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Volume 391, Number 1, 26 November 1997

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Atomic resolution on small three-dimensional metal clusters by STM
pp. 19-26(8)
Authors: Piednoir, A.; Humbert, A.; Chapon, C.; Henry, C.R.; Perrot, E.; Granjeaud, S.

The structure of Pt-aggregates on a supported thin aluminum oxide film in comparison with unsupported alumina: A transmission electron microscopy study
pp. 27-36(10)
Authors: Freund H.-J.; Klimenkov, M.; Nepijko, S.; Kuhlenbeck, H.; Baumer, M.; Schlogl, R.

NH2 formation in the reaction of Hads with NO on the Pt(100)-(1 x 1) surface
pp. 37-46(10)
Authors: Zemlyanov, D.Y.; Smirnov, M.Y.; Gorodetskii, V.V.

K adsorption on Fe(100) studied by X-ray standing waves
pp. 59-64(6)
Authors: denier van der Gon, A.W.; Ceelen, W.C.A.N.; Falta, J.; Hille, A.; Materlik, G.

Evidence of two adsorption phases of 5-methyl-2-mercaptobenzoxazole on Cu2S by synchrotron radiation photoemission
pp. 65-72(8)
Authors: Contini, G.; Marabini, A.M.; Di Castro, V.; Polzonetti, G.; Comelli, G.; Brena, B.

Surface modification of InAs(110) surface by low energy ion sputtering
pp. 73-80(8)
Authors: Martinelli, V.; Siller, L.; Betti, M.G.; Mariani, C.; del Pennino, U.

Equilibrium shapes and energetics of iridium clusters on Ir(111)
pp. 89-100(12)
Authors: Wang, S.C.; Ehrlich, G.

The use of the Boltzmann-Matano analysis in two-dimensional concentration profiles
pp. 101-108(8)
Authors: Tringides, M.C.; Quinn, D.P.; Sanchez, J.

Reflection-absorption infrared spectroscopy of ethylene on palladium(111) at high pressure
pp. 145-149(5)
Authors: Tysoe, W.T.; Kaltchev, M.; Thompson, A.W.

Hartree-Fock-DFT cluster calculations of the Si(111)7 x 7:H system
pp. 161-175(15)
Authors: Radny, M.W.; Que, J.; Smith, P.V.

Structural reanalysis of the Rh(111) + (Ð3 x Ð3)R30o-CO and Rh(111) + (2 x 2)-3CO phases using automated tensor LEED
pp. 176-182(7)
Authors: van Hove, M.A.; Gierer, M.; Barbieri, A.; Somorjai, G.A.

Influence of the nature of the (0001) alumina surface on thin film growth
pp. 183-195(13)
Authors: Bench, M.W.; Kotula, P.G.; Carter, C.B.

Electronic structure of Pt overlayers on (1 x 3) reconstructed TiO2(100) surfaces
pp. 196-203(8)
Authors: Schierbaum K.-D.; Fischer, S.; Wincott, P.; Hardman, P.; Dhanak, V.; Jones, G.; Thornton, G.

Growth and morphology of Rh deposits on an alumina film under UHV conditions and under the influence of CO
pp. 204-215(12)
Authors: Baumer, M.; Frank, M.; Libuda, J.; Stempel, S.; Freund, H.

RHEED intensity oscillations observed during the growth of YSi2-x on Si(111) substrates
pp. 226-236(11)
Authors: Daniluk, A.; Mazurek, P.; Paprocki, K.; Mikolajczak, P.

Photoemission study of Na growth on the Si(100)c(4 x 2) surface at low temperature
pp. 237-244(8)
Authors: Chao Y.-C.; Uhrberg, R.I.G.; Johansson, L.S.O.

Electronic structure of simple metal whiskers
pp. 245-251(7)
Authors: Smogunov, A.N.; Kurkina, L.I.; Kurganskii, S.I.; Farberovich, O.V.

Room temperature adsorption of Cs on Si(111)-(7 x 7) studied by optical second-harmonic generation
pp. 252-259(8)
Authors: Pedersen, K.; Hansen, P.; Liu, L.; Morgen, P.

Monte Carlo simulations of monatomic steps dynamics on Si(100)-(2 x 1)
pp. 260-266(7)
Authors: Aldao, C.M.; Williams, F.J.; Sanchez, J.R.

Surface diffusion of dimers: I repulsive interactions
pp. 267-277(11)
Authors: Pereyra, V.; Ramirez-Pastor, A.J.; Nazzarro, M.; Riccardo, J.L.

Ion desorption processes following core-level excitation of substrate and adsorbate
pp. 278-286(9)
Authors: Chen, J.M.; Yang, S.C.; Liu, Y.C.

Metallic friction: The influence of atomic adsorbates at submonolayer coverages
pp. 287-299(13)
Authors: Gellman, A.J.; McFadden, C.F.

Alkali-promoted oxidation of Al(111): Rb/O and K/O coadsorption and the role of surface structure
pp. 300-314(15)
Authors: Woodruff, D.P.; Driver, S.M.; Ludecke, J.; Dixon, R.J.; Thompson, P.B.J.; Scragg, G.; Cowie, B.C.C.

Formation of low work function patches in the NO + H2 reaction on a roughened Rh(110) surface
pp. 1172-1177(6)
Authors: Imbihl, R.; Shaikhutdinov, S.K.; Schaak, A.

Oxygen desorption from α-Al2O3 (0001) supported Rh, Pt and Pd particles
pp. 1178-1182(5)
Authors: Putna, E.S.; Vohs, J.M.; Gorte, R.J.

Anomalous weak bonding of Si dimers on the SiC(001) surface?
pp. 1183-1187(5)
Authors: Kackell, P.; Bechstedt, F.; Husken, H.; Schroter, B.; Richter, W.

Si(100)4 x 3-In surface phase: Identification of silicon substrate atom reconstruction
pp. 1188-1193(6)
Authors: Zotov, A.V.; Saranin, A.A.; Ignatovich, K.V.; Lifshits, V.G.; Katayama, M.; Oura, K.

High-energy recoil-ion emission in keV heavy-ion surface collisions
pp. 1194-1198(5)
Authors: Zeijlmans van Emmichoven, P.A.; van Someren, B.; Rudolph, H.; Niehaus, A.; Urazgil'din, I.F.

Flux-dependent scaling behavior in Cu(100) submonolayer homoepitaxy
pp. 1205-1211(7)
Authors: Swan, A.K.; Shi, Z.; Wendelken, J.F.; Zhang, Z.

Image potential states on lithium, copper and silver surfaces
pp. 1217-1223(7)
Authors: Chulkov, E.V.; Silkin, V.M.; Echenique, P.M.

Thermoelectric voltages from Si cleavages
pp. 1230-1234(5)
Authors: Zhao, D.; Haneman, D.

The stability of asperities on W(001)
pp. 1235-1242(8)
Authors: Roelofs, L.D.; McCoy, J.

Segregation of Eu implanted at the MgO(100) surface
pp. 1243-1248(6)
Authors: Souda, R.; Suzuki, T.; Oyoshi, K.; Hishita, S.

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