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Volume 114, Number 3, August 2010

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Free Content Functional ‘glial’ GLYT1 glycine transporters expressed in neurons
pp. 647-653(7)
Authors: Raiteri, Luca; Raiteri, Maurizio

Free Content TRPM3 is expressed in sphingosine-responsive myelinating oligodendrocytes
pp. 654-665(12)
Authors: Hoffmann, Anja; Grimm, Christian; Kraft, Robert; Goldbaum, Olaf; Wrede, Arne; Nolte, Christiane; Hanisch, Uwe-Karsten; Richter-Landsberg, Christiane; Brück, Wolfgang; Kettenmann, Helmut; Harteneck, Christian

Free Content Leptin promotes dopamine transporter and tyrosine hydroxylase activity in the nucleus accumbens of Sprague-Dawley rats
pp. 666-674(9)
Authors: Perry, Maura L.; Leinninger, Gina M.; Chen, Rong; Luderman, Kathryn D.; Yang, Hongyan; Gnegy, Margaret E.; Myers, Martin G.; Kennedy, Robert T.

Free Content Cocaine causes memory and learning impairments in rats: involvement of nuclear factor kappa B and oxidative stress, and prevention by topiramate
pp. 675-684(10)
Authors: Muriach, María; López-Pedrajas, Rosa; Barcia, Jorge M.; Sanchez-Villarejo, María V.; Almansa, Inmaculada; Romero, Francisco J.

Free Content Apolipoprotein E mRNA is transported to dendrites and may have a role in synaptic structural plasticity
pp. 685-696(12)
Authors: Oh, Jun-Young; Nam, Yeon-Ju; Jo, Anna; Cheon, Hyo-Soon; Rhee, Sang-Myung; Park, Joong-Ki; Lee, Jin-A; Kim, Hyong Kyu

Free Content Fluoxetine prevents stimulation-dependent fatigue of synaptic vesicle exocytosis in hippocampal neurons
pp. 697-705(9)
Authors: Henkel, Andreas Wolfram; Welzel, Oliver; Groemer, Teja Wolfgang; Tripal, Philipp; Rotter, Andrea; Kornhuber, Johannes

Free Content Dopamine D2 receptor signaling modulates mutant ataxin-1 S776 phosphorylation and aggregation
pp. 706-716(11)
Authors: Hearst, Scoty M.; Lopez, Mariper E.; Shao, Qingmei; Liu, Yong; Vig, Parminder J. S.

Free Content Neurochemical changes in the developing rat hippocampus during prolonged hypoglycemia
pp. 728-738(11)
Authors: Rao, Raghavendra; Ennis, Kathleen; Long, Jeffery D.; Ugurbil, Kamil; Gruetter, Rolf; Tkac, Ivan

Free Content RGS9-2 mediates specific inhibition of agonist-induced internalization of D2-dopamine receptors
pp. 739-749(11)
Authors: Celver, Jeremy; Sharma, Meenakshi; Kovoor, Abraham

Free Content Dopamine stimulation of postnatal murine subventricular zone neurogenesis via the D3 receptor
pp. 750-760(11)
Authors: Kim, Yongsoo; Wang, Wei-Zhi; Comte, Isabelle; Pastrana, Erika; Tran, Phuong B.; Brown, Jennifer; Miller, Richard J.; Doetsch, Fiona; Molnár, Zoltán; Szele, Francis G.

Free Content Selective lesion of the developing central noradrenergic system: short- and long-term effects and reinnervation by noradrenergic-rich tissue grafts
pp. 761-771(11)
Authors: Coradazzi, Marino; Gulino, Rosario; Garozzo, Sebastiano; Leanza, Giampiero

Free Content Implication of TAp73 in the p53-independent pathway of Puma induction and Puma-dependent apoptosis in primary cortical neurons
pp. 772-783(12)
Authors: Fricker, Michael; Papadia, Sofia; Hardingham, Giles E.; Tolkovsky, Aviva M.

Free Content Characterization of AZD4694, a novel fluorinated Aβ plaque neuroimaging PET radioligand
pp. 784-794(11)
Authors: Juréus, Anders; Swahn, Britt-Marie; Sandell, Johan; Jeppsson, Fredrik; Johnson, Allan E.; Johnström, Peter; Neelissen, Jan A. M.; Sunnemark, Dan; Farde, Lars; Svensson, Samuel P. S.

Free Content AAV-mediated expression of wild-type and ALS-linked mutant VAPB selectively triggers death of motoneurons through a Ca2+-dependent ER-associated pathway
pp. 795-809(15)
Authors: Langou, Karine; Moumen, Anice; Pellegrino, Christophe; Aebischer, Julianne; Medina, Igor; Aebischer, Patrick; Raoul, Cédric

Free Content P2X7 receptor activation induces CXCL2 production in microglia through NFAT and PKC/MAPK pathways
pp. 810-819(10)
Authors: Shiratori, Miho; Tozaki-Saitoh, Hidetoshi; Yoshitake, Mai; Tsuda, Makoto; Inoue, Kazuhide

Free Content Metabolism of acetyl-l-carnitine for energy and neurotransmitter synthesis in the immature rat brain
pp. 820-831(12)
Authors: Scafidi, Susanna; Fiskum, Gary; Lindauer, Steven L.; Bamford, Penelope; Shi, Da; Hopkins, Irene; McKenna, Mary C.

Free Content Neurite-like structures induced by mevalonate pathway blockade are due to the stability of cell adhesion foci and are enhanced by the presence of APP
pp. 832-842(11)
Authors: Hughes, Mary; Snetkov, Vladimir; Rose, Ruth-Sarah; Trousil, Sebastian; Mermoud, Jacqueline E.; Dingwall, Colin

Free Content Delayed pre-conditioning by 3-nitropropionic acid prevents 3,4-methylenedioxymetamphetamine-induced 5-HT deficits
pp. 843-852(10)
Authors: Puerta, Elena; Pastor, Fiona; Dvoracek, Jan; de Saavedra, María D. M.; Goñi-Allo, Beatriz; Jordán, Joaquín; Hervias, Isabel; Aguirre, Norberto

Free Content Effect of pharmacological chaperones on brain tyrosine hydroxylase and tryptophan hydroxylase 2
pp. 853-863(11)
Authors: Calvo, Ana C.; Scherer, Tanja; Pey, Angel L.; Ying, Ming; Winge, Ingeborg; McKinney, Jeffrey; Haavik, Jan; Thöny, Beat; Martinez, Aurora

Free Content nNOSα and nNOSβ localization to aggresome-like inclusions is dependent on HSP90 activity
pp. 864-872(9)
Authors: Corso-Díaz, Ximena; Krukoff, Teresa L.

Free Content Interrelation of dopamine transporter oligomerization and surface presence as studied with mutant transporter proteins and amphetamine
pp. 873-885(13)
Authors: Li, Yan; Cheng, Shu-Yuan; Chen, Nianhang; Reith, Maarten E. A.

Free Content Carboxypeptidase E cytoplasmic tail mediates localization of synaptic vesicles to the pre-active zone in hypothalamic pre-synaptic terminals
pp. 886-896(11)
Authors: Lou, Hong; Park, Joshua J.; Cawley, Niamh X.; Sarcon, Annahita; Sun, Lei; Adams, Tiffany; Peng Loh, Yoke

Free Content Sex-dimorphic changes in neuroactive steroid levels after chronic experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
pp. 921-932(12)
Authors: Caruso, Donatella; D’Intino, Giulia; Giatti, Silvia; Maschi, Omar; Pesaresi, Marzia; Calabrese, Donato; Garcia-Segura, Luis-Miguel; Calza, Laura; Melcangi, Roberto C.

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