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Volume 58, Number 2, August 2000

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pp. 87-87(1)
Author: Karpuzov, D.

Chromatic monitoring of plasma and plasma systems
pp. 88-99(12)
Authors: Russell, P.C.; Jones, G.R.

Epitaxial thin films of magnetic perovskites - preparation, properties and possible applications
pp. 135-148(14)
Authors: Steinbeisz, E.; Steenbeck, K.; Eick, T.; Kirsch, K.

Electron transport in high-Tc superconducting grain boundary junctions
pp. 149-157(9)
Authors: Ovsyannikov, G.A.; Borisenko, I.V.; Constantinian, K.Y.

Approximate self-affine characterization of two-point rough surface statistics simulated by Eden algorithm
pp. 158-165(8)
Authors: Vulkova, L.A.; Atanasov, I.S.; Yordanov, O.I.

Effect of hydrogen ion implantation on the physical properties of SiO2/Si system
pp. 166-173(8)
Authors: Szekeres, A.; Alexandrova, S.; Paneva, A.

Properties of modified surface layers of industrial steel samples processed by pulsed plasma streams
pp. 195-201(7)
Authors: Garkusha, I.E.; Byrka, O.V.; Chebotarev, V.V.; Derepovski, N.T.; Muller, G.; Schumacher, G.; Poltavtsev, N.S.; Tereshin, V.I.

Electrode deposit structure influenced by changes in the local discharge atmosphere
pp. 202-207(6)
Authors: Koprinarov, N.S.; Konstantinova, M.A.

Fullerene structure synthesis by DC arc discharge in ferrocene vapours
pp. 208-214(7)
Authors: Koprinarov, N.; Marinov, M.; Konstantinova, M.; Ranguelov, B.

Discharge maintenance in surface wave fields
pp. 215-221(7)
Authors: Makasheva, K.; Shivarova, A.

Pulsed microwave plasma production in a conducting tube with a radius below cutoff
pp. 222-232(11)
Authors: Bhattacharjee, S.; Amemiya, H.

Micro-particles temperature measurements in a plasma jet
pp. 244-249(6)
Authors: Oliver, D.; Enikov, R.

An investigation of a Cd-Ne afterglow plasma
pp. 263-271(9)
Authors: Petrova, T.; Ogoyski, A.; Petrov, G.M.; Blagoev, A.

Optogalvanic effect sign change in a hollow cathode discharge plasma
pp. 272-279(8)
Authors: Janossy, M.; Gateva, S.; Andreeva, C.; Cartaleva, S.

Diagnostics of microwave discharges sustained by propagating surface waves
pp. 280-286(7)
Authors: Kirov, K.; Makasheva, K.; Shivarova, A.

Initial phase in plasma focus device - model and computer simulation
pp. 287-293(7)
Authors: Scholz, M.; Ivanova-Stanik, I.M.

Growth and characterization of pulsed laser-deposited Mn-Zn ferrite thin films
pp. 294-299(6)
Authors: Koleva, M.; Tomov, R.; Zotova, S.; Atanasov, P.; Martin, C.; Ristoscu, C.; Mihailescu, I.

Preparation and characterization of NiO thin films for gas sensor applications
pp. 300-307(8)
Authors: Hotovy, I.; Huran, J.; Spiess, L.; Capkovic, R.; Hasck, S.

A neutron detector based on an ITO/p-Si structure
pp. 308-314(7)
Authors: Sueva, D.; Georgiev, S.S.; Nedev, N.; Toneva, A.; Chikov, N.

Ammonia sorptive properties of plasma polymer films obtained from hexamethyldisiloxane
pp. 315-320(6)
Authors: Georgieva, V.; Radeva, E.; Spassov, L.

X-ray microanalysis and optical properties of thin As-S-Bi (Tl) films
pp. 321-326(6)
Authors: Petkov, K.; Iliev, T.; Todorov, R.; Tzvetkov, D.

Oxygen-ion-assisted deposition of TiO films
pp. 327-334(8)
Author: Martev, I.N.

Space-charge effect in vacuum-evaporated phthalocyanine films
pp. 340-343(4)
Authors: Jivkov, I.; Nedkov, T.; Nespurek, S.; Danev, G.; Schauer, F.

Conductivity of micro-porous magnetron-sputtered thin TiO2 films
pp. 344-350(7)
Authors: Dimitrov, D.B.; Koprinarova, J.; Pazov, J.; Angelov, C.

Structure and morphological studies of thin porous silicon layers
pp. 351-357(7)
Authors: Vitanov, P.; Delibasheva, M.; Goranova, E.; Angelov, C.; Dimov, V.

Nanocrystallization through phase separation in binary alloy films
pp. 358-363(6)
Authors: Dimitrov, D.; Starbova, K.; Tzocheva, D.; Kovacheva, D.

Magnetoresistance of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 thin films obtained by magnetron sputtering on different substrates
pp. 364-368(5)
Authors: Vlakhov, E.S.; Dorr, K.; Muller, K.; Nenkov, K.A.; Handstein, A.; Donchev, T.I.; Spasov, A.Y.; Beshkov, G.D.

Properties of silicon films grown by laser-assisted deposition
pp. 369-373(5)
Authors: Daraktchieva, V.; Baleva, M.; Mateeva, E.; Surtchev, M.

Optical applications of ion beam irradiation
pp. 387-395(9)
Authors: Pivin, J.C.; Dimova-Malinovska, D.; Sendova-Vassileva, M.; Nikolaeva, M.; Martucci, A.

LiNbO3 optical waveguides deposited on sapphire by electric-field-assisted pulsed laser deposition
pp. 396-403(8)
Authors: Tomov, R.I.; Kabadjova, T.K.; Atanasov, P.A.; Tonchev, S.; Kaneva, M.; Zherikhin, A.; Eason, R.W.

Temperature dependence of low-field magnetoresistance in perovskite manganites thin films
pp. 404-407(4)
Authors: Vlakhov, E.S.; Dorr, K.; Muller, K.; Nenkov, K.A.; Handstein, A.; Walter, T.; Chakalov, R.A.; Chakalova, R.I.; Donchev, T.I.; Spasov, A.Y.

Ion beam synthesis of -FeSi2
pp. 415-419(5)
Authors: Daraktchieva, V.; Baleva, M.; Goranova, E.; Angelov, C.

FeSi2 thin films investigated by X-ray photoelectron and infrared spectroscopy
pp. 420-427(8)
Authors: Toneva, A.; Goranova, E.; Beshkov, G.; Marinova, T.; Kakanakova-Georgieva, A.

Investigation of radiation damage in N doped a-SiC:H films annealed by pulsed electron beam
pp. 428-433(6)
Authors: Huran, J.; Hotovy, I.; Hasck, S.; Kobzev, A.P.; Balalykin, N.I.

Dry etching of carbon layers in various etch gases
pp. 434-439(6)
Authors: Hasck, S.; Hrkut, P.; Kostic, I.; Konecnkova, A.

Vacuum deposited composite polyimide - phthalocyanine films
pp. 440-446(7)
Authors: Spassova, E.; Jivkov, I.; Strijkova, V.; Assa, J.; Danev, G.; Ihlemann, J.

Ga+ ion irradiated a-As2S3 layers
pp. 447-453(7)
Authors: Stoycheva-Topalova, R.; Assa, J.; Buroff, A.; Tzvetkov, T.; Necheva, S.; Drandarov, N.

Study of the radiative heating for deposition of high-Tc superconducting thin films
pp. 454-463(10)
Authors: Tsaneva, V.N.; Tsanev, V.I.; Tarte, E.J.; Barber, Z.H.; Kahlmann, F.; Gibson, G.; Blamire, M.G.; Evetts, J.E.

High-accuracy surface measurement using laser-diode phase-stepping interferometry
pp. 464-469(6)
Authors: Metchkarov, N.; Sainov, V.; Boone, P.

Leakage currents and conduction mechanisms of Ta2O5 layers on Si obtained by RF sputtering
pp. 470-477(8)
Authors: Paskaleva, A.; Atanassova, E.; Dimitrova, T.

High-temperature excitons in GaAs quantum wells embedded in AlAs/GaAs superlattices
pp. 478-484(7)
Authors: Donchev, V.; Ivanov, T.; Ivanov, I.; Angelov, M.; Germanova, K.

Influence of vacuum rapid thermal annealing on the properties of PCVD SiO2 and SiO2.P2O5 films
pp. 485-489(5)
Authors: Dimitrov, D.B.; Beshkova, M.; Dafinova, R.

Optical properties of phase-change optical disks with SbxSe100-x films
pp. 496-501(6)
Authors: Babeva, T.; Dimitrov, D.; Kitova, S.; Konstantinov, I.

Formation of MoSi2 by rapid thermal annealing in vacuum of CVD - Mo films on silicon substrate
pp. 502-508(7)
Authors: Gesheva, K.A.; Ivanova, T.; Gogova, D.; Beshkov, G.

Effect of vacuum rapid thermal annealing on the properties of SiNx films
pp. 509-515(7)
Authors: Beshkov, G.; Dimitrov, D.B.; Velchev, N.; Petrov, P.; Ivanov, B.; Zambov, L.; Dimitrova, T.

A new method of experimental investigation of high-power electron beam
pp. 523-530(8)
Authors: Wojcicki, S.; Mladenov, G.

Multiple ionization in plasma ion source of electromagnetic isotope separator
pp. 536-542(7)
Authors: Maczka, D.; Kiszczak, K.; Drozdziel, A.; Pyszniak, K.

Brillouin scattering study of surface acoustic waves in indium-implanted GaAs
pp. 543-550(8)
Authors: Zuk, J.; Clouter, M.J.; Kulik, M.; Romanek, J.; Maczka, D.

Magnetic properties of iron-and cobalt-implanted silicone polymers
pp. 551-560(10)
Authors: Rameev, B.Z.; Aktas, B.; Khaibullin, R.I.; Zhikharev, V.A.; Osin, Y.N.; Khaibullin, I.B.

Effect of non-abrupt interfaces in AlAs/GaAs superlattices with embedded GaAs quantum wells
pp. 561-567(7)
Authors: Shtinkov, N.; Donchev, V.; Germanova, K.; Vlaev, S.; Ivanov, I.

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