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Volume 39, Number 20, September 1998

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A study on dynamics of water in crosslinked poly (N-isopropylacrylamide) gel by n.m.r. spectroscopy
pp. 4703-4706(4)
Authors: Tanaka, N.; Matsukawa, S.; Kurosu, H.; Ando, I.

Morphology of liquid crystalline epoxy composite matrices based on the diglycidyl ether of 4,4'-dihydroxy-α-methylstilbene
pp. 4707-4714(8)
Authors: Sue H.-J.; Earls, J.D.; Hefner, R.E.; Villarreal, M.I.; Garcia-Meitin, E.I.; Yang, P.C.; Cheatham, C.M.; Plummer, C.J.G.

Dynamic light scattering study of 1-naphthylacetic acid polymeric derivative, a novel plant hormone
pp. 4729-4734(6)
Authors: Rizos, A.K.; Tsatsakis, A.M.; Shtilman, M.I.; Brown, W.

Phase behaviour of blends of polyesters and polycarbonates
pp. 4741-4749(9)
Author: Ellis, T.S.

Some aspects of preparation of fluorine-containing polyimides
pp. 4751-4755(5)
Authors: Sysel, P.; Sochurek, M.; Holler, P.

Solid state studies on the effect of fillers on the mechanical behaviour of photocured composites
pp. 4757-4763(7)
Authors: Lungu, A.; Mejiritski, A.; Neckers, D.C.

Fracture toughness and properties of plasticized PVC and thermoplastic polyurethane blends
pp. 4765-4772(8)
Authors: Ha C.-S.; Yiyeon, K.; Lee, W.; Cho, W.; Youngkyoo, K.

Mechanical properties of plasticized poly(vinylchloride): effect of drawing and filler orientation
pp. 4773-4783(11)
Authors: Fras, I.; Boudeulle, M.; Cassagnau, P.; Michel, A.

The ultra-drawing behaviour of ultra-high-molecular-weight polypropylene in the gel-like spherulite press method: influence of solution concentration
pp. 4793-4800(8)
Authors: Ohta, T.; Ikeda, Y.; Kishimoto, M.; Sakamoto, Y.; Kawamura, H.; Asaeda, E.

Toughening of SAN with acrylic core-shell rubber particles: particle size effect or cross-link density?
pp. 4817-4825(9)
Authors: Steenbrink, A.C.; Litvinov, V.M.; Gaymans, R.J.

Considerations and restrictions on the theoretical validity of the linearized cloudpoint correlation
pp. 4835-4840(6)
Authors: Kools, W.F.C.; van den Boomgaard, T.; Strathmann, H.

Miscibility and crystallization behaviour of poly(l-lactide)/poly(p-vinylphenol) blends
pp. 4841-4847(7)
Authors: Lianlai, Z.; Goh, S.H.; Lee, S.Y.

Influence of composition and morphology on rheological properties of polyethylene/polyamide blends
pp. 4849-4856(8)
Authors: Huitric, J.; Mederic, P.; Moan, M.; Jarrin, J.

Surface modification of halogenated polymers. 2. Chloro- and fluoropolymers
pp. 4867-4873(7)
Authors: Belzung, B.; Brace, K.; Combellas, C.; delamar, M.; Kanoufi, F.; Shanahan, M.E.R.; Thiebault, A.

Shear-induced orientational order in the hexagonal phase of oxyethylene/oxybutylene diblock copolymer gels
pp. 4891-4896(6)
Authors: Pople, J.A.; Hamley, I.W.; Terrill, N.J.; Fairclough, J.P.A.; Ryan, A.J.; Yu, G.; Booth, C.

Solution copolymerization of D-lactose-O-(p-vinylbenzyl)-hydroxime with acrylonitrile
pp. 4911-4914(4)
Authors: Weiping, L.; Hsieh Y.-L.; Warganich, D.; Zhou, W.; Kurth, M.J.; Krochta, J.M.

Semicrystallinity and polymorphism in PVDF: a solid-state 19F n.m.r. investigation
pp. 4937-4941(5)
Authors: Holstein, P.; Scheler, U.; Harris, R.K.

Synthesis and characterization of new polyamides containing 6,6'-methylenediquinoline units
pp. 4949-4954(6)
Authors: Bottino, F.A.; Di Pasquale, G.; Pollicino, A.; Scalia, L.

Novel heteroarylene polyazomethines: their syntheses and characterizations
pp. 4963-4968(6)
Authors: Ng, S.C.; Chan, H.S.O.; Wong, P.M.L.; Tan, K.L.; Tan, B.T.G.

The effects of substrate interactions in the liquid chromatography of polymers
pp. 4973-4976(4)
Authors: Kosmas, M.K.; Bokaris, E.P.; Georgaka, E.G.

Synthesis and characterisation of 1,3-bis(dicyanomethylidene)indane (BDMI)-based nonlinear optical polymers
pp. 4977-4981(5)
Authors: Sun, S.; Cheng, Z.; Zhixin, Y.; Dalton, L.R.; Garner, S.M.; Antao, C.; Steier, W.H.

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