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Volume 611, Number 1, 6 October 2000

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pp. 1-1(1)
Authors: Tamao, K.; Yoshifuji, M.; Ozawa, F.; Hiyama, T.

Introduction to The Chemistry of Interelement Linkage
pp. 3-4(2)
Authors: Tamao, K.; Yamaguchi, S.

New type of polysilanes: poly(1,1-silole)s
pp. 5-11(7)
Authors: Tamao, K.; Yamaguchi, S.

Synthesis and structures of polysilacage compounds containing a silicon-silicon inter-element linkage
pp. 12-19(8)
Authors: Shimizu, M.; Hiyama, T.; Matsubara, T.; Yamabe, T.

Stereospecific formation of optically active trialkylsilyllithiums and their configurational stability
pp. 20-25(6)
Authors: Omote, M.; Tokita, T.; Shimizu, Y.; Imae, I.; Shirakawa, E.; Kawakami, Y.

Electroreductive synthesis of oligosilanes and polysilanes with ordered sequences
pp. 26-31(6)
Authors: Ishifune, M.; Kashimura, S.; Kogai, Y.; Fukuhara, Y.; Kato, T.; Bu, H.; Yamashita, N.; Murai, Y.; Murase, H.; Nishida, R.

Alkoxide initiation of anionic polymerization of masked disilenes to polysilanes
pp. 32-35(4)
Authors: Sanji, T.; Kawabata, K.; Sakurai, H.

Molecular structure and packing of organopolysilanes
pp. 36-39(4)
Author: Furukawa, S.

Thermochromism and solvatochromism of non-ionic polar polysilanes
pp. 45-51(7)
Authors: Oka, K.; Fujiue, N.; Nakanishi, S.; Takata, T.; West, R.; Dohmaru, T.

Syntheses, structures, and properties of ladder oligosilanes and ladder oligogermanes
pp. 52-63(12)
Authors: Matsumoto, H.; Kyushin, S.; Unno, M.; Tanaka, R.

Optical properties of pyrrolyl-substituted polysilanes
pp. 64-70(7)
Authors: Seki, S.; Kunimi, Y.; Nishida, K.; Aramaki, K.; Tagawa, S.

Photophysical and photochemical processes of 9,10-dihydro-9-silaanthracenes: photochemical generation and electronic structure of 9-phenyl-9-silaanthracene
pp. 71-77(7)
Authors: Hiratsuka, H.; Tanaka, M.; Horiuchi, H.; Naris; Yoshinaga, T.; Oba, M.; Nishiyama, K.

Photochemical bis-silylation of C60: synthesis of a novel C60 main chain polysilane
pp. 78-84(7)
Authors: Wakahara, T.; Kondo, T.; Okamura, M.; Akasaka, T.; Hamada, Y.; Suzuki, T.; Kako, M.; Nakadaira, Y.

Energy transfer in highly oriented permethyl-dodecasilane and -octadecasilane films
pp. 85-88(4)
Authors: Tada, H.; Tojo, T.; Kako, M.; Nakadaira, Y.; Matsushige, K.

Unsaturated cyclic compounds possessing disulfide linkage
pp. 106-115(10)
Authors: Shimizu, T.; Kamigata, N.

Synthesis, structure, and one-electron redox reactions of 4,7-disubstituted benzotrichalcogenoles containing sulfur and/or selenium atoms
pp. 136-145(10)
Authors: Ogawa, S.; Ohmiya, T.; Kikuchi, T.; Kawaguchi, A.; Saito, S.; Sai, A.; Ohyama, N.; Kawai, Y.; Niizuma, S.; Nakajo, S.; Kimura, T.; Sato, R.

Inter-element linkage in 1,2- and 1,4-bis(arylselanyl)benzenes with halogens
pp. 178-189(12)
Authors: Nakanishi, W.; Hayashi, S.

Stable aromatic compounds containing heavier Group 14 elements
pp. 228-235(8)
Authors: Lee, V.Y.; Sekiguchi, A.; Ichinohe, M.; Fukaya, N.

Stable cyclic and acyclic persilyldisilenes
pp. 236-247(12)
Authors: Kira, M.; Iwamoto, T.

Triple bonds between heavier Group 14 elements. A theoretical approach
pp. 264-271(8)
Authors: Nagase, S.; Kobayashi, K.; Takagi, N.

The structures of [Ph2XS?N?SPh2NH]+ cations (X?NH, O)
pp. 272-279(8)
Authors: Yoshimura, T.; Fujii, T.; Murotani, S.; Miyoshi, S.; Fujimori, T.; Ohkubo, M.; Ono, S.; Morita, H.

An ab initio study on the structure and reactivity of 1,4-disilabenzene
pp. 280-287(8)
Authors: Kang, S.; Yoshizawa, K.; Yamabe, T.; Naka, A.; Ishikawa, M.

Bonding nature and reaction behavior of inter-element linkages with transition metal complexes. A theoretical study
pp. 288-298(11)
Authors: Sakaki, S.; Biswas, B.; Musashi, Y.; Sugimoto, M.

Preparation of ethylene-bridged Group 14 metal-zirconocene complexes
pp. 299-303(5)
Authors: Ura, Y.; Hara, R.; Takahashi, T.

Reactions of a novel quadruply chelated molybdenum-silyl complex with -dicarbonyl compounds
pp. 308-313(6)
Authors: Ito, T.; Shimada, K.; Ono, T.; Minato, M.; Yamaguchi, Y.

Synthesis and structures of bis(silylene)iron complexes containing new six-membered chelate rings
pp. 314-322(9)
Authors: Tobita, H.; Sato, T.; Okazaki, M.; Ogino, H.

Synthesis, structure, and properties of sulfido-bridged dinuclear tungsten(V) complex of dithiolene, (Pr4N)2[W2(-S)2{S2C2(CO2Et)2}4]
pp. 370-375(6)
Authors: Umakoshi, K.; Nishimoto, E.; Sokolov, M.; Kawano, H.; Sasaki, Y.; Onishi, M.

Palladium-catalyzed regioselective silaboration of 1,2-dienes
pp. 403-413(11)
Authors: Suginome, M.; Ohmori, Y.; Ito, Y.

C60-sensitized bis-silylation of nitrile and carbonyl compounds with disilirane
pp. 414-419(6)
Authors: Maeda, Y.; Sato, R.; Wakahara, T.; Okamura, M.; Akasaka, T.; Fujitsuka, M.; Ito, O.; Kobayashi, K.; Nagase, S.; Kako, M.; Nakadaira, Y.; Horn, E.

Palladium-catalyzed carbostannylation by means of reagents containing carbon-tin-halogen inter-element linkages
pp. 433-444(12)
Authors: Fugami, K.; Kawata, K.; Enokido, T.; Mishiba, Y.; Hagiwara, S.; Hirunuma, Y.; Koyama, D.; Kameyama, M.; Kosugi, M.

Chalcogenide-TiCl4-mediated reactions of S-ethyl thioacrylate with aldehydes
pp. 455-462(8)
Authors: Kataoka, T.; Iwama, T.; Kinoshita, H.; Tsurukami, Y.; Tsujiyama, S.; Fujita, M.; Honda, E.; Iwamura, T.; Watanabe, S.

Asymmetric imidation of organic selenides into selenimides
pp. 475-487(13)
Authors: Miyake, Y.; Oda, M.; Oyamada, A.; Takada, H.; Ohe, K.; Uemura, S.

The reaction of 1,2,3-selenadiazole with olefins
pp. 488-493(6)
Authors: Nishiyama, Y.; Hada, Y.; Iwase, K.; Sonoda, N.

Nucleophilic vinylic substitutions of 3-vinyliodanes
pp. 494-508(15)
Author: Ochiai, M.

Quantum chemical study of parasitic reaction in III-V nitride semiconductor crystal growth
pp. 514-524(11)
Authors: Nakamura, K.; Makino, O.; Tachibana, A.; Matsumoto, K.

Effects of the ethoxy and diethylamino substituent on the electrochemical and conducting properties of poly[(silanylene)oligothienylenes]
pp. 537-542(6)
Authors: Ohshita, J.; Takata, A.; Kunai, A.; Kakimoto, M.; Harima, Y.; Kunugi, Y.; Yamashita, K.

High-pressure synthesis and structure of a new silicon clathrate Ba24Si100
pp. 543-546(4)
Authors: Fukuoka, H.; Ueno, K.; Yamanaka, S.

Synthesis and characterization of N-confused porphyrinatoantimony(V): toward a low energy gap molecular wire
pp. 551-557(7)
Authors: Ogawa, T.; Furuta, H.; Takahashi, M.; Morino, A.; Uno, H.

Synthesis, structure of copper(II) complexes of S-containing pentadentate ligands
pp. 577-585(9)
Authors: Otsuka, M.; Hamasaki, A.; Kurosaki, H.; Goto, M.

Synthesis and superoxide dismutase activity of novel iron complexes
pp. 586-592(7)
Authors: Tamura, M.; Urano, Y.; Kikuchi, K.; Higuchi, T.; Hirobe, M.; Nagano, T.

Effects of Cys10 mutation to Ala in glutathione transferase from Escherichia coli
pp. 593-595(3)
Authors: Inoue, H.; Nishida, M.; Takahashi, K.

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