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Volume 179, Number 1, August 1997

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OMVPE growth of metastable GaAsSb and GaInAsSb alloys using TBAs and TBDMSb
pp. 1-9(9)
Authors: Wu, J.Z.; Herzog, W.; Epstein, M.; Stringfellow, G.B.; Shin, J.; Hsu, T.C.; Hsu, Y.

Effect of methyl surface saturation during growth interruption sequences of metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxy of In0.53Ga0.47As using trimethylarsenic
pp. 10-17(8)
Authors: Duda, G.N.; Kirchner, H.; Wilke, H.; Claes, L.; Pautet, C.; Abraham, P.; Souliere, V.; Dazord, J.; Monteil, Y.; Bouix, J.

Atomically flat OMVPE growth of GaInAs and InP observed by AFM for level narrowing in resonant tunneling diodes
pp. 18-25(8)
Authors: McCormack, T.; Mansour, J.M.; Suhara, M.; Nagao, C.; Honji, H.; Miyamoto, Y.; Furuya, K.; Takemura, R.

Reduction of As carryover by PH3 overpressure in metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxy
pp. 26-31(6)
Authors: Daggfeldt, K.; Thorstensson, A.; Ryu S.-W.; Choe, B.; Jeong, W.G.; Kim, H.; Kim, H.; Kim, I.; Park, S.

Scanning electron microscopy of InAs aggregation on GaAs vicinal surfaces in molecular beam epitaxy
pp. 32-36(5)
Authors: Hsiao, E.T.; Robinovitch, S.N.; Ren H.-W.; Nishinaga, T.

Growth rate enhancement of III-V antimonides on high-index substrates in metalorganic molecular beam epitaxy
pp. 37-40(4)
Authors: Levenston, M.E.; Asahi, H.; Yamamoto, K.; Hidaka, K.; Satoh, J.; Gonda, S.

Liquid-phase epitaxy of AlxGa1-xAs and technology for tandem solar cell application
pp. 41-49(9)
Authors: Siouffi, M.; deplano, V.; Pelissier, R.; Dimroth, F.; Bett, A.W.; Wettling, W.

Liquid-phase epitaxial growth of GaAsxP1-x layers on GaP substrates
pp. 50-56(7)
Authors: Marras, W.S.; Granata, K.P.; Ruda, H.E.; Mei, X.; Crnatovic, A.; Jedral, L.Z.; Lu, Z.H.; Dion, M.

Growth of semi-insulating InP with uniform axial Fe doping by a double-crucible LEC technique
pp. 57-66(10)
Authors: Kitazaki, S.; Griffin, M.J.; Fornari, R.; Gilioli, E.; Sentiri, A.; Zappettini, A.; Mignoni, G.; Zuccalli, G.

The influences of Zn-dopants on the lattice constant and surface morphology in Zn-doped AlGaAs grown by MOCVD
pp. 67-71(5)
Authors: Ishikawa, J.; Niebur, G.L.; Uchiyama, S.; Linscheid, R.L.; Minami, A.; Kaneda, K.; An, K.; Wang, C.; Huang, B.; Huang, G.; Qin, X.; Yu, S.; Jiang, M.

Modeling of CdTe(1 1 1)B/Si(0 0 1) interfaces
pp. 72-82(11)
Authors: Roberts, C.R.; Rains, J.K.; Pare, P.D.; Walker, D.C.; Wiggs, B.; Bert, J.L.; Oh, J.; Grein, C.H.

Structural quality of pseudomorphic Zn0.5Cd0.5Se layers grown on an InGaAs or InP buffer layer on (0 0 1)InP substrates
pp. 83-92(10)
Authors: Adams, D.J.; Spirt, A.A.; Brown, T.D.; Fritton, S.P.; Rubin, C.T.; Brand, R.A.; Yang, B.; Cavus, A.; Zeng, L.; Tamargo, M.C.; Snoeks, E.; Zhao, L.

Rapid thermal metalorganic chemical vapor deposition of CdTe
pp. 93-96(4)
Authors: Amir, N.; Stolyarova, S.; Nemirovsky, Y.

B incorporation and hole transport in fully strained heteroepitaxial Si1-xGex grown on Si(0 0 1) by gas-source MBE from Si2H6, Ge2H6, and B2H6
pp. 97-107(11)
Authors: Zatsiorsky, V.M.; King, D.L.; Lu, Q.; Sardela, M.R.; Taylor, N.; Glass, G.; Bramblett, T.R.; Spila, T.; Abelson, J.R.; Greene, J.E.

Modeling growth in Si gas-source molecular beam epitaxy using Si2H6
pp. 108-114(7)
Authors: Miller, K.; Chinzei, K.; Hirose, F.

Surfactant influence on the Ge heteroepilayer on Si(0 0 1) studied by X-ray diffraction and atomic force microscopy
pp. 115-119(5)
Authors: Cowin, S.C.; Arramon, Y.P.; Luo, G.M.; Sadegh, A.M.; Jiang, X.; Li, M.; Sun, J.; Zhu, H.; Jiang, Z.; Xu, A.; Mao, M.; Hu, D.; Zhang, X.; Liu, X.; Huang, D.; Wang, X.

Preparation and some physical properties of (Bi1-xSbx)2Se3 single crystals
pp. 144-152(9)
Authors: Crisco, J.J.; McGovern, R.D.; Losst'ak, P.; Drasar, C.; Sussamann, H.; Reinshaus, P.; Novotny, R.; Benes, L.; Lost'ak, P.

Heteroepitaxial growth of 3C-SiC on Si(0 0 1) without carbonization
pp. 153-160(8)
Authors: Caron, O.; Faure, B.; Breniere, Y.; Lee, K.; Kim, Y.; Yu, K.

Investigation of Pb5MoO8 crystal growth in PbO-MoO3 system
pp. 161-167(7)
Authors: Kepple, T.M.; Sommer III, H.J.; Siegel, K.L.; Stanhope, S.J.; Nihtianova, D.D.; Shumov, D.P.; Angelova, S.S.; Petrov, L.L.; Dimitriev, Y.B.

The noncapillary shaping (NCS) method: A new method of crystal growth
pp. 168-174(7)
Authors: Sprigings, E.J.; Lanovaz, J.L.; Glen Watson, L.; Russell, K.W.; Kurlov, V.N.; Kurlov, V.N.

Fabrication of near-net-shaped sapphire domes by noncapillary shaping method
pp. 175-180(6)
Authors: Ballyk, P.D.; Walsh, C.; Butany, J.; Ojha, M.; Kurlov, V.N.; Epelbaum, B.M.

Time dependence of density of molten potassium lithium niobate
pp. 181-184(4)
Authors: Moore, J.A.; Steinman, D.A.; Ross Ethier, C.; Huang, X.; Zhao, Y.; Ji, Y.; Wu, X.; Lu, K.

ATR FTIR spectroscopy for in situ measurement of supersaturation
pp. 185-193(9)
Authors: Hasler, E.M.; Herzog, W.; Leonard, T.R.; Stano, A.; Nguyen, H.; Berglund, K.A.; Dunuwila, D.D.

The influence of tensile strain on the growth of crystals of potash alum and sodium nitrate
pp. 194-204(11)
Authors: Keyak, J.H.; Rossi, S.A.; Jones, K.A.; Skinner, H.B.; Sherwood, J.N.; Ristic, R.I.; Shripathi, T.

The influence of synchrotron radiation-induced strain on the growth and dissolution of brittle and ductile materials
pp. 205-212(8)
Authors: Zhang, L.; Nuber, G.; Butler, J.; Bowen, M.; Rymer, W.Z.; Sherwood, J.N.; Ristic, R.I.; Shekunov, B.Y.

Thermodynamics, cluster formation and crystal growth in highly supersaturated solutions of KDP, ADP and TGS
pp. 213-225(13)
Authors: Chen, S.S.; Humphrey, J.D.; Myerson, A.S.; Bohenek, M.; Sun, W.M.

Effect of alcoholic additives on the nucleation of KDP and DKDP crystals
pp. 226-230(5)
Authors: Meskers, C.G.M.; van der Helm, F.C.T.; Rozendaal, L.A.; Rozing, P.M.; Jianzhong, C.; Sukun, L.; Fengtu, Y.; Jiahe, W.; Jianming, L.

The influence of crystal morphology on the kinetics of growth of calcium oxalate monohydrate
pp. 231-239(9)
Authors: Wren, T.A.L.; Beaupre, G.S.; Carter, D.R.; Millan, A.; Sohnel, O.; Grases, F.

A dark field-type Schlieren microscope for quantitative, in situ mapping of solute concentration profiles around growing crystals
pp. 240-248(9)
Authors: Buschmann, M.D.; Soulhat, J.; Shirazi-Adl, A.; Jurvelin, J.S.; Hunziker, E.B.; Kleine, S.; van Enckevort, W.J.P.; derix, J.

Synthesis and study of quantum size effect, XRD and IR spectral properties of PbS nanocrystals doped in SiO2 xerogel matrix
pp. 249-257(9)
Authors: Hasler, E.M.; Herzog, W.; Parvathy, N.N.; Venkateswara Rao, V.; Pajonk, G.M.

Melt growth of tetrahydrofuran clathrate hydrate and its inhibition: Method and first results
pp. 258-262(5)
Authors: Perktold, K.; Hofer, M.; Rappitsch, G.; Loew, M.; Kuban, B.D.; Friedman, M.H.; Makogon, T.Y.; Larsen, R.; Knight, C.A.; dendy Sloan, E.J.

Dendritic growth in microgravity and forced convection
pp. 263-276(14)
Authors: Ananth, R.; Gill, W.N.

Formation of double-diffusive layers in the directional solidification of binary solution
pp. 277-286(10)
Authors: Fabregues, S.; Baijens, K.; Rieu, R.; Bergeron, P.; Chen, F.

Effects of centrifugal and Coriolis forces on chimney convection during alloy solidification
pp. 287-296(10)
Authors: Hughes, R.E.; Niebur, G.; Liu, J.; An, K.; Riahi, D.N.

Numerical investigation of the effects of thermal creep in physical vapor transport
pp. 297-308(12)
Authors: Rao, V.R.; Mackowski, D.W.; Walker, D.G.; Knight, R.W.

Numerical simulation of combined flow in Czochralski crystal growth
pp. 309-319(11)
Authors: Sheehan, F.T.; Zajac, F.E.; Drace, J.E.; Geng, X.; Wu, X.B.; Guo, Z.Y.

Chemical bevelling of InP-based structures by HBr-H3PO4-K2Cr2O7 solution
pp. 320-323(4)
Authors: Srnanek, R.; Novotny, I.; Pudis, D.; El Gomati, M.

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