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Volume 28, Number 7, July 2002

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Issues in new foldable IOL designs
pp. 1083-1084(2)
Author: Koch, D.D.

Antichamber collapser
pp. 1085-1086(2)
Authors: Agarwal, A.; Agarwal, S.; Agarwal, A.; Lal, V.; Patel, N.

pp. 1086-1086(1)
Author: Tsuneoka, H.

No-anesthesia versus topical and topical plus intracameral anesthesia
pp. 1086-1087(2)
Author: Gutierrez-Carmona, F.J.

pp. 1087-1087(1)
Authors: Pandey, S.K.; Agarwal, A.

Reproducibility of the IOLmaster
pp. 1087-1088(2)
Author: Gobin, L.

pp. 1088-1088(1)
Authors: Vogel, A.; Dick, H.B.; Krummenauer, F.

Capsular tension ring insertion technique tips
pp. 1091-1092(2)
Author: Eleftheriadis, H.

Refractive surgical problem
pp. 1093-1094(2)
Author: Kohnen, T.

Consultation: reply #1
pp. 1094-1094(1)
Author: Mullie, M.

Consultation: reply #2
pp. 1094-1095(2)
Author: Neuhann, T.F.

Consultation: reply #3
pp. 1095-1095(1)
Author: Goes, F.

Consultation: reply #4
pp. 1095-1096(2)
Author: Chayet, A.S.

Consultation: reply #5
pp. 1096-1096(1)
Author: Taravella, M.J.

Effect of an acrylic intraocular lens with a sharp posterior optic edge on posterior capsule opacification1
pp. 1105-1111(7)
Authors: Buehl, W.; Findl, O.; Menapace, R.; Rainer, G.; Sacu, S.; Kiss, B.; Petternel, V.; Georgopoulos, M.

Three-year clinical comparison of 3-piece acrysof and SI-40 silicone intraocular lenses1
pp. 1124-1129(6)
Authors: Daynes, T.; Spencer, T.S.; Doan, K.; Mamalis, N.; Olson, R.J.

Comparison of AcrySof MA30BA and sensar AR40 acrylic intraocular lenses
pp. 1130-1134(5)
Authors: Casprini, F.; Tosi, G.M.; Quercioli, P.P.; Caporossi, A.

Performance of a truncated-edged silicone foldable intraocular lens in Indian eyes1
pp. 1135-1140(6)
Authors: Aasuri, M.K.; Shah, U.; Veenashree, M.P.; Deshpande, P.

Results of hydrophilic acrylic, hydrophobic acrylic, and silicone intraocular lenses in uveitic eyes with cataract - Comparison to a control group1
pp. 1141-1152(12)
Authors: Abela-Formanek, C.; Amon, M.; Schauersberger, J.; Kruger, A.; Nepp, J.; Schild, G.

Inflammation after implantation of hydrophilic acrylic, hydrophobic acrylic, or silicone intraocular lenses in eyes with cataract and uveitis - Comparison to a control group1
pp. 1153-1159(7)
Authors: Abela-Formanek, C.; Amon, M.; Schild, G.; Schauersberger, J.; Kolodjaschna, J.; Barisani-Asenbaum, T.; Kruger, A.

Uveal and capsular biocompatibility of 2 foldable acrylic intraocular lenses in patients with uveitis or pseudoexfoliation syndrome - Comparison to a control group1
pp. 1160-1172(13)
Authors: Abela-Formanek, C.; Amon, M.; Schauersberger, J.; Schild, G.; Kolodjaschna, J.; Barisani-Asenbauer, T.; Kruger, A.

Cell response to Acrysof intraocular lenses in an Indian population
pp. 1173-1181(9)
Authors: Vasavada, A.R.; Shastri, L.R.; Raj, S.M.; Ashutosh, S.

Bag-in-the-lens implantation of intraocular lenses
pp. 1182-1188(7)
Authors: Tassignon M.-J.B.R.; de Groot, V.; Vrensen, G.F.J.M.

Short-term blood-aqueous barrier breakdown after implantation of the 1CU accommodative posterior chamber intraocular lens
pp. 1189-1194(6)
Authors: Nguyen, N.X.; Langenbucher, A.; Huber, S.; Seitz, B.; Kuchle, M.; Erlangen

Characterization of visual phenomena with the Array multifocal intraocular lens
pp. 1195-1204(10)
Authors: Hunkeler, J.D.; Coffman, T.M.; Paugh, J.; Lang, A.; Smith, P.; Tarantino, N.

Array multifocal intraocular lens in a charity hospital training program - A resident's experience1
pp. 1205-1210(6)
Authors: Sedgewick, J.H.; Orillac, R.; Link, C.

Glistenings in foldable intraocular lenses1
pp. 1211-1216(6)
Authors: Tognetto, D.; Toto, L.; Sanguinetti, G.; Ravalico, G.

Rates and causes of intraoperative removal of foldable and rigid intraocular lenses - Clinicopathological analysis of 100 cases1
pp. 1223-1228(6)
Authors: Schmidbauer, J.M.; Peng, Q.; Apple, D.J.; Pandey, S.K.; Escobar-Gomez, M.; Auffarth, G.U.; Werner, L.; Vargas, L.G.

Loop memory of haptic materials in posterior chamber intraocular lenses1
pp. 1229-1235(7)
Authors: Izak, A.M.; Werner, L.; Apple, D.J.; Macky, T.A.; Trivedi, R.H.; Pandey, S.K.

Evaluation of 3 modern single-piece foldable intraocular lenses - Clinicopathological study of posterior capsule opacification in a rabbit model1
pp. 1241-1250(10)
Authors: Vargas, L.G.; Peng, Q.; Apple, D.J.; Escobar-Gomez, M.; Pandey, S.K.; Arthur, S.N.; Hoddinott, D.S.M.; Schmidbauer, J.M.

Effect of haptic angulation on posterior capsule opacification in modern foldable lenses with a square, truncated optic edge1
pp. 1251-1255(5)
Authors: Schmidbauer, J.M.; Escobar-Gomez, M.; Apple, D.J.; Peng, Q.; Arthur, S.N.; Vargas, L.G.

Failure of a discontinuous bend to prevent lens epithelial cell migration in vitro1
pp. 1256-1261(6)
Authors: Bhermi, G.S.; Spalton, D.J.; El-Osta, A.A.R.; Marshall, J.

In vitro comparison of glistening formation among hydrophobic acrylic intraocular lenses1
pp. 1262-1268(7)
Authors: Gregori, N.Z.; Spencer, T.S.; Mamalis, N.; Olson, R.J.

Opacification of a hydrophilic acrylic intraocular lens with exacerbation of Behcet's uveitis1
pp. 1276-1278(3)
Authors: Kim, C.Y.; Kang, S.J.; Lee, S.J.; Park, S.H.; Koh, H.J.

Permanent blue discoloration of a hydrogel intraocular lens by intraoperative trypan blue1,2
pp. 1279-1286(8)
Authors: Werner, L.; Apple, D.J.; Crema, A.S.; Izak, A.M.; Pandey, S.K.; Trivedi, R.H.; Ma, L.

Interlenticular opacification of piggyback acrylic intraocular lenses1
pp. 1287-1290(4)
Authors: Spencer, T.S.; Mamalis, N.; Lane, S.S.

Pseudophakic pupillary block caused by pupillary capture after phacoemulsification and in-the-bag AcrySof lens implantation1
pp. 1291-1292(2)
Authors: Khokhar, S.; Sethi, H.S.; Sony, P.; Sudan, R.; Soni, A.

Visual discomfort after acrylic intraocular lens implantation
pp. 1293-1295(3)
Authors: Alessio, G.; Cardascia, N.; Sborgia, C.

Spontaneous disinsertion of a haptic from a 3-piece acrylic foldable intraocular lens after surgery1
pp. 1296-1298(3)
Authors: Fujishima, K.; Yoshitomi, F.; Oshika, T.

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