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Volume 555, Number 1, 28 November 2000

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pp. xi-xi(1)
Authors: Baran, J.; Barnes, A.J.; Handke, M.; Ratajczak, H.

Transient absorption experimental set-up with femtosecond time resolution. Femto- and picosecond study of DCM molecule in cyclohexane and methanol solution
pp. 1-13(13)
Authors: Maciejewski, A.; Naskrecki, R.; Lorenc, M.; Ziolek, M.; Karolczak, J.; Kubicki, J.; Matysiak, M.; Szymanski, M.

Quantum chemical studies on excited state intermolecular proton transfer of oxazine dyes
pp. 15-19(5)
Authors: Grofcsik, A.; Kubinyi, M.; Ruzsinszky, A.; Veszpremi, T.; Jones, W.J.

Experimental and quantum chemical evidences for C-H...N hydrogen bonds involving quaternary pyridinium salts and pyridinium ylides
pp. 31-42(12)
Authors: dega-Szafran, Z.; Schroeder, G.; Szafran, M.; Szwajca, A.; Leska, B.; Lewandowska, M.

Lifetimes and dissociation pathways of the quasi-bound states of the Na...FH van der Waals molecule
pp. 43-60(18)
Authors: Mrugala, F.; Piecuch, P.; Spirko, V.; Bludsky, O.

DFT study of the interaction between guanine and water
pp. 61-66(6)
Authors: Chandra, A.K.; Nguyen, M.T.; Uchimaru, T.; Zeegers-Huyskens, T.

Crystal structure and spectroscopic properties of N-methylmorpholine betaine phosphate
pp. 67-74(8)
Authors: dega-Szafran, Z.; Gzella, A.; Kosturkiewicz, Z.; Szafran, M.; Antkowiak, A.

Topological aspects of protonation and hydrogen bonding: the dihydrogen bond case
pp. 75-84(10)
Authors: Fuster, F.; Silvi, B.; Berski, S.; Latajka, Z.

Vibrational spectra and the structure of medical biopolymers
pp. 85-96(12)
Authors: Zhbankov, R.G.; Firsov, S.P.; Korolik, E.V.; Petrov, P.T.; Lapkovski, M.P.; Tsarenkov, V.M.; Marchewka, M.K.; Ratajczak, H.

2H and 13C CPMAS NMR study of chain dynamics in n-dodecylammonium chloride
pp. 107-117(11)
Authors: Fojud, Z.; Boeffel, C.; Szczesniak, E.; Jurga, S.

Electron-vibrational mode coupling in (Ph4P)2.C60.I from Raman scattering
pp. 131-137(7)
Authors: Graja, A.; Lipiec, R.; Polomska, M.

NIR Raman studies of molecular dynamics in superionic (NH4)4H2(SeO4)3
pp. 139-148(10)
Authors: Polomska, M.; Wolak, J.

New hydrogen-bonded molecular crystals with nonlinear second-order optical properties
pp. 149-158(10)
Authors: Ratajczak, H.; Baran, J.; Barycki, J.; debrus, S.; May, M.; Pietraszko, A.; Ratajczak, H.M.; Tramer, A.; Venturini, J.

The isotopic effect and spectroscopic studies of boron orthophosphate (BPO4)
pp. 159-164(6)
Authors: Adamczyk, A.; Handke, M.

Spectroscopic and theoretical study of vibrational spectra of hydrogen-bonded 2,4-dithiouracil
pp. 165-173(9)
Authors: Wojcik, M.J.; Boczar, M.; Wieczorek, M.; Tatara, W.

Bond-conversion model for photoinduced effects in glassy Ge-S chalcogenides
pp. 175-178(4)
Authors: Bondar, N.V.; Davydova, N.A.; Tishchenko, V.V.; Vlcek, M.

Structural phase transitions and phosphorescence spectra in benzophenone
pp. 187-190(4)
Authors: Davydova, N.A.; Mel'nik, V.I.; Nelipovitch, K.I.; Drozd, M.

Spectroscopic investigation of Nd3+ and Yb3+ in Ca4GdO(BO3)3 crystals
pp. 213-225(13)
Authors: Dominiak-Dzik, G.; Ryba-Romanowski, W.; Golab, S.; Macalik, L.; Hanuza, J.; Pajaczkowska, A.

Interaction of LC with a substrate in a system LC-porous glass studied by IR spectroscopy
pp. 235-242(8)
Authors: Gnatyuk, I.; Puchkovska, G.; Yaroshchuk, O.; Otto, K.; Pelzl, G.; Morawska-Kowal, T.

Structure and phase transitions in tetramethylammonium tetrabromoindate(III) and tetraethylammonium tetrabromoindate(III) crystals
pp. 243-255(13)
Authors: Gosniowska, M.; Ciunik, Z.; Bator, G.; Jakubas, R.; Baran, J.

Properties of polar Gay-Berne particles in cubic and tetragonal simulation boxes
pp. 257-267(11)
Authors: Gwozdz, E.; Brodka, A.; Pasterny, K.

Coupled fields and thermodiffusion in solid state theory
pp. 269-272(4)
Authors: Hoffmann, T.J.; Drozdowski, M.

Infrared investigation of the order-disorder phase transitions in (C5H5NH)6Bi4Cl18
pp. 273-279(7)
Authors: Jozkow, J.; Jakubas, R.; Baran, J.

Polarized Raman spectra of the oriented NaY(WO4)2 and KY(WO4)2 single crystals
pp. 289-297(9)
Authors: Macalik, L.; Hanuza, J.; Kaminskii, A.A.

Dynamics of nitrogen impurities in fullerite matrix-molecular dynamics study
pp. 305-310(6)
Authors: Palucha, S.; Kaczor, K.; Gburski, Z.

A molecular dynamics study of nitrogen oxide desorption from fullerite matrix
pp. 311-316(6)
Authors: Palucha, S.; dendzik, Z.; Gburski, Z.

Pretransitional effects at the superionic phase transition of CsDSO4 single crystals
pp. 317-323(7)
Authors: Pawlowski, T.; Polomska, M.; Hilczer, B.; Kirpichnikova, L.

Optical spectroscopy of chromium doped deuterated (CH3)2NH2Al(SO4)2.6H 2O crystals
pp. 335-340(6)
Authors: Podsiadla, D.; Ryba-Romanowski, W.; Golab, S.; Czupinski, O.; Czapla, Z.

The AIPO4 polymorphs structure in the light of Raman and IR spectroscopy studies
pp. 351-356(6)
Authors: Rokita, M.; Handke, M.; Mozgawa, W.

The non-ring cations influence on silicooxygen ring vibrations
pp. 357-362(6)
Authors: Sitarz, M.; Handke, M.; Mozgawa, W.; Galuskin, E.; Galuskina, I.

FTIR absorption-reflection study of biomimetic growth of phosphates on titanium implants
pp. 375-382(8)
Authors: Stoch, A.; Jastrzebski, W.; Brozek, A.; Stoch, J.; Szaraniec, J.; Trybalska, B.; Kmita, G.

Magnetic properties and EXAFS study of methylammonium hexaiodorhenate (IV) salts
pp. 383-390(8)
Authors: Tomkiewicz, A.; Villain, F.; Mrozinski, J.

Experimental and calculated structure of vibrational spectra of cinchonine
pp. 391-395(5)
Authors: Weselucha-Birczynska, A.; Ciechanowicz-Rutkowska, M.

Photocurrent generation in an electrochemical cell with substituted metalloporphyrins
pp. 407-417(11)
Authors: Wrobel, D.; Lukasiewicz, J.; Goc, J.; Waszkowiak, A.; Ion, R.

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