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Volume 436, Number 1, 10 August 1999

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Adsorption of H2O on single crystal CuO
pp. 1-8(8)
Authors: Warren, S.; Flavell, W.R.; Thomas, A.G.; Hollingworth, J.; Dunwoody, P.M.; Downes, S.; Chen, C.

Control of surface composition on Ge/Si(001) by atomic hydrogen irradiation
pp. 9-14(6)
Authors: Kobayashi, Y.; Sumitomo, K.; Shiraishi, K.; Urisu, T.; Ogino, T.

Reactions of N2O4 with ice at low temperatures on the Au(111) surface
pp. 15-28(14)
Authors: Wang, J.; Koel, B.E.

Adsorption of molecules on the surface of small metal particles studied by optical spectroscopy
pp. 51-62(12)
Authors: Iline, A.; Simon, M.; Stietz, F.; Trager, F.

Chemisorbed states of atomic oxygen and its replacement by atomic hydrogen on the diamond (100)-(2x1) surface
pp. 63-71(9)
Authors: Hossain, M.Z.; Kubo, T.; Aruga, T.; Takagi, N.; Tsuno, T.; Fujimori, N.; Nishijima, M.

Self-organized nanostructures: an ESDIAD study of the striped oxidized Cu(110) surface
pp. 72-82(11)
Authors: Mocuta, D.; Ahner, J.; Lee, J.; denev, S.; Yates, J.T.

Calculated electron energy distribution of negative electron affinity cathodes
pp. 83-90(8)
Authors: Vergara, G.; Herrera-Gomez, A.; Spicer, W.E.

Growth mode of dichloromethane physisorbed on graphite. - Thermodynamic and structural characterizations
pp. 99-106(8)
Authors: Madih-Ayadi, K.; Rakotozafy, S.; Ceva, T.; Croset, B.; Dupont-Pavlovsky, N.; Convert, P.; Mirebeau, I.; Ressouche, E.

Intermixing and subsurface alloy formation: Ir on Cu(100)
pp. 107-120(14)
Authors: Gilarowski, G.; Niehus, H.

Angular and energy effects in sputtering of hexadecanethiol monolayers self-assembled on Ag(111)
pp. 131-140(10)
Authors: Chenakin, S.P.; Heinz, B.; Morgner, H.

Analysis of angle-resolved electron energy loss in XPS spectra of Ag, Au, Co, Cu, Fe and Si
pp. 149-159(11)
Authors: Cohen Simonsen, A.; Yubero, F.; Tougaard, S.

The decomposition of nitrobenzene on a Cu(110) surface
pp. 160-166(7)
Authors: Chen, Q.; Frederick, B.G.; Richardson, N.V.

Oxidation and growth of Mg thin films on Ru(001)
pp. 167-174(8)
Authors: Huang, H.H.; Jiang, X.; Siew, H.L.; Chin, W.S.; Sim, W.S.; Xu, G.Q.

Theoretical studies of H2 desorption processes in chemical vapor deposition of boron-doped silicon surfaces
pp. 175-192(18)
Authors: Hay, P.J.; Boehm, R.C.; Kress, J.D.; Martin, R.L.

Cation vacancy diffusion on the NiO(001) surface by molecular dynamics simulations
pp. 193-201(9)
Authors: Karakasidis, T.E.; Evangelakis, G.A.

Anomalous behaviour in resonant Auger emission of SiOx thin films
pp. 202-212(11)
Authors: Yubero, F.; Barranco, A.; Espinos, J.P.; Gonzalez-Elipe, A.R.

Exchange reaction between Li and Na intercalated into TiS2
pp. 213-219(7)
Authors: Papageorgopoulos, C.A.; Kamaratos, M.; Papageorgopoulos, D.C.; Tonti, D.; Pettenkofer, C.; Jaegermann, W.

On the electronic structure of surface Pt-Sn alloys
pp. 220-226(7)
Author: Pick, S.

Ultrathin VOx/TiO2(110) (x~1) film preparation by controlled oxidation of metal deposits
pp. 227-236(10)
Authors: della Negra, M.; Sambi, M.; Granozzi, G.

Specular reflection of low-energy ions during homoepitaxial growth of Ag(100)
pp. 237-248(12)
Authors: Langelaar, M.H.; Boerma, D.O.

Catalysis with monometallic and bimetallic films: Trimerization of acetylene to benzene on Pd/Ru(001) and (Pd+Au)/Ru(001)
pp. 259-268(10)
Authors: Storm, J.; Lambert, R.M.; Memmel, N.; Onsgaard, J.; Taglauer, E.

Network-like (72x2)R45o surface reconstruction on rutile TiO2(001) by non-equilibrium self-organization
pp. 635-640(6)
Authors: Norenberg, H.; Dinelli, F.; Briggs, G.A.D.

Reptation: a mechanism for cluster migration on (111) face-centered-cubic metal surfaces
pp. 641-647(7)
Authors: Chirita, V.; Munger, E.P.; Greene, J.E.; Sundgren, J.

Influence of a spin-polarized tip on the Fe(001) surface
pp. 648-652(5)
Authors: Fang, C.M.; de Groot, R.A.; Bischoff, M.M.J.; van Kempen, H.

Ordered surface alloying of Co monolayers on Cu(001)
pp. 653-660(8)
Authors: Nouvertne, F.; May, U.; Rampe, A.; Gruyters, M.; Korte, U.; Berndt, R.; Guntherodt, G.

Experimental study of surface diffusion rate enhancement along steps: CO on Pt(111)
pp. 661-665(5)
Authors: Ma, J.; Xiao, X.; Loy, M.M.T.

Effects of morphology in electron-stimulated desorption: O- from O2 condensed on D2O films grown at 15-150 K on Pt
pp. 671-676(6)
Authors: Azria, R.; Le Coat, Y.; Lachgar, M.; Tronc, M.; Parenteau, L.; Sanche, L.

X-ray photon-stimulated ion desorption revealed by standing waves
pp. 677-682(6)
Authors: Falta, J.; Hille, A.; Schmidt, T.; Materlik, G.

Adsorption of NO2 on Rh(111) and Pd/Rh(111): photoemission studies
pp. 683-690(8)
Authors: Jirsak, T.; Dvorak, J.; Rodriguez, J.A.

Orientation of 10,11-dihydrocinchonidine on Pt(111)
pp. 691-696(6)
Authors: Evans, T.; Woodhead, A.P.; Gutierrez-Sosa, A.; Thornton, G.; Hall, T.J.; Davis, A.A.; Young, N.A.; Wells, P.B.; Oldman, R.J.; Plashkevych, O.; Vahtras, O.; ?gren, H.; Carravetta, V.

Adatom vacancies on the Si(111)-(7x7) surface
pp. 697-701(5)
Authors: Wang, C.Z.; Pan, B.C.; Xiang, J.B.; Ho, K.M.

Thermal surface chemistry of Fe(CO)5 on Pd(111) studied by FT-TPD and LITD-FTMS
pp. 702-706(5)
Authors: Rocklein, M.N.; Land, D.P.

The structure of Sb-terminated GaAs(001) surfaces
pp. 707-714(8)
Authors: Whitman, L.J.; Bennett, B.R.; Kneedler, E.M.; Jonker, B.T.; Shanabrook, B.V.

The effect of sputtering-induced disorder on the surface dielectric tensor of Cu(110)
pp. 735-739(5)
Authors: Bremer, J.; Hansen, J.; Hunderi, O.

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