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Volume 304, Number 1, September 2001

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Magnetic and transport properties of a Tb7Rh3 single crystal
pp. 1-5(5)
Authors: Nakamori, Y.; Tsutaoka, T.; Tokunaga, T.; Itoh, Y.; Fujii, H.

Pressure-induced insulator-to-metal transition and superconductivity in iodanil, C6I4O2
pp. 6-11(6)
Authors: Shirotani, I.; Hayashi, J.; Yakushi, K.; Takeda, K.; Yokota, T.; Shimizu, K.; Amaya, K.; Nakayama, A.; Aoki, K.

Origin of yellow luminescence in n-GaN induced by high-energy 7MeV electron irradiation
pp. 12-17(6)
Authors: Hayashi, Y.; Soga, T.; Umeno, M.; Jimbo, T.

Scalings and phase diagram in the vicinity of the first-order metal-insulator transition in Y1-xCaxTiO3
pp. 27-37(11)
Authors: Naka, T.; Matsumoto, T.; Matsushita, A.; Iga, F.; Nishihara, Y.

Crystallisation of a bent-core liquid crystal mesogen
pp. 51-59(9)
Author: Dierking, I.

Theoretical study of carrier transport in two-band semiconductor superlattices
pp. 60-66(7)
Authors: Kleinert, P.; Bryksin, V.V.

Structural, electronic, and magnetic properties of thin V/Cu film
pp. 67-74(8)
Authors: Kang B.-S.; Oh, S.; Chung, J.; Sohn, K.

Variable range hopping conduction in Gd1/3Sr2/3FeO3
pp. 75-78(4)
Author: Jung W.-H.

The structure relaxation of carbon nanotube
pp. 86-90(5)
Authors: Zhou, X.; Chen, H.; Zhou, J.; Zhong-can, O.

Deep defect levels and exciton dissociation in conjugated polymers
pp. 119-136(18)
Authors: Meng, H-F.; Hong, T-M.

Defects in the reduced rutile single crystal
pp. 147-151(5)
Authors: Lu T.-C.; Wu, S.; Lin, L.; Zheng, W.

Fermi energy and Fermi surface distortion of the Cs-K, Cs-Rb and Rb-K binary systems
pp. 152-158(7)
Authors: Patel, M.H.; Vora, A.M.; Gajjar, P.N.; Jani, A.R.

Raman scattering in alkali doped fullerides
pp. 159-165(7)
Authors: Mitra, M.; Ghosh, H.; Behera, S.N.

Thickness dependent optical properties of CdI2 films
pp. 166-174(9)
Authors: Tyagi, P.; Vedeshwar, A.G.; Mehra, N.C.

Investigations on nitrogen ion implantation effects in vacuum evaporated CdS thin films using Raman scattering and X-ray diffraction studies
pp. 175-180(6)
Authors: Senthil, K.; Mangalaraj, D.; Narayandass, S.K.; Kesavamoorthy, R.; Reddy, G.L.N.; Sundaravel, B.

Alloying behaviour in Cu-Pd nanostructures
pp. 181-185(5)
Authors: Menon, M.; Khanra, B.C.

Optical properties of TiNi, TiCo and TiFe thin films
pp. 186-192(7)
Authors: Kulkova, S.E.; Valujsky, D.V.; Kim, J.S.; Lee, G.; Koo, Y.M.

Structural and electronic properties of bulk BeS
pp. 214-220(7)
Authors: Benosman, N.; Amrane1, N.; Mecabih, S.; Aourag, H.

Pressure-induced phase transitions in bulk Zn1-xMnxSe
pp. 221-227(7)
Authors: Lin C.-M.; Chuu, D.

Strong-fragile glass forming liquid concept applied to GeTe chalcogenide glasses
pp. 228-236(9)
Authors: Chebli, K.; Saiter, J.M.; Grenet, J.; Hamou, A.; Saffarini, G.

The cubic type Ni3+centres in LaSrAl1-xNixO4+
pp. 246-255(10)
Authors: Ivanova, T.A.; Jacyna-Onyszkiewicz, I.; Mrozinski, J.; Troc, R.; Yablokov, Y.V.; Zelentsov, V.V.

Characterization of the scale on oxidized Fe-Ni-Cr alloys using grazing emission X-ray fluorescence
pp. 256-266(11)
Authors: Koshelev, I.; Paulikas, A.P.; Beno, M.; Jennings, G.; Linton, J.; Uran, S.; Veal, B.W.

Spin reorientations in La2-xTbxCo14B compounds
pp. 283-288(6)
Authors: Gu, Z.F.; Liu, Z.Y.; Zeng, D.C.; Liang, S.Z.; Klaasse, J.C.P.; Bruck, E.; de Boer, F.R.; Buschow, K.H.J.

Magnetic properties of Tb2Co17-xSix compounds
pp. 289-297(9)
Authors: Gu, Z.F.; Zeng, D.C.; Liu, Z.Y.; Liang, S.Z.; Klaasse, J.C.P.; Bruck, E.; de Boer, F.R.; Buschow, K.H.J.

Application of the modified electrostatic model to the impurity diffusion in cobalt
pp. 298-303(6)
Authors: Neumann, G.; Tolle, V.; Tuijn, C.

The effect of high energy ball milling on the crystal structure of GDNi5
pp. 304-308(5)
Authors: Stubicar, M.; Blazina, Z.; Tonejc, A.; Stubicar, N.; Krumes, D.

An approximation of phosphorescence decay kinetics of ideal phosphors by a general order kinetics model
pp. 309-318(10)
Authors: Vejnovic, Z.; Pavlovic, M.B.; Davidovic, M.

On the role of atomic thermal vibrations in binary-alloy thermodynamics
pp. 319-332(14)
Authors: Gurskii, Z.; Krawczyk, J.

Some nonlinear properties of ferroelectric smart materials
pp. 339-347(9)
Authors: Dorfman, S.; Fuks, D.; Gordon, A.; Kotomin, E.; Wyder, P.

Structural and chemical modifications in Cu-supported C60 thin films exposed to an atmosphere of air or iodine
pp. 348-356(9)
Authors: Katz, E.A.; Faiman, D.; Shtutina, S.; Froumin, N.; Polak, M.; Isakina, A.P.; Yagotintsev, K.A.; Strzhemechny, M.A.; Strzhemechny1, Y.M.; Zaitsev, V.V.; Schwarz, S.A.

On the analysis of deep inelastic neutron scattering experiments for light nuclei
pp. 357-367(11)
Authors: Blostein, J.J.; Dawidowski, J.; Granada, J.R.

Atomic scale simulation of extended defects formation under high energy electron irradiation: space distribution
pp. 368-376(9)
Authors: Amghar, A.; Djafari-Rouhani, M.; Idrissi-Saba, H.; Gue, A.M.; Esteve, D.

Negative magnetoresistance in metallic n-type InP
pp. 377-381(5)
Authors: El kaaouachi, A.; Moudden, A.; Nafidi, A.; Biskupski, G.

Exchange integrals and magnetic short range order in the system CdCr2S4(1-x)Se4x
pp. 382-388(7)
Authors: Hamedoun, M.; Cherriet, Y.; Hourmatallah, A.; Benzakour, N.

Binding energy of shallow impurities in a polar quantum well wire
pp. 389-397(9)
Authors: Bouhassoune, M.; Charrour, R.; Fliyou, M.; Bria, D.; Nougaoui, A.

EPR of the CuBr4(NH3)22- paramagnetic centre in ammonium bromide
pp. 398-403(6)
Authors: Di Mauro, E.; Domiciano, S.M.

A simple model for anisotropic Kondo insulators
pp. 404-409(6)
Author: de Oliveira, N.A.

The effect of carrier diffusion and recombination in semiconductors on the photoacoustic signal
pp. 410-422(13)
Authors: Volovichev1, I.N.; Villegas-Lelovsky, L.; Gonzalez de la Cruz, G.; Gurevich, Y.G.

Vibration spectra of water molecules in the paraelectric phase of K4[Fe(CN)6].3H2O
pp. 423-436(14)
Authors: Gaffar1, M.A.; Abd-Elrahman, M.I.

Optical studies of K2ZnCl4 single crystals doped with Cs+ in the ferroelectric phase
pp. 437-443(7)
Authors: El-Korashy, A.; El-Fadl, A.A.; El-Zahed, H.

Studies on the binary system Li2CO3-BaCO3
pp. 463-476(14)
Authors: Pasierb, P.; Gajerski, R.; Rokita, M.; Rekas, M.

Magnetic phase diagram of UNi2Si2 under pressure
pp. 477-482(6)
Authors: Syshchenko, O.; Khmelevski, S.; Divis, M.; Sechovsky, V.; Honda, F.; Oomi, G.; Andreev, A.V.; Kamarad, J.; Sebek, J.; Menovsky, A.A.

A study of fully coordinated precursors in silicon using the Ackland potential
pp. 483-488(6)
Authors: de Souza, M.M.; Chichkine, M.P.; Sankara Narayanan, E.M.

Subject Index
pp. 493-494(2)

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