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Volume 429, Number 1, 15 June 1999

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The adsorption of benzene on H/W(110) and CO/W(110) layers
pp. 14-21(8)
Authors: Whitten, J.E.; Gomer, R.

Sharp microfaceting of (001)-oriented cerium dioxide thin films and the effect of annealing on surface morphology
pp. 22-33(12)
Authors: Jacobsen, S.N.; Helmersson, U.; Erlandsson, R.; Skarman, B.; Wallenberg, L.R.

Temperature effects on morphology and composition of ultrathin heteroepitaxial films: Fe on Ag(100)
pp. 34-45(12)
Authors: Canepa, M.; Cantini, P.; Ricciardi, O.; Terreni, S.; Mattera, L.

Parallel velocity assisted charge transfer: F- ion formation at Al(111) and Ag(110) surfaces
pp. 46-53(8)
Authors: Lorente, N.; Borisov, A.G.; Teillet-Billy, D.; Gauyacq, J.P.

Interaction of microwave discharge-produced atomic hydrogen with Ru(001)
pp. 54-62(9)
Authors: Weiss, M.J.; Hagedorn, C.J.; Weinberg, W.H.

Ion beam deposition of 107Ag(111) films on Ni(100)
pp. 63-70(8)
Authors: Todorov, S.S.; Bu, H.; Boyd, K.J.; Rabalais, J.W.; Gilmore, C.M.; Sprague, J.A.

Adsorption dynamics for CO, CO-clusters and H2 (D2) on rhodium (111)
pp. 71-83(13)
Authors: Beutl, M.; Lesnik, J.; Rendulic, K.D.

Ag-induced structural transformations on Si(111): quantitative investigation of the Si mass transport
pp. 127-132(6)
Authors: Saranin, A.A.; Zotov, A.V.; Lifshits, V.G.; Ryu, J.; Kubo, O.; Tani, H.; Harada, T.; Katayama, M.; Oura, K.

Theoretical study of the decomposition of HCOOH on an MgO(100) surface
pp. 133-142(10)
Authors: Lintuluoto, M.; Nakatsuji, H.; Hada, M.; Kanai, H.

Atom probe analysis of the dissociation of CO and N2 gases on W(110)-oriented tips
pp. 143-149(7)
Authors: Shimizu, T.; Ohi, A.; Tokumoto, H.

Nucleation and growth of clusters in the process of vapor deposition
pp. 150-160(11)
Authors: Chen, L.; Chen, C.; Lee Y.-L.

Monte Carlo simulation of coarsening in a model of submonolayer epitaxial growth
pp. 161-168(8)
Authors: Lam, P.; Bayayoko, D.; Hu, X.

A theoretical study of hydrogen chemisorption on Ni(111) and Co(0001) surfaces
pp. 169-177(9)
Authors: Klinke, D.J.; Broadbelt, L.J.

Ordered cerium oxide thin films grown on Ru(0001) and Ni(111)
pp. 186-198(13)
Authors: Mullins, D.R.; Radulovic, P.V.; Overbury, S.H.

Hydrogen abstraction from a diamond(111) surface in a uniform electric field
pp. 199-205(7)
Authors: Ricca, A.; Bauschlicher, C.W.; Kang, J.K.; Musgrave, C.B.

Epitaxial growth of Ni on MgO(002)1x1: surface interaction vs. multidomain strain relief
pp. 206-216(11)
Authors: Svedberg, E.B.; Sandstrom, P.; Sundgren, J.; Greene, J.E.; Madsen, L.D.

XPD and STM investigation of hexagonal boron nitride on Ni(111)
pp. 229-236(8)
Authors: Auwarter, W.; Kreutz, T.J.; Greber, T.; Osterwalder, J.

Changes in the magnetism of small supported cobalt particles during the oxidation process observed by ferromagnetic resonance
pp. 246-254(9)
Authors: Hill, T.; Mozaffari-Afshar, M.; Schmidt, J.; Risse, T.; Freund, H.

Change in surface resistance of an Ag(100) electrode by adsorbed bromide
pp. 255-259(5)
Authors: Hanewinkel, C.; Otto, A.; Wandlowski, T.

Stability and nuclear formation of Si(111)-7x7 structure as determined from charge redistribution in surface layers
pp. 260-273(14)
Authors: Miyake, K.; Oigawa, H.; Hata, K.; Morita, R.; Yamashita, M.; Shigekawa, H.

Oxidation of cobalt pre-reacted SiGe epilayer grown on Si(100)
pp. 274-278(5)
Authors: Prabhakaran, K.; Sumitomo, K.; Ogino, T.

Structural studies of the (3x3)R 30o surfaces of chlorine and iodine on Rh (111)
pp. 279-286(8)
Authors: Shard, A.G.; Dhanak, V.R.; Santoni, A.

Electronic structure of surface compounds formed under thermal annealing of the La/graphite interface
pp. 287-297(11)
Authors: Shikin, A.M.; Molodtsov, S.L.; Vyatkin, A.G.; Adamchuk, V.K.; Franco, N.; Martin, M.; Asensio, M.C.

A photoelectron diffraction method to evaluate in-plane atomic distances at surfaces: the two atoms approximation
pp. 298-308(11)
Authors: Rojas, C.; Martn-Gago, J.A.; Roman, E.; Lopez, M.F.; Goldoni, A.; Paolucci, G.

Nature of the ns-derived states for an isolated alkali atom on a surface
pp. 309-319(11)
Authors: Sandell, A.; Bruhwiler, P.A.; Nilsson, A.; Bennich, P.; Rudolf, P.; Martensson, N.

Growth mode and dissolution kinetics of germanium thin films on Ag(001) surface: an AES-LEED investigation
pp. 320-326(7)
Authors: Oughaddou, H.; Aufray, B.; Biberian, J.P.; Hoarau, J.Y.

STM study of oxygen-adsorbed TiC(111) surface
pp. 338-344(7)
Authors: Ahn, J.; Kawanowa, H.; Souda, R.

Adsorption of thiophene on surfaces of clean and Ni-promoted molybdenum sulfide
pp. 462-468(7)
Authors: Rodriguez, J.A.; Dvorak, J.; Capitano, A.T.; Gabelnick, A.M.; Gland, J.L.

High-resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy of insulating polymer surfaces
pp. 475-480(6)
Authors: Kesmodel, L.L.; Wild, S.; Apai, G.

Formation and atomic structures of double-layer steps on Si(100) surfaces studied by scanning tunneling microscope
pp. 481-485(5)
Authors: Yang, H.Q.; Zhu, C.X.; Gao, J.N.; Xue, Z.Q.; Pang, S.J.

Surface defects and reconstruction instabilities in Au(001)
pp. 486-491(6)
Authors: Gonzalez, M.A.; de la Figuera, J.; Rodrguez de la Fuente, O.; Rojo, J.M.

Direct observation of anisotropic step activity on GaAs(001)
pp. 492-496(5)
Authors: Bell, G.R.; Jones, T.S.; Joyce, B.A.

Response and enhancement of surface magneto-optic Kerr effect for Co-Pt(111) ultrathin films and surface alloy
pp. 497-502(6)
Authors: Shern, C.S.; Tsay, J.S.; Her, H.Y.; Wu, Y.E.; Chen, R.H.

A new method to investigate selective adsorption resonances in helium atom scattering
pp. 503-508(6)
Authors: Patting, M.; Faras, D.; Rieder, K.H.

Asymmetric structure of the Si(111)-3x3-Ag surface
pp. 509-514(6)
Authors: Aizawa, H.; Tsukada, M.; Sato, N.; Hasegawa, S.

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