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Volume 36, Number 13, 1 November 2001

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Synthesis of titanium carbide from a composite of TiO2 nanoparticles/methyl cellulose by carbothermal reduction
pp. 2263-2275(13)
Authors: Gotoh, Y.; Fujimura, K.; Koike, M.; Ohkoshi, Y.; Nagura, M.; Akamatsu, K.; deki, S.

A novel ultraviolet-irradiation route to CdS nanocrystallites with different morphologies
pp. 2277-2282(6)
Authors: Mo, X.; Wang, C.; You, M.; Zhu, Y.; Chen Z.-y.; Hu, Y.

Sintering of dense ceramics bodies of pure lead titanate obtained by seeding-assisted chemical sol-gel
pp. 2301-2310(10)
Authors: Tartaj, J.; Moure, C.; Lascano, L.; Duran, P.

Rietveld refinement of aluminum sheet using inverse pole figure
pp. 2311-2322(12)
Authors: Kim Y.-I.; Jung, M.; Kim, K.H.

Modification of icosahedral quasicrystal Al65Cu20Fe15 by 170-MeV 58Ni+12 beam
pp. 2323-2331(9)
Authors: Kanjilal, A.; Singh, R.; Chatterjee, R.

The preparation of various metal oxides/hydroxides and their morphology control by a novel arc-discharge method
pp. 2333-2337(5)
Authors: Wang, C.Y.; Zhu, G.M.; Zhao, S.L.; Chen, Z.Y.; Lin, Z.G.

Preparation of Bi2S3 nanorods by microwave irradiation
pp. 2339-2346(8)
Authors: Liao, X.; Wang, H.; Zhu J.-J.; Chen, H.

Microwave-hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of barium titanate powders
pp. 2347-2355(9)
Authors: Newalkar, B.L.; Komarneni, S.; Katsuki, H.

Synthesis of nanosized nickel ferrites by shock waves and their magnetic properties
pp. 2357-2363(7)
Authors: Liu, J.; He, H.; Jin, X.; Hao, Z.; Hu, Z.

Dielectric properties of potassium sodium niobate mixed system
pp. 2365-2374(10)
Authors: Singh, K.; Lingwal, V.; Bhatt, S.C.; Panwar, N.S.; Semwal, B.S.

Thermal and infrared characterization of new barium-iron-metaphosphate glasses
pp. 2375-2382(8)
Authors: Hafid, M.; Jermoumi, T.; Niegisch, N.; Mennig, M.

A simple reduction-oxidation route to prepare Co3O4 nanocrystals
pp. 2383-2387(5)
Authors: Ni, Y.; Ge, X.; Zhang, Z.; Liu, H.; Zhu, Z.; Ye, Q.

XRD and TEM analysis of Fe3Al alloy layer on the surface of the calorized steel
pp. 2389-2394(6)
Authors: Yajiang, L.; Juan, W.; Huiqiang, W.

Capacitance at ambient temperature and microstructure of platinum/yttria-stabilized zirconia composites
pp. 2395-2406(12)
Authors: Hendriks, M.G.H.M.; van Zyl, W.E.; ten Elshof, J.E.; Verweij, H.

Thermal properties of glycine phosphite across ferroelectric phase transition: a photopyroelectric study
pp. 2407-2414(8)
Authors: Menon, C.P.; Philip, J.; deepthy, A.; Bhat, H.L.

Influence of cooling in liquid nitrogen on shape memory effect of CuZnAlMnNi alloy
pp. 2415-2419(5)
Authors: Bai Y.-J.; Xu, X.; Hao, X.; Cui, D.; Geng, G.

Single crystal structure and Mossbauer studies of a new cation-deficient thiospinel: Cu5.47Fe2.9Sn13.1S32
pp. 2429-2435(7)
Authors: Garg, G.; Bobev, S.; Roy, A.; Ghose, J.; Das, D.; Ganguli, A.K.

Rapid preparation of porous Fe2O3/SiO2 nanocomposites via an organic precursor
pp. 2437-2442(6)
Authors: Li, D.; Wu, D.; Wang, X.; Lu, L.; Yang, X.

Glass-forming region and electrical properties of Li2O-PbO-P2O5 glasses
pp. 2453-2461(9)
Authors: Abid, M.; Shaim, A.; Et-tabirou, M.

Realization of the YB50 structure type in the gadolinium borides
pp. 2463-2470(8)
Authors: Mori, T.; Tanaka, T.

Nuclear and magnetic structure of Ca2MnWO6:A neutron powder diffraction study
pp. 2485-2496(12)
Authors: Azad, A.K.; Ivanov, S.A.; Eriksson, S.; Eriksen, J.; Rundlof, H.; Mathieu, R.; Svedlindh, P.

Simultaneous Rietveld refinement of three phases in the Ag-In-S semiconducting system from X-ray powder diffraction
pp. 2507-2517(11)
Authors: delgado, G.; Mora, A.J.; Pineda, C.; Tinoco, T.

Carbon nanotube dendrites: availability and their growth model
pp. 2519-2523(5)
Authors: Cao, A.; Zhang, X.; Xu, C.; Liang, J.; Wu, D.; Wei, B.

Structural studies of the distorted perovskite Ca0.25Cu0.75TiO3
pp. 2525-2529(5)
Authors: Moussa, S.M.; Kennedy, B.J.

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