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Volume 71, Number 4, February 2009

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Free Content Parts exchange: tuning the flagellar motor to fit the conditions
pp. 807-810(4)
Authors: Delalez, Nicolas; Armitage, Judith P.

Free Content Programmed drug-dependent ribosome stalling
pp. 811-824(14)
Authors: Ramu, Haripriya; Mankin, Alexander; Vazquez-Laslop, Nora

Free Content Sodium-dependent dynamic assembly of membrane complexes in sodium-driven flagellar motors
pp. 825-835(11)
Authors: Fukuoka, Hajime; Wada, Tomoyuki; Kojima, Seiji; Ishijima, Akihiko; Homma, Michio

Free Content Two different stator systems drive a single polar flagellum in Shewanella oneidensis MR-1
pp. 836-850(15)
Authors: Paulick, Anja; Koerdt, Andrea; Lassak, Jürgen; Huntley, Stuart; Wilms, Ina; Narberhaus, Franz; Thormann, Kai M.

Free Content Leptosphaeria maculans avirulence gene AvrLm4-7 confers a dual recognition specificity by the Rlm4 and Rlm7 resistance genes of oilseed rape, and circumvents Rlm4-mediated recognition through a single amino acid change
pp. 851-863(13)
Authors: Parlange, Francis; Daverdin, Guillaume; Fudal, Isabelle; Kuhn, Marie-Line; Balesdent, Marie-Hélène; Blaise, Françoise; Grezes-Besset, Bruno; Rouxel, Thierry

Free Content Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium Std fimbriae bind terminal α(1,2)fucose residues in the cecal mucosa
pp. 864-875(12)
Authors: Chessa, Daniela; Winter, Maria G.; Jakomin, Marcello; Bäumler, Andreas J.

Free Content Genome-wide responses to carbonyl electrophiles in Bacillus subtilis: control of the thiol-dependent formaldehyde dehydrogenase AdhA and cysteine proteinase YraA by the MerR-family regulator YraB (AdhR)
pp. 876-894(19)
Authors: Huyen, Nguyen Thi Thu; Eiamphungporn, Warawan; Mäder, Ulrike; Liebeke, Manuel; Lalk, Michael; Hecker, Michael; Helmann, John D.; Antelmann, Haike

Free Content Physical-chemical plant-derived signals induce differentiation in Ustilago maydis
pp. 895-911(17)
Authors: Mendoza-Mendoza, Artemio; Berndt, Patrick; Djamei, Armin; Weise, Carolin; Linne, Uwe; Marahiel, Mohamed; Vraneš, Miroslav; Kämper, Jörg; Kahmann, Regine

Free Content A Candida albicans-specific region of the α-pheromone receptor plays a selective role in the white cell pheromone response
pp. 925-947(23)
Authors: Yi, Song; Sahni, Nidhi; Pujol, Claude; Daniels, Karla J.; Srikantha, Thyagarajan; Ma, Ning; Soll, David R.

Free Content Atypical association of DDE transposition with conjugation specifies a new family of mobile elements
pp. 948-959(12)
Authors: Brochet, Mathieu; Da Cunha, Violette; Couvé, Elisabeth; Rusniok, Christophe; Trieu-Cuot, Patrick; Glaser, Philippe

Free Content Amino acid 310 determines the donor substrate specificity of serogroup W-135 and Y capsule polymerases of Neisseria meningitidis
pp. 960-971(12)
Authors: Claus, Heike; Stummeyer, Katharina; Batzilla, Julia; Mühlenhoff, Martina; Vogel, Ulrich

Free Content Ss-LrpB, a transcriptional regulator from Sulfolobus solfataricus, regulates a gene cluster with a pyruvate ferredoxin oxidoreductase-encoding operon and permease genes
pp. 972-988(17)
Authors: Peeters, Eveline; Albers, Sonja-Verena; Vassart, Amelia; Driessen, Arnold J. M.; Charlier, Daniel

Free Content The archaeal RNA polymerase subunit P and the eukaryotic polymerase subunit Rpb12 are interchangeable in vivo and in vitro
pp. 989-1002(14)
Authors: Reich, Christoph; Zeller, Mirijam; Milkereit, Philipp; Hausner, Winfried; Cramer, Patrick; Tschochner, Herbert; Thomm, Michael

Free Content Sequence requirements for the export of the Plasmodium falciparum Maurer's clefts protein REX2
pp. 1003-1017(15)
Authors: Haase, Silvia; Herrmann, Susann; Grüring, Christof; Heiber, Arlett; Jansen, Pascal W.; Langer, Christine; Treeck, Moritz; Cabrera, Ana; Bruns, Caroline; Struck, Nicole S.; Kono, Maya; Engelberg, Klemens; Ruch, Ulrike; Stunnenberg, Hendrik G.; Gilberger, Tim-Wolf; Spielmann, Tobias

Free Content DnaA protein interacts with RNA polymerase and partially protects it from the effect of rifampicin
pp. 1018-1030(13)
Authors: Flåtten, Ingvild; Morigen; Skarstad, Kirsten

Free Content KOPS-guided DNA translocation by FtsK safeguards Escherichia coli chromosome segregation
pp. 1031-1042(12)
Authors: Sivanathan, Viknesh; Emerson, Jenny E.; Pages, Carine; Cornet, François; Sherratt, David J.; Arciszewska, Lidia K.

Free Content Cross-immunity and immune mimicry as mechanisms of resistance to the lantibiotic lacticin 3147
pp. 1043-1054(12)
Authors: Draper, Lorraine A.; Grainger, Karen; Deegan, Lucy H.; Cotter, Paul D.; Hill, Colin; Ross, R. Paul

Free Content Glycolipids are involved in biofilm accumulation and prolonged bacteraemia in Enterococcus faecalis
pp. 1055-1069(15)
Authors: Theilacker, Christian; Sanchez-Carballo, Patricia; Toma, Ioana; Fabretti, Francesca; Sava, Irina; Kropec, Andrea; Holst, Otto; Huebner, Johannes

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