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Volume 587, Number 21, November 2009

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Free Content No need to sweat: is dieting enough to alleviate insulin resistance in obesity?
pp. 5001-5002(2)
Authors: Watt, Matthew J.; Bruce, Clinton R.

Free Content How to shut down Ca2+-induced Ca2+ release?
pp. 5003-5004(2)
Author: Niggli, Ernst

Free Content Short of air? Cool it!
pp. 5009-5010(2)
Author: McAllen, R. M.

Free Content Orthostatic stress, haemorrhage and a bankrupt cardiovascular system
pp. 5015-5016(2)
Author: Joyner, Michael J.

Free Content Novel aspects of oestrogen actions
pp. 5017-5017(1)
Author: Harvey, Brian

Free Content Membrane oestrogen receptor α signalling to cell functions
pp. 5019-5023(5)
Author: Levin, Ellis R.

Free Content The role of oestrogens in the adaptation of islets to insulin resistance
pp. 5031-5037(7)
Authors: Nadal, Angel; Alonso-Magdalena, Paloma; Soriano, Sergi; Ropero, Ana B.; Quesada, Ivan

Free Content Novel female sex-dependent actions of oestrogen in the intestine
pp. 5039-5044(6)
Authors: O’Mahony, Fiona; Thomas, Warren; Harvey, Brian J.

Free Content Agonist and blocking actions of choline and tetramethylammonium on human muscle acetylcholine receptors
pp. 5045-5072(28)
Authors: Lape, Remigijus; Krashia, Paraskevi; Colquhoun, David; Sivilotti, Lucia G.

Free Content Differential expression of membrane conductances underlies spontaneous event initiation by rostral midline neurons in the embryonic mouse hindbrain
pp. 5081-5093(13)
Authors: Moruzzi, Audrey M.; Abedini, Nauzley C.; Hansen, Matthew A.; Olson, Julia E.; Bosma, Martha M.

Free Content Neurobeachin, a protein implicated in membrane protein traffic and autism, is required for the formation and functioning of central synapses
pp. 5095-5106(12)
Authors: Medrihan, Lucian; Rohlmann, Astrid; Fairless, Richard; Andrae, Johanna; Döring, Markus; Missler, Markus; Zhang, Weiqi; Kilimann, Manfred W.

Free Content Activation of the retrotrapezoid nucleus by posterior hypothalamic stimulation
pp. 5121-5138(18)
Authors: Fortuna, Michal G.; Stornetta, Ruth L.; West, Gavin H.; Guyenet, Patrice G.

Free Content Vasomotor and respiratory responses evoked from the dorsolateral periaqueductal grey are mediated by the dorsomedial hypothalamus
pp. 5149-5162(14)
Authors: Horiuchi, Jouji; McDowall, Lachlan M.; Dampney, Roger A. L.

Free Content Interactions between short-interval intracortical inhibition and short-latency afferent inhibition in human motor cortex
pp. 5163-5176(14)
Authors: Alle, Henrik; Heidegger, Tonio; Kriváneková, Lucia; Ziemann, Ulf

Free Content Flexible spike timing of layer 5 neurons during dynamic beta oscillation shifts in rat prefrontal cortex
pp. 5177-5196(20)
Authors: van Aerde, Karlijn I.; Mann, Edward O.; Canto, Cathrin B.; Heistek, Tim S.; Linkenkaer-Hansen, Klaus; Mulder, Antonius B.; van der Roest, Marcel; Paulsen, Ole; Brussaard, Arjen B.; Mansvelder, Huibert D.

Free Content Alteration of sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ release termination by ryanodine receptor sensitization and in heart failure
pp. 5197-5209(13)
Authors: Domeier, Timothy L.; Blatter, Lothar A.; Zima, Aleksey V.

Free Content Coupling an HCN2-expressing cell to a myocyte creates a two-cell pacing unit
pp. 5211-5226(16)
Authors: Valiunas, V.; Kanaporis, G.; Valiuniene, L.; Gordon, C.; Wang, H. Z.; Li, L.; Robinson, R. B.; Rosen, M. R.; Cohen, I. S.; Brink, P. R.

Free Content Oxidative stress and the muscle reflex in heart failure
pp. 5227-5237(11)
Authors: Koba, Satoshi; Gao, Zhaohui; Sinoway, Lawrence I.

Free Content Resistance exercise-induced increases in putative anabolic hormones do not enhance muscle protein synthesis or intracellular signalling in young men
pp. 5239-5247(9)
Authors: West, Daniel W. D.; Kujbida, Gregory W.; Moore, Daniel R.; Atherton, Philip; Burd, Nicholas A.; Padzik, Jan P.; De Lisio, Michael; Tang, Jason E.; Parise, Gianni; Rennie, Michael J.; Baker, Steven K.; Phillips, Stuart M.

Free Content Differences in sodium voltage-gated channel properties according to myosin heavy chain isoform expression in single muscle fibres
pp. 5249-5258(10)
Authors: Rannou, F.; Droguet, M.; Giroux-Metges, M. A.; Pennec, Y.; Gioux, M.; Pennec, J. P.

Free Content Hypoxia reduces the hypothalamic thermogenic threshold and thermosensitivity
pp. 5259-5274(16)
Authors: Tattersall, Glenn J.; Milsom, William K.

Free Content Nerve-evoked purinergic signalling suppresses action potentials, Ca2+ flashes and contractility evoked by muscarinic receptor activation in mouse urinary bladder smooth muscle
pp. 5275-5288(14)
Authors: Heppner, Thomas J.; Werner, Matthias E.; Nausch, Bernhard; Vial, Catherine; Evans, Richard J.; Nelson, Mark T.

Free Content Corrigendum
pp. 5293-5293(1)

Free Content Corrigendum
pp. 5295-5295(1)

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