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Volume 33, Number 6, September 2001

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pp. 2887-2887(1)
Author: Yussim, A.

Successful adolescent bridging to heart transplantation with a left ventricular assist device
pp. 2888-2889(2)
Authors: Aravot, D.; Berman, M.; Birk, E.; Dagan, O.; Keler, M.; Ben-Gal, T.; Sagie, A.; Sahar, G.; Eidelman, L.; Vidne, B.

Functional status and quality of life of heart-lung transplant recipients
pp. 2890-2891(2)
Authors: Aravot, D.; Kramer, M.; Blau, H.; Berman, M.; Ben-Gal, T.; Saute, M.; Sagie, A.; Ben Dayan, D.; Sahar, G.; Eidelman, L.; Vidne, B.

Influence of organizational change on organ donations and transplants in Israel
pp. 2892-2893(2)
Authors: Ashkenazi, T.; Ben Ami, S.

Passive immunization with OMRI-hep-B for prevention of hepatitis B virus reinfection after liver transplantation
pp. 2895-2896(2)
Authors: Ben-Ari, Z.; Mor, E.; Manhaim, V.; Barak, O.; Bar-Nathan, N.; Shaharabani, E.; Shapira, Z.; Tur-Kaspa, R.

Rapid resolution of brain edema and improved cerebral perfusion pressure following the molecular adsorbent recycling system in acute liver failure patients
pp. 2897-2899(3)
Authors: Abraham, R.B.; Szold, O.; Merhav, H.; Biderman, P.; Kidron, A.; Nakache, R.; Oren, R.; Sorkine, P.

End-stage left ventricular dysfunction associated with extreme clinical right ventricular failure: contraindication for heart transplant?
pp. 2900-2901(2)
Authors: Ben-Gal, T.; Sahar, G.; Zafrir, N.; Berman, M.; Sagie, A.; Vidne, B.; Battler, A.; Aravot, D.

Clinical characteristics of patients awaiting heart transplantation at Rabin Medical Center in 1997 and 1999
pp. 2902-2903(2)
Authors: Ben-Gal, T.; Sahar, G.; Zafrir, N.; Berman, M.; Mansharov, M.; Vidne, B.; Battler, A.; Aravot, D.

Self-assessed quality of life in patients evaluated for heart transplantation: correlation with prognostic indicators
pp. 2904-2905(2)
Authors: Ben-Gal, T.; Zafrir, N.; Berman, M.; Mansharov, M.; Sahar, G.; Vidne, B.; Battler, A.; Aravot, D.

Automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillator as ''bridge to heart transplantation'' for sudden death high-risk patients
pp. 2906-2907(2)
Authors: Berman, M.; Ben-Gal, T.; Dvir, D.; Mansharov, M.; Kusniec, J.; Strasberg, B.; Sagie, A.; Sahar, G.; Eidelman, L.; Vidne, B.; Aravot, D.

Killer inhibitory receptor mismatching and liver transplantation outcome
pp. 2908-2908(1)
Authors: Bishara, A.; Brautbar, C.; Eid, A.; Sherman, L.; Safadi, R.

Detection of anti-HLA antibodies by ELISA: relevance to heart transplantation
pp. 2909-2909(1)
Authors: Bishara, A.; Admon, D.; Sherman, L.; Brautbar, C.

Cellular senescence: a new marker of kidney function recovery after ischemic injury in rats
pp. 2910-2915(6)
Authors: Chkhotua, A.; Shapira, Z.; Tovar, A.; Shabtai, E.; Yussim, A.

Should hypoalbuminemia after liver transplantation be corrected?
pp. 2916-2917(2)
Authors: Cohen, J.; Shapiro, M.; Grozovski, E.; Mor, E.; Shaharabani, E.; Shapira, Z.; Singer, P.

Beta-2 microglobulin and serum creatinine for differentiating between immunoactivation and renal failure after liver transplantation
pp. 2920-2923(4)
Authors: Erez, E.; Ben-Ari, Z.; Sharoni, E.; Aravot, D.; Sahar, G.; Tur-Kaspa, R.; Vidne, B.A.; Erman, A.

Renal allograft function prior to and following living related transplantation: assessment by quantitative Tc99m DMSA SPECT
pp. 2924-2925(2)
Authors: Even-Sapir, E.; Weinbroum, A.; Merhav, H.; Lerman, H.; Livshitz, G.; Nakache, R.

Combination therapy for hepatitis C virus reinfection after orthoptic liver transplantation
pp. 2929-2929(1)
Authors: Israeli, E.; Galun, E.; Eid, A.; Ilan, Y.; Ashur, Y.; Jurim, O.; Bishara, A.; Safadi, R.

''Living again'': heterogeneous support group for transplant patients and their families
pp. 2930-2931(2)
Authors: Kiedar, R.; Katz, P.; Nakache, R.

Primary biliary cirrhosis and liver transplantation
pp. 2932-2932(1)
Authors: Kolker, O.; Galun, E.; Melhem, A.; Ilan, Y.; Eid, A.; Jurim, O.; Ashun, Y.; Safadi, R.

Assessment of transplanted kidney vitality by a multiparametric monitoring system
pp. 2933-2934(2)
Authors: Mayevsky, A.; Nakache, R.; Luger-Hamer, M.; Amran, D.; Sonn, J.

Premalignant conditions: risk factor for postliver transplantation malignancy
pp. 2935-2936(2)
Authors: Menachem, Y.; Safadi, R.; Ashur, Y.; Eid, A.; Jurim, O.; Ilan, Y.

Liposomal amphotericin B (Ambisome) is safe and effective in the treatment of invasive mycosis in organ transplant patients
pp. 2937-2938(2)
Authors: Merhav, H.; Nakache, R.; Houri, I.; Orni-Wasserlauf, R.

Short intensive care unit stay reduces septic complications and improves outcome after liver transplantation
pp. 2939-2940(2)
Authors: Mor, E.; Cohen, J.; Erez, E.; Grozovsky, A.; Shaharabani, E.; Bar-Nathan, N.; Yussim, A.; Micowiz, R.; Shapira, Z.; Zinger, P.

Cytokine gene polymorphism in liver allograft recipients
pp. 2941-2942(2)
Authors: Mor, E.; Klein, T.; Shabtai, E.; Ben-Ari, Z.; Ortegel, J.W.; Micowitz, R.; Tur-Kaspa, R.; Tambur, A.R.

Experience with 100 liver transplant recipients at the Rabin Medical Center and Schneider Children's Medical Center
pp. 2943-2944(2)
Authors: Mor, E.; Shaharabani, E.; Ben-Ari, Z.; Bar-Nathan, N.; Yussim, A.; Shapira, R.; Tur-Kaspa, R.; Shapira, Z.

Homocysteine levels among transplant recipients: effect of immunosuppressive protocols
pp. 2945-2946(2)
Authors: Mor, E.; Helfmann, L.; Lustig, S.; Bar-Nathan, N.; Yussim, A.; Sela, B.A.

Surgical risk of pancreas transplantation: the influence of pretransplant management with peritoneal dialysis
pp. 2947-2947(1)
Authors: Nakache, R.; Weinbroum, A.; Breitman, I.; Merhav, H.; Omi-Wasserlauf, R.; Klausner, J.

Lamivudine therapy for severe acute hepatitis B virus infection after renal transplantation: case report and literature review
pp. 2948-2949(2)
Authors: Nakhoul, F.; Gelman, R.; Green, J.; Khankin, E.; Baruch, Y.

Bone mineral density after liver transplantation
pp. 2950-2950(1)
Authors: Safadi, R.; Galun, E.; Ashur, Y.; Eid, A.; Melhem, A.; Jurim, O.; Polak, R.; Ilan, Y.

First-time status 1 heart transplant candidates: inevitably poor prognosis?
pp. 2951-2951(1)
Authors: Sahar, G.; Berman, M.; Georghiou, G.; Ben Gal, T.; Kogan, A.; Stamler, A.; Aravot, D.; Vidne, B.

Perioperative administration of single, high-dose of ATG-Fresenius-S as an induction immunosuppressive therapy in cadaveric renal transplantation: preliminary results
pp. 2952-2954(3)
Authors: Samsel, R.; Rowinski, W.; Chmura, A.; Wlodarczyk, Z.; Wyzgal, J.; Cieciura, T.; Lagiewska, B.; Pliszczynski, J.; Korczak, G.; Paczek, L.; Walaszewski, J.; Lao, M.

Vitamin D deficiency in liver transplant patients in Israel
pp. 2955-2956(2)
Authors: Segal, E.; Baruch, Y.; Kramsky, R.; Raz, B.; Ish-Shalom, S.

Transfusion-transmitted virus in liver-transplanted children
pp. 2957-2958(2)
Authors: Shapira, R.; Zemel, R.; Gerecht, S.; Mor, E.; Ben-Ari, Z.; Zahavi, I.; Dinari, G.; Tur-Kaspa, R.

Major neurological complications following liver transplantation
pp. 2959-2959(1)
Authors: Shibolet, O.; Galun, E.; Bishara, A.; Eid, A.; Birmanns, B.; Ilan, Y.; Safadi, R.

Hypotension, acidosis, and vasodilatation syndrome post-heart transplantation: lack of association with genetic cytokine profile
pp. 2960-2961(2)
Authors: Tambur, A.R.; Chemmalakuzhy, J.; Short, J.; Costanzo, M.R.

Lack of cumulative effect of tacrolimus and low flow on a rat isolated liver
pp. 2962-2963(2)
Authors: Weinbroum, A.A.; Isartal, I.; Almogy, N.; Nakache, R.

Early and late impact of a positive flow cytomerty crossmatch on graft outcome in primary renal transplant
pp. 2968-2970(3)
Authors: Abou El Fettouh, H.; Cook, D.J.; Flechner, S.; Goldfarb, D.; Gill, I.; Modlin, C.; dennis, V.; Novick, A.C.

Experimental kidney transplantation in pigs from non-heart-beating donors: evaluation of vasoactive substances and renal artery flow
pp. 2971-2972(2)
Authors: Alcaraz, A.; Luque, P.; Mendes, D.R.; Calatrava, P.; Heredia, E.N.; Jimenez, W.; Sole, M.; Rodriguez, A.; Gibanel, R.; Alcoberro, J.; Aguilar, A.; Valero, R.; Capdevila, S.; Alvarez-Vijande, R.

Influence of donors age on graft survival in renal transplanted children
pp. 2973-2974(2)
Authors: Adams, J.; Tonshoff, B.; Staehler, G.; Wiesel, M.

Individualization of maintenance immunosuppressive therapy equalizes acute rejection risk in African American versus non-African American renal allograft recipients
pp. 2977-2979(3)
Authors: Lewis, R.; Coutee, J.; Kostro, B.; Calvert, D.; Cava-Bartsch, C.; Susskind, B.; Swies, G.; Burns, T.

Effect of donor brain-death duration on graft outcome
pp. 2980-2981(2)
Authors: Muruve, N.A.; Helling, T.S.; Luger, A.M.; Martinez, J.; Nelson, P.W.; Pierce, G.E.; Ross, G.; Shield, C.F.; Warady, B.A.; Aeder, M.I.; Bryan, C.F.

Impact of acute rejection on long-term graft survival in HLA-identical living-related kidney transplants
pp. 2982-2983(2)
Authors: Al-Kerithy, M.; Salazar, A.; Kiberd, B.; Bitter-Suermann, H.; MacDonald, A.S.; Lawen, J.G.

End-stage renal disease and bladder dysfunction: algorithm for renal transplantation
pp. 2984-2985(2)
Authors: Nahas, W.C.; Mazzucchi, E.; Antonopoulos, I.; denes, F.T.E.; David-Neto, E.; Ianhez, L.E.; Arap, S.

Induction of systemic tolerance in islet allograft by liver transplantation
pp. 2995-2999(5)
Authors: Sawada, T.; Asanuma, Y.; Furuya, T.; Shibata, S.; Yasui, O.; Sato, T.; Koyama, K.

Cyclosporine therapeutic drug monitoring
pp. 3003-3005(3)
Authors: Jensen, S.A.; Dalhoff, K.P.

Protection against liver ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats by silymarin or verapamil
pp. 3010-3014(5)
Authors: Oliveira, C.P.M.S.; Lopasso, F.P.; Laurindo, F.R.M.; Leitao, R.M.C.; Laudanna, A.A.

Hypersensitivity to cyclosporine (Neoral) and successful desensitization
pp. 3015-3017(3)
Authors: Sumpton, J.E.; White, C.T.; Rieder, M.J.; D'Souza, S.J.A.

Author index
pp. 3019-3020(2)

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