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Volume 52, Number 2, 1 February 2012

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pp. 213-213(1)

Identifying neonates likely to benefit from a red blood cell transfusion
pp. 217-218(2)
Author: Christensen, Robert D.

Both expressions of blood donors
pp. 226-226(1)
Authors: Lefrère, Jean‐Jacques

How do I audit hospital blood product utilization?
pp. 227-230(4)
Authors: Haspel, Richard L.; Uhl, Lynne

Alloimmunization to transfused HOD red blood cells is not increased in mice with sickle cell disease
pp. 231-240(10)
Authors: Hendrickson, Jeanne E.; Hod, Eldad A.; Perry, Jennifer R.; Ghosh, Samit; Chappa, Prasanthi; Adisa, Olufolake; Kean, Leslie S.; Ofori‐Acquah, Solomon F.; Archer, David R.; Spitalnik, Steven L.; Zimring, James C.

Partial D phenotypes and genotypes in the Chinese population
pp. 241-246(6)
Authors: Ye, Luyi; Wang, Pan; Gao, Huanhuan; Zhang, Jiamin; Wang, Chen; Li, Qin; Han, Shasha; Guo, Zhonghui; Yang, Ying; Zhu, Ziyan

Splanchnic‐cerebral oxygenation ratio as a marker of preterm infant blood transfusion needs
pp. 252-260(9)
Authors: Bailey, Sean M.; Hendricks‐Muñoz, Karen D.; Mally, Pradeep

Postoperative anemia does not impede functional outcome and quality of life early after hip and knee arthroplasties
pp. 261-270(10)
Authors: Vuille‐Lessard, Élise; Boudreault, Daniel; Girard, François; Ruel, Monique; Chagnon, Miguel; Hardy, Jean‐François

Continuing Medical Education Program in Transfusion
pp. 271-271(1)
Author: Eder, Anne F.

The Cord Blood Apgar: a novel scoring system to optimize selection of banked cord blood grafts for transplantation (CME)
pp. 272-283(12)
Authors: Page, Kristin M.; Zhang, Lijun; Mendizabal, Adam; Wease, Stephen; Carter, Shelly; Shoulars, Kevin; Gentry, Tracy; Balber, Andrew E.; Kurtzberg, Joanne

Flow cytometric analyses of CD34+ cells with inclusion of internal positive controls
pp. 284-290(7)
Authors: Gutensohn, Kai; Jessen, Maria; Ketels, Andrea; Gramatzki, Martin; Humpe, Andreas

Xenotropic murine leukemia virus–related virus does not pose a risk to blood recipient safety
pp. 298-306(9)
Authors: Dodd, Roger Y.; Hackett Jr, John; Linnen, Jeffrey M.; Dorsey, Kerri; Wu, Yanyun; Zou, Shimian; Qiu, Xiaoxing; Swanson, Priscilla; Schochetman, Gerald; Gao, Kui; Carrick, James M.; Krysztof, David E.; Stramer, Susan L.

Seroprevalence of xenotropic murine leukemia virus–related virus in normal and retrovirus‐infected blood donors
pp. 307-316(10)
Authors: Qiu, Xiaoxing; Swanson, Priscilla; Tang, Ning; Leckie, Gregor W.; Devare, Sushil G.; Schochetman, Gerald; Hackett Jr, John

No evidence of cross‐species transmission of mouse retroviruses to animal workers exposed to mice
pp. 317-325(9)
Authors: Brooks, James; Lycett‐Lambert, Karly; Caminiti, Kyna; Merks, Harriet; McMillan, Rachel; Sandstrom, Paul

Absence of xenotropic murine leukemia virus–related virus in blood donors in China
pp. 326-331(6)
Authors: Mi, Zhiqiang; Lu, Ying; Zhang, Shana; An, Xiaoping; Wang, Xiaona; Chen, Bin; Wang, Quanli; Tong, Yigang

Development and application of a high‐throughput microneutralization assay: lack of xenotropic murine leukemia virus–related virus and/or murine leukemia virus detection in blood donors
pp. 332-342(11)
Authors: Zhou, Yanchen; Steffen, Imke; Montalvo, Leilani; Lee, Tzong‐Hae; Zemel, Reeve; Switzer, William M.; Tang, Shaohua; Jia, Hongwei; Heneine, Walid; Winkelman, Valerie; Tailor, Chetankumar S.; Ikeda, Yasuhiro; Simmons, Graham

Application of implicit attitude measures to the blood donation context
pp. 356-365(10)
Authors: Warfel, Regina M.; France, Christopher R.; France, Janis L.

Forecasting Ontario's blood supply and demand
pp. 366-374(9)
Authors: Drackley, Adam; Newbold, K. Bruce; Paez, Antonio; Heddle, Nancy

Assessment of donor fear enhances prediction of presyncopal symptoms among volunteer blood donors
pp. 375-380(6)
Authors: France, Christopher R.; France, Janis L.; Kowalsky, Jennifer M.; Ellis, Gary D.; Copley, Diane M.; Geneser, Ashley; Frame‐Brown, Terri; Venable, Geri; Graham, David; Shipley, Patsy; Menitove, Jay E.

Molecular blood typing augments serologic testing and allows for enhanced matching of red blood cells for transfusion in patients with sickle cell disease
pp. 381-388(8)
Authors: Wilkinson, Katie; Harris, Samantha; Gaur, Prashant; Haile, Askale; Armour, Rosalind; Teramura, Gayle; Delaney, Meghan

Comprehensive analysis of RHD alleles in Argentineans with variant D phenotypes
pp. 389-396(8)
Authors: Brajovich, Melina E. Luján; Trucco Boggione, Carolina; Biondi, Claudia S.; Racca, Amelia L.; Tarragó, Marcel; Nogués, Núria; Muñiz‐Díaz, Eduardo; Cotorruelo, Carlos M.

Riboflavin and ultraviolet light treatment potentiates vasodilator‐stimulated phosphoprotein Ser‐239 phosphorylation in platelet concentrates during storage
pp. 397-408(12)
Authors: Schubert, Peter; Culibrk, Brankica; Coupland, Danielle; Scammell, Ken; Gyongyossy‐Issa, Maria; Devine, Dana V.

Evaluating pathogen reduction of Trypanosoma cruzi with riboflavin and ultraviolet light for whole blood
pp. 409-416(8)
Authors: Tonnetti, Laura; Thorp, Aaron M.; Reddy, Heather L.; Keil, Shawn D.; Goodrich, Raymond P.; Leiby, David A.

Proteomic analyses of human plasma: Venus versus Mars
pp. 417-424(8)
Authors: Silliman, Christopher C.; Dzieciatkowska, Monika; Moore, Ernest E.; Kelher, Marguerite R.; Banerjee, Anirban; Liang, Xiayuan; Land, Kevin J.; Hansen, Kirk C.

Blood screening nucleic acid amplification tests for human immunodeficiency virus Type 1 may require two different amplification targets
pp. 431-439(9)
Authors: Chudy, Michael; Weber‐Schehl, Marijke; Pichl, Lutz; Jork, Christine; Kress, Julia; Heiden, Margarethe; Funk, Markus B.; Nübling, C. Micha

Blood donation screening for hepatitis B virus markers in the era of nucleic acid testing: are all tests of value?
pp. 440-446(7)
Authors: Stramer, Susan L.; Zou, Shimian; Notari, Edward P.; Foster, Gregory A.; Krysztof, David E.; Musavi, Fatemeh; Dodd, Roger Y.

Relative distribution of West Nile virus RNA in blood compartments: implications for blood donor nucleic acid amplification technology screening
pp. 447-454(8)
Authors: Lai, Lori; Lee, Tzong‐Hae; Tobler, Leslie; Wen, Li; Shi, Ping; Alexander, Jeff; Ewing, Helen; Busch, Michael

Maternal ABO isohemagglutinins in infant circulation
pp. 455-455(1)
Authors: Elhence, Priti; Verma, Anupam

In reply
pp. 455-456(2)
Authors: Shaikh, S.; Sloan, S.R.

Recommendations for transfusion in ABO‐incompatible hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
pp. 456-458(3)
Authors: O'Donghaile, Diarmaid; Kelley, Walter; Klein, Harvey G.; Flegel, Willy A.

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