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Volume 304, Number 1, 1 February 2002

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pp. xix-xxii(4)

pp. xv-xv(1)
Author: Mallamace, F.

Curriculum vitae
pp. xvii-xviii(2)

Dynamic scaling of QENS spectra of glassy water in aging cement paste
pp. 1-10(10)
Authors: Fratini, E.; Faraone, A.; Baglioni, P.; Bellissent-Funel, M.; Chen S.-H.

Models for a liquid-liquid phase transition
pp. 23-42(20)
Authors: Buldyrev, S.V.; Franzese, G.; Giovambattista, N.; Malescio, G.; Sadr-Lahijany, M.R.; Scala, A.; Skibinsky, A.; Stanley, H.E.

Jumping between water polymorphs
pp. 43-52(10)
Authors: Ricci, M.A.; Soper, A.K.

Supercooled confined water and the mode coupling scenario
pp. 53-58(6)
Authors: Gallo, P.; Ricci, M.A.; Rovere, M.

The puzzle of liquid water diffusive behaviour: recent IQENS results
pp. 59-64(6)
Authors: Crupi, V.; Majolino, D.; Migliardo, P.; Venuti, V.

Brownian walker in a confined geometry leading to a space-dependent diffusion coefficient
pp. 65-76(12)
Authors: Lancon, P.; Batrouni, G.; Lobry, L.; Ostrowsky, N.

Theory and simulations of mesoscopic morphological transitions
pp. 77-84(8)
Authors: Nonomura, M.; Ohta, T.

Critical dynamics at the sol-gel transition
pp. 93-102(10)
Authors: Del Gado, E.; de Arcangelis, L.; Coniglio, A.

The sol-gel transition probed by the dynamics of latex particles studied by QELS
pp. 103-110(8)
Authors: Fadda, G.C.; Lairez, D.; Pelta, J.

Percolative phenomena in branched reverse micelles
pp. 111-118(8)
Authors: Aliotta, F.; Fazio, B.

Chemical and physical hydrogels: two casesystems studied by quasi elastic light scattering
pp. 119-128(10)
Authors: Bordi, F.; Paradossi, G.; Rinaldi, C.; Ruzicka, B.

Morphology of solid polymer electrolytes: a TR WAXS investigation
pp. 129-134(6)
Authors: Triolo, A.; Lo Celso, F.; Di Giovanni, C.; Amenitsch, H.; Triolo, R.

Precursors of primary nucleation induced by flow in isotactic polypropylene
pp. 145-157(13)
Authors: Somani, R.H.; Yang, L.; Hsiao, B.S.

Nucleation effects in the aggregation of water-soluble porphyrin aqueous solutions
pp. 158-169(12)
Authors: Monsu Scolaro, L.; Castriciano, M.; Romeo, A.; Mazzaglia, A.; Mallamace, F.; Micali, N.

Ion-ion correlations in charged colloidal suspensions
pp. 170-176(7)
Author: Barbosa, M.C.

Collective phenomena in confined micellar systems of gangliosides
pp. 177-190(14)
Authors: Brocca, P.; Cantu, L.; Corti, M.; Favero, E.D.; Raudino, A.

SANS and SAXS study on aqueous mixtures of fullerene-based star ionomers and sodium dodecyl sulfate
pp. 191-201(11)
Authors: Jeng, U.; Lin T.-L.; Liu, W.; Tsao, C.; Canteenwala, T.; Chiang, L.Y.; Sung, L.P.; Han, C.C.

Polydisperse fluid mixtures of adhesive colloidal particles
pp. 202-210(9)
Authors: Gazzillo, D.; Giacometti, A.

Aggregation kinetics and structure of cryoimmunoglobulins clusters
pp. 211-219(9)
Authors: Spirito, M.D.; Chiappini, R.; Bassi, F.A.; Stasio, E.D.; Giardina, B.; Arcovito, G.

Scattering studies of large scale structures at the ultra small angle neutron scattering instrument S18
pp. 220-229(10)
Authors: Hainbuchner, M.; Baron, M.; Lo Celso, F.; Triolo, A.; Triolo, R.; Rauch, H.

Filled elastomers: polymer chain and filler characterization by a SANS-SAXS approach
pp. 230-234(5)
Authors: Botti, A.; Pyckhout-Hintzen, W.; Richter, D.; Straube, E.

Scaling properties in the internal structure of dendrimer systems
pp. 235-243(9)
Authors: Mallamace, F.; Canetta, E.; Lombardo, D.; Mazzaglia, A.; Romeo, A.; Scolaro, L.M.; Maino, G.

Confinement of neutral and charged polymer chains in nanoporous glass
pp. 244-248(5)
Authors: Lal, J.; Gilbert, E.P.; Auvray, L.

Incoherent quasi-elastic neutron scattering (IQENS) by ethylene glycol in confined space
pp. 249-252(4)
Authors: Crupi, V.; Majolino, D.; Migliardo, P.; Venuti, V.

Aggregation, gelation and phase separation of heat denatured globular proteins
pp. 253-265(13)
Authors: Durand, D.; Christophe Gimel, J.; Nicolai, T.

Neutron Compton scattering from aligned collagen fibres
pp. 266-270(5)
Authors: Middendorf, H.D.; Wanderlingh, U.N.; Hayward, R.L.; Albergamo, F.

Evidence for a rigid structure in lysozyme fractal aggregates
pp. 271-275(5)
Authors: Fadda, G.C.; Lairez, D.

IQENS dynamics in hydrated Crambin
pp. 276-282(7)
Authors: Wanderlingh, U.N.; Giordano, R.; Dianoux, A.J.; Wanderlingh, F.

Quasi elastic and inelastic neutron scattering study of vitamin C aqueous solutions
pp. 294-298(5)
Authors: Migliardo, F.; Branca, C.; Magazu, S.; Migliardo, P.; Coppolino, S.; Villari, A.; Micali, N.

Phase separation in multi-component mixtures: the four-component case
pp. 299-307(9)
Authors: Lo Celso, F.; Triolo, A.; Triolo, R.

Structural and dynamical characterization of melt PEO-salt mixtures
pp. 308-313(6)
Authors: Triolo, A.; Lo Celso, F.; Arrighi, V.; Strunz, P.; Lechner, R.E.; Mastragostino, M.; Passerini, S.; Annis, B.K.; Triolo, R.

Destructuring effect of trehalose on the tetrahedral network of water: a Raman and neutron diffraction comparison
pp. 314-318(5)
Authors: Branca, C.; Magazu, S.; Migliardo, F.; Migliardo, P.

List of contributors
pp. 319-319(1)

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