behaviour of yttria tetragonal zirconia polycrystalline nanoceramics: dependence on the glassy phase content
pp. 2603-2607(5)
Authors: Lorenzo-Martn, C.; Flores-Vazquez, J.A.; Gomez-Garca, D.; Munoz-Bernabe, A.; Domnguez-Rodrguez, A.; XueMing, D.; Gomez-Herrero, J.

High temperature plastic anisotropy of Y2O3 partiallystabilized ZrO2 single crystals
pp. 2609-2613(5)
Authors: Munoz, A.; Gomez Garca, D.; Domnguez-Rodrguez, A.; Wakai, F.

Plasticity of nanocrystalline yttria-stabilized tetragonalzirconia polycrystals
pp. 2615-2620(6)
Authors: Gutierrez-Mora, F.; Domnguez-Rodrguez, A.; Jimenez-Melendo, M.

Consolidation of Al2O3-Y3Al5O12 (YAG) eutectic powder prepared from induction-melted solid and strength at high temperature
pp. 2621-2625(5)
Authors: Isobe, T.; Omori, M.; Uchida, S.; Sato, T.; Hirai, T.

Mechanical properties of zirconia-based ceramics asfunctions of temperature
pp. 2633-2639(7)
Authors: Andrews, M.J.; Ferber, M.K.; Lara-Curzio, E.

High temperature stress relaxation in Ti- and Cu-doped reaction bonded Al2O3
pp. 2641-2645(5)
Authors: Morales-Rodrguez, A.; Bravo-Leon, A.; Jimenez-Melendo, M.; Domnguez-Rodrguez, A.

Creep behavior of nanocrystalline monoclinic ZrO2
pp. 2657-2662(6)
Authors: Roddy, M.J.; Cannon, W.R.; Skandan, G.; Hahn, H.

Biomorphic SiC-ceramic prepared by Si-vapor phaseinfiltration of wood
pp. 2663-2668(6)
Authors: Vogli, E.; Sieber, H.; Greil, P.

Fracture properties of SiC ceramics with oxynitride additives
pp. 2669-2675(7)
Authors: Rixecker, G.; Biswas, K.; Rosinus, A.; Sharma, S.; Wiedmann, I.; Aldinger, F.

X-ray line-broadening study of a liquid-phase-sintered silicon carbide
pp. 2677-2687(11)
Authors: Ortiz, A.L.; Sanchez-Bajo, F.; Hernandez-Jimenez, A.; Guiberteau, F.; Cumbrera, F.L.

Effect of microstructure on the fracture behavior of biomorphous silicon carbide ceramics
pp. 2697-2707(11)
Authors: Greil, P.; Vogli, E.; Fey, T.; Bezold, A.; Popovska, N.; Gerhard, H.; Sieber, H.

Low density biomorphic silicon carbide: microstructure and mechanical properties
pp. 2719-2725(7)
Authors: Varela-Feria, F.M.; Martnez-Fernandez, J.; de Arellano-Lopez, A.R.; Singh, M.

High temperature compressive mechanical behavior of joined biomorphic silicon carbide ceramics
pp. 2727-2733(7)
Authors: Munoz, A.; Martnez Fernandez, J.; Singh, M.

Evaluation of ultra-high temperature ceramics foraeropropulsion use
pp. 2757-2767(11)
Authors: Levine, S.R.; Opila, E.J.; Halbig, M.C.; Kiser, J.D.; Singh, M.; Salem, J.A.

Evaluation of CFCC liners with EBC after field testing in a gas turbine
pp. 2769-2775(7)
Authors: Kimmel, J.; Miriyala, N.; Price, J.; More, K.; Tortorelli, P.; Eaton, H.; Linsey, G.; Sun, E.

Intermediate temperature strength degradationin SiC/SiC composites
pp. 2777-2787(11)
Authors: Morscher, G.N.; Cawley, J.D.

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