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Volume 1372, Number 2, 17 July 1998

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Effects of mitochondrial respiratory stimulation on membrane lipids and proteins: an electron paramagnetic resonance investigation
pp. 163-173(11)
Authors: GabbitaaGraduate Center for Toxicology, U.o.K.; Subramaniamb, R.; Allouchb, F.; CarneyaGraduate Center for Toxicology, U.o.K.; Butterfieldb, D.A.

Functional reconstitution of membrane glycoproteins into lipid vesicles using lectin precipitation. Application to the VIP receptor
pp. 174-186(13)
Authors: El Battari, A.; Zerfaoui, M.; Luis, J.; Xiao, Z.; Kadi, A.; Bellan, C.; Lombardo, D.; Marvaldi, J.

Differential regulation of Na+ and Cl- conductances by PTX-sensitive G proteins in fetal lung apical membrane vesicles
pp. 187-197(11)
Authors: Gambling, L.; Olver, R.E.; Fyfe, G.K.; Kemp, P.J.; Baines, D.L.

Red blood cell shape as a function of medium's ionic strength and pH
pp. 198-204(7)
Authors: Rasia, M.; Bollini, A.

The role of glycolipids in mediating cell adhesion: a flow chamber study
pp. 205-215(11)
Authors: Vogel, J.; Bendas, G.; Bakowsky, U.; Hummel, G.; Schmidt, R.R.; Kettmann, U.; Rothe, U.

Modulation of plant plasma membrane H+-ATPase by phytotoxic lipodepsipeptides produced by the plant pathogen Pseudomonas fuscovaginae
pp. 216-226(11)
Authors: Batoko, H.; de Kerchove d'Exaerde, A.; Kinet, J.; Bouharmont, J.; Gage, R.A.; Maraite, H.; Boutry, M.

pH-dependent fluoride transport in intestinal brush border membrane vesicles
pp. 244-254(11)
Authors: He, H.; Ganapathy, V.; Isales, C.M.; Whitford, G.M.

G-mediated regulation of the carnitine carrier in S49 lymphoma cells
pp. 255-260(6)
Authors: Gustafson, B.; Ransnas, L.A.

Regulation and pH-dependent expression of a bilaterally truncated yeast plasma membrane H+-ATPase
pp. 261-271(11)
Authors: Mason, A.B.; Kardos, T.B.; Monk, B.C.

Comparison of different hydrophobic anchors conjugated to poly(ethylene glycol): effects on the pharmacokinetics of liposomal vincristine
pp. 272-282(11)
Authors: Webb, M.S.; Saxon, D.; Wong, F.M.P.; Lim, H.J.; Wang, Z.; Bally, M.B.; Choi, L.S.L.; Cullis, P.R.; Mayer, L.D.

Lipid and stress dependence of amphotericin B ion selective channels in sterol-free membranes
pp. 283-288(6)
Authors: Ruckwardt, T.; Scott, A.; Scott, J.; Mikulecky, P.; Hartsel, S.C.

Voltage-dependent inhibition of the Na+,K+ pump by tetraethylammonium
pp. 289-300(12)
Authors: Eckstein-Ludwig, U.; Rettinger, J.; Vasilets, L.A.; Schwarz, W.

pH-sensitive liposomes as a carrier for oligonucleotides: a physico-chemical study of the interaction between DOPE and a 15-mer oligonucleotide in quasi-anhydrous samples
pp. 301-310(10)
Authors: de Oliveira, M.C.; Fattal, E.; Couvreur, P.; Lesieur, P.; Bourgaux, C.; Ollivon, M.; Dubernet, C.

Effect of cysteine replacements on the properties of the turgor sensor KdpD of Escherichia coli
pp. 311-322(12)
Authors: Jung, K.; Heermann, R.; Meyer, M.; Altendorf, K.

pH dependence of Cl/HCO3 exchanger in the rat jejunal enterocyte
pp. 323-330(8)
Authors: Tosco, M.; Orsenigo, M.N.; Gastaldi, G.; Faelli, A.

Physico-chemical characterization of a double long-chain cationic amphiphile (Vectamidine) by microelectrophoresis
pp. 339-346(8)
Authors: Pector, V.; Caspers, J.; Banerjee, S.; deriemaeker, L.; Fuks, R.; El Ouahabi, A.; vandenbranden, M.; Finsy, R.; Ruysschaert, J.

Thermotropic behavior of galactosylceramides with cis-monoenoic fatty acyl chains
pp. 347-358(12)
Authors: Kulkarni, V.S.; Brown, R.E.

Ionophoric activity of the antibiotic peptaibol trichorzin PA VI: a 23Na- and 35Cl-NMR study
pp. 370-378(9)
Authors: Duval, D.; Riddell, F.G.; Rebuffat, S.; Platzer, N.; Bodo, B.

Transfer of second messengers through gap junction connexin 43 channels reconstituted in liposomes
pp. 384-388(5)
Authors: Kam, Y.; Kim, D.Y.; Koo, S.K.; Joe, C.O.

Lα-phase separation in phosphatidylcholine-water systems induced by alkali chlorides
pp. 389-393(5)
Authors: Rappolt, M.; Pressl, K.; Pabst, G.; Laggner, P.

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