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Volume 464, Number 3, 14 October 1999

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Thomas-Ehrman shifts in nuclei around 16O and role of residual nuclear interaction
pp. 157-163(7)
Authors: Ogawa, K.; Nakada, H.; Hino, S.; Motegi, R.

The self consistent RPA in a many level pairing model
pp. 164-168(5)
Authors: Dukelsky, J.; Schuck, P.

A renormalisation-group treatment of two-body scattering
pp. 169-176(8)
Authors: Birse, M.C.; McGovern, J.A.; Richardson, K.G.

Effects of neutron spatial distributions on atomic parity nonconservation in cesium
pp. 177-182(6)
Authors: Pollock, S.J.; Welliver, M.C.

On two-color QCD with baryon chemical potential
pp. 183-191(9)
Authors: Kogut, J.B.; Stephanov, M.A.; Toublan, D.

Assisted chaotic inflation in higher dimensional theories
pp. 192-198(7)
Authors: Kanti, P.; Olive, K.A.

Chaoticity of the amplification of the neutrino asymmetry in the early universe
pp. 199-205(7)
Authors: Enqvist, K.; Kainulainen, K.; Sorri, A.

Ramond-Ramond couplings on brane-antibrane systems
pp. 206-212(7)
Authors: Kennedy, C.; Wilkins, A.

Neutralino relic density with a cosmological constant confronts electroweak precision measurements
pp. 213-222(10)
Authors: Lahanas, A.B.; Nanopoulos, D.V.; Spanos, V.C.

Study of leptoquark pair production at the LHC with the CMS detector
pp. 223-231(9)
Authors: Abdullin, S.; Charles, F.

Neutrino anomalies in an extended Zee model
pp. 239-243(5)
Authors: Joshipura, A.S.; Rindani, S.D.

Triviality and the precision bound on the Higgs mass
pp. 244-248(5)
Authors: Sekhar Chivukula, R.; Evans, N.

Exclusive evolution kernels in two-loop order: parity even sector
pp. 249-256(8)
Authors: Belitsky, A.V.; Muller, D.

Reparametrization invariance of path integrals
pp. 257-264(8)
Authors: Kleinert, H.; Chervyakov, A.

Distribution of fermionic and topological observables on the lattice
pp. 272-278(7)
Authors: Sakuler, W.; Thurner, S.; Markum, H.

Evidence that the Pomeron transforms as a non-conserved vector current
pp. 279-285(7)
Authors: Close, F.E.; Schuler, G.A.

The color evaporation model in diffractive J/ photoproduction
pp. 286-292(7)
Authors: Gay Ducati, M.B.; Mariotto, C.B.

WIMP velocity impact on direct dark matter searches
pp. 303-310(8)
Authors: Brhlik, M.; Roszkowski, L.

Search for Higgs bosons and other massive states decaying into two photons in e+e- collisions at 189 GeV
pp. 311-322(12)
Authors: Abbiendi, G.; Ackerstaff, K.; Alexander, G.; Allison, J.; Altekamp, N.; Anderson, K.J.; Anderson, S.; Arcelli, S.; Asai, S.; Ashby, S.F.; Axen, D.; Azuelos, G.; Ball, A.H.; Barberio, E.; Barlow, R.J.; Batley, J.R.; Baumann, S.; Bechtluft, J.; Behnke, T.; Bell, K.W.; Bella, G.; Bellerive, A.; Bentvelsen, S.; Bethke, S.; Betts, S.; Biebel, O.; Biguzzi, A.; Bloodworth, I.J.; Bock, P.; Bohme, J.; Bonacorsi, D.; Boutemeur, M.; Braibant, S.; Bright-Thomas, P.; Brigliadori, L.; Brown, R.M.; Burckhart, H.J.; Capiluppi, P.; Carnegie, R.K.; Carter, A.A.; Carter, J.R.; Chang, C.Y.; Charlton, D.G.; Chrisman, D.; Ciocca, C.; Clarke, P.E.L.; Clay, E.; Cohen, I.; Conboy, J.E.; et

Double strangeness production in pXe annihilation at low energy
pp. 323-330(8)
Authors: Barmin, V.V.; Barylov, V.G.; Borisov, V.S.; Davidenko, G.V.; Dolgolenko, A.G.; Guaraldo, C.; Matveev, V.A.; Mirosidi, G.S.; Myklebost, K.; Olsen, M.; Petrascu, C.; Shebanov, V.A.; Shishov, N.N.; Sibirtsev, A.A.; Sokolov, L.I.; Volkov, B.S.; Zombkovskaya, N.K.

Measurement of p->K0Σ+ at photon energies up to 1.55 GeV
pp. 331-338(8)
Authors: Goers, S.; Barth, J.; Bennhold, C.; Bockhorst, M.; Braun, W.; Budzanowski, A.; Burgwinkel, R.; Ernst, J.; Glander, K.H.; Hannappel, J.; Jopen, N.; Jungst, H.; Kalinowsky, H.; Kirch, U.; Klein, F.J.; Klein, F.; Klempt, E.; Kozela, A.; Lawall, R.; Lindemann, L.; Link, J.; Mart, T.; Menze, D.; Neuerburg, W.; Paganetti, M.; Paul, E.; Plotzke, R.; Scholmann, J.; Schulday, I.; Schumacher, M.; Schwille, W.J.; Smend, F.; Smyrski, J.; Tran, H.N.; Tran, M.Q.; van Pee, H.; Wedemeyer, R.; Wiegers, B.; Wieland, F.W.; Wiszkirchen, J.

Determination of the LEP centre-of-mass energy from Z events
pp. 339-349(11)
Authors: Barate, R.; decamp, D.; Ghez, P.; Goy, C.; Jezequel, S.; Lees, J.; Martin, F.; Merle, E.; Minard, M.; Pietrzyk, B.; Przysiezniak, H.; Alemany, R.; Casado, M.P.; Chmeissani, M.; Crespo, J.M.; Fernandez, E.; Fernandez-Bosman, M.; Garrido, L.; Grauges, E.; Juste, A.; Martinez, M.; Merino, G.; Miquel, R.; Mir, L.M.; Morawitz, P.; Pacheco, A.; Park, I.C.; Riu, I.; Colaleo, A.; Creanza, D.; de Palma, M.; Iaselli, G.; Maggi, G.; Maggi, M.; Nuzzo, S.; Ranieri, A.; Raso, G.; Ruggieri, F.; Selvaggi, G.; Silvestris, L.; Tempesta, P.; Tricomi, A.; Zito, G.; Huang, X.; Lin, J.; Ouyang, Q.; Wang, T.; Xie, Y.; Xu, R.; et

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