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Volume 448, Number 3, 25 February 1999

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Thermal dileptons from a nonperturbative quark-gluon phase
pp. 168-173(6)
Authors: Groenewegen, P.P.; Leufkens, H.G.; Spreeuwenberg, P.; Worm, W.; Lee, C.; Wirstam, J.; Zahed, I.; Hansson, T.H.

Do neutrinos have mass only within matter?
pp. 174-179(6)
Author: Sawyer, R.F.

Evidence for particle stability of 31F and particle instability of 25N and 28O
pp. 180-184(5)
Authors: Henry, R.C.; Park, E.S.; Spiegelman, C.H.; Sakurai, H.; Lukyanov, S.M.; Notani, M.; Aoi, N.; Beaumel, D.; Fukuda, N.; Hirai, M.; Ideguchi, E.; Imai, N.; Ishihara, M.; Iwasaki, H.; Kubo, T.; Kusaka, K.; Kumagai, H.; Nakamura, T.; Ogawa, H.; Penionzhkevich, Y.E.; Teranishi, T.; Watanabe, Y.X.; Yoneda, K.; Yoshida, A.

The Hausdorff dimension in polymerized quantum gravity
pp. 185-190(6)
Authors: Gibbons, F.X.; Harris, M.G.; Wheater, J.F.

Inflation with TeV-scale gravity needs supersymmetry
pp. 191-194(4)
Authors: Remennick, L.I.; Lyth, D.H.

Seiberg-Witten theory for a non-trivial compactification from five to four dimensions
pp. 195-202(8)
Authors: Abraham, J.; Lewis, G.; Braden, H.W.; Marshakov, A.; Mironov, A.; Morozov, A.

Massless particle in 2d spacetime with constant curvature
pp. 203-208(6)
Authors: Jorjadze, G.; Piechocki, W.

Planckian AdS2xS2 space is an exact solution of the semiclassical Einstein equations
pp. 209-217(9)
Authors: Schwartz, C.E.; Sprangers, M.A.G.; Solodukhin, S.N.

Radiative symmetry breaking and the b->s decay in generalized GMSB models
pp. 234-242(9)
Authors: Hamidian, H.; Huitu, K.; Puolamaki, K.; Zhang, D.

b- unification in GUTs with non-chiral matter
pp. 243-248(6)
Author: Kobakhidze, A.B.

Generalisations of the Coleman-Thun mechanism and boundary reflection factors
pp. 249-256(8)
Authors: Dorey, P.; Tateo, R.; Watts, G.

The likelihood of DCC formation
pp. 257-264(8)
Authors: Krzywicki, A.; Serreau, J.

Classification of normal modes for multiskyrmions
pp. 275-280(6)
Authors: B. Wilson, I.; Baskerville, W.K.; Michaels, R.

Perturbative evolution and Regge behaviour
pp. 281-289(9)
Authors: Cudell, J.R.; Donnachie, A.; Landshoff, P.V.

Gluon versus sea quark shadowing
pp. 290-294(5)
Authors: Hammon, N.; Stocker, H.; Greiner, W.

Truncated moments of parton distributions
pp. 295-302(8)
Authors: Forte, S.; Magnea, L.

Search for the pentaquark via the P0cs->K*0K-p decay
pp. 303-310(8)
Authors: Aitala, E.M.; Amato, S.; Anjos, J.C.; Appel, J.A.; Ashery, D.; Banerjee, S.; Bediaga, I.; Blaylock, G.; Bracker, S.B.; Burchat, P.R.; Burnstein, R.A.; Carter, T.; Carvalho, H.S.; Copty, N.K.; Cremaldi, L.M.; Darling, C.; denisenko, K.; Fernandez, A.; Fox, G.F.; Gagnon, P.; Gerzon, S.; Gobel, C.; Gounder, K.; Halling, A.M.; Herrera, G.; Hurvits, G.; James, C.; Kasper, P.A.; Kwan, S.; Langs, D.C.; Leslie, J.; Lichtenstadt, J.; Lundberg, B.; MayTal-Beck, S.; Meadows, B.T.; de Mello Neto, J.R.T.; Mihalcea, D.; Milburn, R.H.; de Miranda, J.M.; Napier, A.; Nguyen, A.; d'Oliveira, A.B.; O'Shaughnessy, K.; Peng, K.C.; Perera, L.P.; Purohit, M.V.; Quinn, B.; Radeztsky, S.; Rafatian, A.; Reay, N.W.; Reidy, J.J.; dos Reis, A.C.; Rubin, H.A.; Sanders, D.A.; Santha, A.K.S.; Santoro, A.F.S.; Schwartz, A.J.; Sheaff, M.; Sidwell, R.A.; Slaughter, A.J.; Sokoloff, M.D.; Solano, J.; Stanton, N.R.; Stefanski, R.J.; Stenson, K.; Summers, D.J.; Takach, S.; Thorne, K.; Tripathi, A.K.; Watanabe, S.; Weiss-Babai, R.; Wiener, J.; Witchey, N.; Wolin, E.; Yang, S.M.; Yi, D.; Yoshida, S.; Zaliznyak, R.; Zhang, C.

Study of the four-jet anomaly observed at LEP centre-of-mass energies of 130 and 136 GeV
pp. 311-319(9)
Authors: Abreu, P.; Adam, W.; Adye, T.; Adzic, P.; Ajinenko, I.; Albrecht, Z.; Alderweireld, T.; Alekseev, G.D.; Alemany, R.; Allmendinger, T.; Allport, P.P.; Almehed, S.; Amaldi, U.; Amato, S.; Anassontzis, E.G.; Andersson, P.; Andreazza, A.; Andringa, S.; Antilogus, P.; Apel, W.; Arnoud, Y.; ?sman, B.; Augustin, J.; Augustinus, A.; Baillon, P.; Bambade, P.; Barao, F.; Barbiellini, G.; Barbier, R.; Bardin, D.Y.; Barker, G.; Baroncelli, A.; Battaglia, M.; Baubillier, M.; Becks, K.; Begalli, M.; Beilliere, P.; Belokopytov, Y.; Benvenuti, A.C.; Berat, C.; Berggren, M.; Bertini, D.; Bertrand, D.; Besancon, M.; Bianchi, F.; Bigi, M.; Bilenky, M.S.; Bizouard, M.; Bloch, D.; et

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