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Volume 447, Number 3, 11 February 1999

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Low energy n+t scattering and the NN forces
pp. 199-208(10)
Authors: Ciesielski, F.; Carbonell, J.; Gignoux, C.

Extraction of bounds on time-reversal non-invariance from neutron reactions
pp. 209-215(7)
Authors: Davis, E.D.; Gould, C.R.

Scaling properties of the longitudinal and transversal asymmetries of the nd total cross section
pp. 216-220(5)
Authors: Pasti, L.; Walczak, B.; Massart, D.L.; Reschiglian, P.; Witala, H.; Glockle, W.; Golak, J.; Huber, D.; Kamada, H.; Nogga, A.

Phase transition in an isospin dependent Lattice Gas Model
pp. 221-226(6)
Authors: Zakarya, D.; Chastrette, M.; Tollabi, M.; Fkih-Tetouani, S.; Chomaz, P.; Gulminelli, F.

The origin of transverse flow at the SPS
pp. 227-232(6)
Authors: Bleicher, M.; Spieles, C.; Ernst, C.; Gerland, L.; Soff, S.; Neise, L.; Stocker, H.; Greiner, W.; Bass, S.A.

Spin dependent parton distributions in a bound nucleon
pp. 233-239(7)
Authors: Steffens, F.M.; Tsushima, K.; Thomas, A.W.; Saito, K.

Search for the decay KL->0
pp. 240-245(6)
Authors: Adams, J.; Alavi-Harati, A.; Albuquerque, I.F.; Alexopoulos, T.; Arenton, M.; Arisaka, K.; Averitte, S.; Barker, A.R.; Bellantoni, L.; Bellavance, A.; Belz, J.; Ben-David, R.; Bergman, D.R.; Blucher, E.; Bock, G.J.; Bown, C.; Bright, S.; Cheu, E.; Childress, S.; Coleman, R.; Corcoran, M.D.; Corti, G.; Cox, B.; Crisler, M.B.; Erwin, A.R.; Field, S.; Ford, R.; Graham, G.; Graham, J.; Hagan, K.; Halkiadakis, E.; Hanagaki, K.; Hazumi, M.; Hidaka, S.; Hsiung, Y.B.; Jejer, V.; Jennings, J.; Jensen, D.A.; Johnson, P.T.; Kessler, R.; Kobrak, H.G.E.; LaDue, J.; Lath, A.; Ledovskoy, A.; McManus, A.P.; Mikelsons, P.; Mochida, S.; Monnier, E.; Nakaya, T.; Nauenberg, U.; Nelson, K.S.; Nguyen, H.; O'dell, V.; Pang, M.; Pordes, R.; Prasad, V.; Qiao, C.; Quinn, B.; Ramberg, E.J.; Ray, R.E.; Ronzhin, A.; Roodman, A.; Sadamoto, M.; Schnetzer, S.; Senyo, K.; Shanahan, P.; Shawhan, P.S.; Slater, W.; Solomey, N.; Somalwar, S.V.; Stone, R.L.; Suzuki, I.; Swallow, E.C.; Swanson, R.A.; Taegar, S.A.; Tesarek, R.J.; Thomson, G.B.; Toale, P.A.; Tripathi, A.; Tschirhart, R.; Wah, Y.W.; White, H.B.; Whitmore, J.; Winstein, B.; Winston, R.; Wu, J.; Yamanaka, T.; Zimmerman, E.D.

Solutions to the quasi-flatness and quasi-lambda problems
pp. 246-250(5)
Authors: Campisi, B.; Vojnovic, D.; Chicco, D.; Phan-Tan-Luu, R.; Barrow, J.D.; Magueijo, J.

On gauge-fixed superbrane actions in AdS superbackgrounds
pp. 251-256(6)
Authors: Pasti, P.; Sorokin, D.; Tonin, M.

Strings at the intermediate scale or is the Fermi scale dual to the Planck scale?
pp. 257-265(9)
Authors: Chtioui, Y.; Panigrahi, S.; Francl, L.; Burgess, C.P.; Ibanez, L.E.; Quevedo, F.

Orbifold analysis of broken bulk symmetries
pp. 266-276(11)
Authors: Fuchs, J.; Schweigert, C.

Non-local Virasoro symmetries in the mKdV hierarchy
pp. 277-283(7)
Authors: Fioravanti, D.; Stanishkov, M.

Improved mass constraints in the MSSM from vacuum stability
pp. 284-291(8)
Authors: Dasgupta, I.; Rademacher, R.; Suranyi, P.

Quantum integrability of certain boundary conditions
pp. 292-297(6)
Authors: Moriconi, M.; de Martino, A.

Lattice string breaking and heavy meson decays
pp. 298-307(10)
Authors: Drummond, I.T.; Horgan, R.R.

Diffractive production of Drell-Yan pairs and heavy flavors
pp. 308-312(5)
Authors: Tan, H.; Su, X.; Wei, W.; Yao, S.; Kopeliovich, B.

The CP violating asymmetry in B+/-->MM+/- decays
pp. 313-320(8)
Authors: Bajc, B.; Fajfer, S.; Oakes, R.J.; Pham, T.N.; Prelovsek, S.

The static potential in QCD to two loops
pp. 321-326(6)
Authors: Drewry, D.H.; Stanley Young, S.; Schroder, Y.

Three jet events and new strong couplings at LEP and NLC
pp. 331-335(5)
Authors: Belyaev, A.; de Campos, F.; Novaes, S.F.; Rosenfeld, R.

Search for the standard model Higgs boson at the LEP2 Collider near s=183 GeV
pp. 336-351(16)
Authors: Barate, R.; Buskulic, D.; decamp, D.; Ghez, P.; Goy, C.; Jezequel, S.; Lees, J.; Lucotte, A.; Martin, F.; Merle, E.; Minard, M.; Nief, J.; Perrodo, P.; Pietrzyk, B.; Alemany, R.; Casado, M.P.; Chmeissani, M.; Crespo, J.M.; delfino, M.; Fernandez, E.; Fernandez-Bosman, M.; Garrido, L.; Grauges, E.; Juste, A.; Martinez, M.; Merino, G.; Miquel, R.; Mir, L.M.; Morawitz, P.; Pacheco, A.; Park, I.C.; Pascual, A.; Riu, I.; Sanchez, F.; Colaleo, A.; Creanza, D.; de Palma, M.; Gelao, G.; Iaselli, G.; Maggi, G.; Maggi, M.; Nuzzo, S.; Ranieri, A.; Raso, G.; Ruggieri, F.; Selvaggi, G.; Silvestris, L.; Tempesta, P.; Tricomi, A.; et

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