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Volume 60, Number 2, 5 January 2004

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pp. CO2-CO2(1)

Graphical abstracts
pp. 235-241(7)

The reverse Cope cyclisation: a classical reaction goes backwards
pp. 243-269(27)
Authors: Cooper, N.J.; Knight, D.W.

3-Trifluoromethyl- and 3-difluoromethyl-thalidomides
pp. 271-274(4)
Authors: Osipov, S.N.; Tsouker, P.; Hennig, L.; Burger, K.

Synthesis of pyrido and pyrazinodithienodipyrimidine-4,8(3H,9H)-dione derivatives by the aza-Wittig methodology
pp. 275-283(9)
Authors: VazquezVilarelle, D.; PeinadorVeira, C.; Quintela Lopez, J.M.

Synthesis and non-linear optical and redox properties of 6-nitro-6'-piperidyl-2,2'-bisbenzothiazole: a new type of push-pull molecules
pp. 285-289(5)
Authors: Lopez-Calahorra, F.; Martinez-Rubio, M.; Velasco, D.; Brillas, E.; Julia, L.

Enantioselective binding of amino acids and amino alcohols by self-assembled chiral basket-shaped receptors
pp. 291-300(10)
Authors: Escuder, B.; Rowan, A.E.; Feiters, M.C.; Nolte, R.J.M.

Studies on the carbenium-iminium ions derived from N-methylmorpholine-N-oxide (NMMO)
pp. 301-306(6)
Authors: Rosenau, T.; Potthast, A.; Kosma, P.

First asymmetric syntheses of 6-substituted nipecotic acid derivatives
pp. 307-318(12)
Authors: Hoesl, C.E.; Hofner, G.; Wanner, K.T.

Synthesis of spiro[4.5]decane and bicyclo[4.3.0]nonane ring systems by self-cyclization of (Z)- and (E)-2-(trimethylsilylmethyl)pentadienal derivative
pp. 319-331(13)
Authors: Kuroda, C.; Honda, S.; Nagura, Y.; Koshio, H.; Shibue, T.; Takeshita, T.

Synthesis and molecular structures of (2-dialkylaminophenyl)alcohols and of 2-phenylaminoalkyl-dimethylaminobenzene derivatives
pp. 333-339(7)
Authors: Al-Masri, H.T.; Sieler, J.; Lonnecke, P.; Blaurock, S.; Domasevitch, K.; Hey-Hawkins, E.

The absolute stereochemistry of grenadamide
pp. 341-345(5)
Authors: Al Dulayymi, J.R.; Baird, M.S.; Jones, K.

Synthesis of 4- and 6-substituted nitroindoles
pp. 347-358(12)
Authors: Moskalev, N.; Barbasiewicz, M.; Makosza, M.

Palladium-catalyzed aryl-amidation. Synthesis of non-racemic N-aryl lactams
pp. 359-365(7)
Authors: Browning, R.G.; Badarinarayana, V.; Mahmud, H.; Lovely, C.J.

Sequence and solution structure of cherimolacyclopeptides A and B, novel cyclooctapeptides from the seeds of Annona cherimola
pp. 405-414(10)
Authors: Wele, A.; Landon, C.; Labbe, H.; Vovelle, F.; Zhang, Y.; Bodo, B.

Generation of 5,6-dimethylene-2(1H)-pyridinones from [3,4-b] sulfolene pyridinones and application in Diels-Alder reactions
pp. 429-439(11)
Authors: Govaerts, T.C.; Vogels, I.A.; Compernolle, F.; Hoornaert, G.J.

Diastereoselective synthesis of homo-N,O-nucleosides
pp. 441-448(8)
Authors: Chiacchio, U.; Genovese, F.; Iannazzo, D.; Librando, V.; Merino, P.; Rescifina, A.; Romeo, R.; Procopio, A.; Romeo, G.

Use of cyclobutyl derivatives as intermediates in the synthesis of 1,2a,3,8b-tetrahydro-2H-cyclobuta[c]chromenes
pp. 449-457(9)
Authors: Bernard, A.M.; Floris, C.; Frongia, A.; Piras, P.P.; Secci, F.

Stereochemistry of the [2+4] cycloaddition of cyclopentyne
pp. 469-474(6)
Authors: Gilbert, J.C.; Hou, D.

Electrochemical carboxylation of bicyclo[n.1.0]alkylidene derivatives
pp. 475-481(7)
Authors: Chowdhury, M.A.; Senboku, H.; Tokuda, M.

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