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Volume 218, Number 1, 1 February 1996

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Transverse electron focusing
pp. 1-6(6)
Author: Tsoi, V.S.

Relaxation of highly nonequilibrium electrons in bismuth point contacts
pp. 7-9(3)
Authors: Andrievskii, V.V.; Komnik, Y.F.; Rozhok, S.V.

The fine structure of the first electron focusing line in bismuth
pp. 10-13(4)
Authors: Andrievskii, V.V.; Komnik, Y.F.; Rozhok, S.V.

Drift electron focusing
pp. 14-17(4)
Authors: Tsoi, M.V.; Tsoi, V.S.

Electron focusing in layered conductors
pp. 18-21(4)
Authors: Kolesnichenko, Y.A.; Bedassa, T.

Transverse electron focusing, quantum electron kinetics, and the Hall effect in Bi
pp. 22-25(4)
Authors: Tsoi, V.S.; Jaeger, M.D.; Golding, B.; Tsoi, M.V.; Bass, J.

Current-voltage characteristics and magnetoresistance peculiarities in bismuth microbridges
pp. 35-38(4)
Authors: Arutyunov, K.Y.; Gitsu, D.V.; Kondrya, E.P.; Nikolaeva, A.A.; Rybalchenko, L.F.

Magnetoquantum oscillations in the resistance of metallic point contacts: Influence of nonequilibrium phonons
pp. 42-45(4)
Authors: Bobrov, N.L.; Kokkedee, J.A.; Gribov, N.N.; Yanson, I.K.; Jansen, A.G.M.; Wyder, P.

Quasiparticle relaxation kinetics in Sb point-contacts
pp. 50-53(4)
Authors: Balkashin, O.P.; Kulik, I.I.

Mixing and rectification properties of MIM diodes
pp. 56-59(4)
Authors: Masalmeh, S.K.; Stadermann, H.K.E.; Korving, J.

Theory of two-level systems and their role in point contacts
pp. 60-63(4)
Authors: Zarand, G.; Zawadowski, A.

Size effect in the electrical resistance of a ballistic point contact with single impurities
pp. 73-76(4)
Authors: Kolesnichenko, Y.A.; Omelyanchouk, A.N.; Tuluzov, I.G.

Characterization of point-contacts showing size-effect in electron scattering by magnetic impurities
pp. 77-80(4)
Authors: Yanson, I.K.; Fisun, V.V.; Hesper, R.; Krans, J.M.; Mydosh, J.A.; van der Post, N.; van Ruitenbeek, J.M.

The effect of diffusive trajectories on conductance fluctuations in ballistic point contacts
pp. 81-84(4)
Authors: Caro, J.; Kozub, V.I.; Holweg, P.A.M.

Geometry dependence of the conductance fluctuations in metallic nanostructures
pp. 85-88(4)
Authors: Scheer, E.; Lohneysen, H.v.; Hein, H.

Wave-optical approach to conductance fluctuations in ballistic metallic point contacts
pp. 89-91(3)
Authors: Kozub, V.I.; Caro, J.; Holweg, P.A.M.

Conductance fluctuations in microstructures: Crossover between different transport regimes
pp. 92-96(5)
Authors: Grincwajg, A.; Edwards, G.; Ferry, D.K.

Formation of lithographic metallic hetero-contacts
pp. 97-100(4)
Authors: Gribov, N.N.; Caro, J.; Radelaar, S.

Properties of tungsten point contacts formed with chemical vapour deposition
pp. 101-104(4)
Authors: Gribov, N.N.; Caro, J.; Oosterlaken, T.G.M.; Radelaar, S.

Non-ohmic hopping conduction in nanofabricated Si point contacts
pp. 105-108(4)
Authors: Maes, J.W.H.; Heuvelman, W.; Kozub, V.I.; Caro, J.; Radelaar, S.

High electric field transport in bismuth nanoconstrictions
pp. 109-112(4)
Authors: van der Hilst, J.B.C.; van Hulst, J.A.; Gribov, N.N.; Caro, J.; Radelaar, S.

Magnetic field dependence of the Andreev reflection structure in the conductivity of S-N point contacts
pp. 122-125(4)
Authors: Naidyuk, Y.G.; Haussler, R.; Lohneysen, H.v.

Proximity high transmittance microjunctions in presence of a magnetic field
pp. 130-133(4)
Authors: Tafuri, F.; Di Chiara, A.; Fontana, F.; Lombardi, F.; Peluso, G.

Excess resistance effect in a normal metal contacting a superconductor
pp. 134-137(4)
Authors: Kadigrobov, A.; Shekhter, R.; Jonson, M.

Current-induced bound states in superconducting junctions of finite dimension
pp. 138-140(3)
Authors: Kuplevakhsky, S.V.; Fal'ko, I.I.

Quasiparticles on a normal sphere in a superconducting continuum
pp. 141-144(4)
Authors: Gunsenheimer, U.; Hahn, A.

The current-phase relation of a mechanically controllable breakjunction
pp. 145-147(3)
Authors: Koops, M.C.; Feenstra, L.; Vleeming, B.J.; Omelyanchouk, A.N.; de Bruyn Ouboter, R.

Probing the energy gap of heavy-fermion superconductors
pp. 148-156(9)
Author: Lohneysen, H.v.

Anisotropy of the gapped Fermi surface of URu2Si2 in the antiferromagnetic state studied by point contact spectroscopy
pp. 157-160(4)
Authors: Naidyuk, Y.G.; Kvitnitskaya, O.E.; Nowack, A.; Yanson, I.K.; Menovsky, A.A.

Andreev reflection in point contacts between the heavy-fermion superconductor UPt3 and ordinary superconductors
pp. 161-164(4)
Authors: Naidyuk, Y.G.; Lohneysen, H.v.; Goll, G.; Paschke, C.; Yanson, I.K.; Menovsky, A.A.

Quasi-particle lifetime broadening in normal-superconductor junctions with UPt3
pp. 165-168(4)
Authors: de Wilde, Y.; Klapwijk, T.M.; Jansen, A.G.M.; Heil, J.; Wyder, P.

Resistance scaling of point contacts between heavy-fermion superconductors and tungsten
pp. 169-172(4)
Authors: Gloos, K.; Geibel, C.; Muller-Reisener, R.; Schank, C.

Magnetic transition in the heavy fermion compound URu2-xRexSi2
pp. 173-176(4)
Authors: Steiner, P.; degiorgi, L.; Maple, M.B.; Wachter, P.

Point-contact spectroscopy of the heavy-fermion antiferromagnet CeCu5Au
pp. 177-180(4)
Authors: Paschke, C.; Naidyuk, Y.G.; Stockert, O.; Lohneysen, H.v.

Gap formation in Kondo insulator FeSi: Point contact spectroscopy
pp. 185-188(4)
Authors: Samuely, P.; Szabo, P.; Mihalik, M.; Hudakova, N.; Menovsky, A.A.

Andreev-reflection study of superconducting RNi2B2C compounds
pp. 189-192(4)
Authors: Rybaltchenko, L.F.; Yanson, I.K.; Jansen, A.G.M.; Mandal, P.; Wyder, P.; Tomy, C.V.; Paul, D.M.

Point contact spectroscopy on the ferromagnetic superconductor HoMo6S8
pp. 193-196(4)
Authors: Morales, F.; Escudero, R.; Briggs, A.; Monceau, P.; Horyn, R.; Le Berre, F.; Pena, O.

Point contacts with the amorphous superconductor (Mo0.55Ru0.45)0.8P0.2 in a magnetic field
pp. 197-199(3)
Authors: Haussler, R.; Goll, G.; Naidyuk, Y.G.; Lohneysen, H.v.

A point contact study on αT-(BEDT-TTF)2I3
pp. 200-201(2)
Authors: Hirth, S.; Ernst, G.; Freimuth, A.; Nowack, A.

Anomalous temperature dependence of the Andreev peak for Ag/Nd1.85Ce0.15CuO4- point contacts
pp. 202-204(3)
Authors: Reinertson, R.C.; Smith, C.W.; Dolan, P.J.

Multiple Andreev reflection in YBCO break-junctions
pp. 205-208(4)
Authors: Zimmermann, U.; Abens, S.; Dikin, D.; Keck, K.; Wolf, T.

Modification of YBa2Cu3O7 - -Au point contact interface properties by applied electric voltage
pp. 209-212(4)
Authors: Plecenik, A.; Grajcar, M.; Seidel, P.; Nebel, R.; Schmauder, T.; Benacka, S.; Darula, M.

Tunneling spectroscopy of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 single crystals
pp. 213-216(4)
Authors: Vedeneev, S.I.; Jansen, A.G.M.; Wyder, P.

Superconducting energy gap in Bi-cuprates
pp. 217-219(3)
Authors: Hudakova, N.; Samuely, P.; Szabo, P.; Knizek, K.; Plechacek, V.; Sedmidubsky, D.

Point-contact study of (Hg0.7Cr0.3)Sr2CuO4
pp. 220-223(4)
Authors: Rybaltchenko, L.F.; Yanson, I.K.; Jansen, A.G.M.; Wyder, P.; Mandal, P.; Mandal, J.B.

Superconducting parameters of YBCO and BSCCO from 'tunneling' spectroscopy
pp. 224-227(4)
Authors: Seidel, P.; Grajcar, M.; Plecenik, A.; Hlubina, R.

Atomic structure and quantized conductance in metal point contacts
pp. 228-233(6)
Authors: Krans, J.M.; van Ruitenbeek, J.M.; de Jongh, L.J.

Conductance steps in point contacts: Quantization or cross-section jumps?
pp. 234-237(4)
Authors: Torres, J.A.; Saenz, J.J.

STM study of the atomic contact between metallic electrodes
pp. 238-241(4)
Authors: Sirvent, C.; Rodrigo, J.G.; Agrait, N.; Vieira, S.

Ballistic Landauer-type thermal conductivity of a dielectric point contact
pp. 242-244(3)
Authors: Shkorbatov, A.G.; Feher, A.; Stefanyi, P.

Electron-phonon quenching in germanium microcontacts
pp. 248-251(4)
Authors: Le Hang, N.; Riegel, H.; Asen-Palmer, M.; Gmelin, E.

Studies of electron energy levels in single metal particles
pp. 258-261(4)
Authors: Ralph, D.C.; Black, C.T.; Tinkham, M.

Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy study of nanometer-sized metal clusters
pp. 262-264(3)
Authors: Dubois, J.G.A.; Gerritsen, J.W.; Schmid, G.; van Kempen, H.

STM study of independent mesoscopic superconducting particles
pp. 265-268(4)
Authors: Poza, M.; Rodrigo, J.G.; Vieira, S.

Scaling of the Coulomb blockade
pp. 269-271(3)
Authors: Molenkamp, L.W.; Flensberg, K.

Self-aligned in-line tunnel junctions for single-charge electronics
pp. 272-275(4)
Authors: Gotz, M.; Bluthner, K.; Krech, W.; Nowack, A.; Fuchs, H.; Kley, E.; Thieme, P.; Wagner, T.; Eska, G.; Hecker, K.; Hegger, H.

Tunneling and microcontacts on PbTe dots created by STM
pp. 276-279(4)
Authors: Davydov, D.N.; Lyanda-Geller, Y.B.; Rykov, S.A.; Jansen, A.G.M.; deltour, R.; Wyder, P.

Image forces in tunnel and point-contact spectroscopy
pp. 280-282(3)
Authors: Gabovich, A.M.; Rozenbaum, V.M.; Voitenko, A.I.

Electrode geometry influencing the tunnel resistance in a mechanically controllable break junction
pp. 283-286(4)
Authors: Keijsers, R.J.P.; Voets, J.; Shklyarevskii, O.I.; van Kempen, H.

The influence of adsorbed helium on tunneling in mechanically controllable break junctions
pp. 287-289(3)
Authors: Shklyarevskii, O.I.; Keijsers, R.J.P.; Voets, J.; van Kempen, H.

Large corrugations and strong adhesion forces observed with a mechanically controllable break junction
pp. 290-293(4)
Authors: Voets, J.; Keijsers, R.J.P.; Shklyarevskii, O.I.; van Kempen, H.

Detection of picosecond electrical transients in a scanning tunneling microscope
pp. 294-296(3)
Authors: Groeneveld, R.H.M.; Rasing, T.; Kaufmann, L.M.F.; Smalbrugge, E.; Wolter, J.H.; Melloch, M.R.; van Kempen, H.

Depletion field focusing in semiconductors
pp. 297-299(3)
Authors: Prins, M.W.J.; van Gelder, A.P.

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