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Volume 102, Number 3, August 2007

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Free Content Neurodevelopmental involvement in schizophrenia: the olfactory epithelium as an alternative model for research
pp. 587-594(8)
Authors: Cascella, Nicola G.; Takaki, Manabu; Lin, Sandra; Sawa, Akira

Free Content Neuronal preconditioning with the antianginal drug, bepridil
pp. 595-608(14)
Authors: Gáspár, Tamás; Kis, Béla; Snipes, James A.; Lenzsér, Gábor; Mayanagi, Keita; Bari, Ferenc; Busija, David W.

Free Content Mutant SOD1-induced neuronal toxicity is mediated by increased mitochondrial superoxide levels
pp. 609-618(10)
Authors: Zimmerman, Matthew C.; Oberley, Larry W.; Flanagan, Shawn W.

Free Content Alzheimer’s presenilin 1 modulates sorting of APP and its carboxyl-terminal fragments in cerebral neurons in vivo
pp. 619-626(8)
Authors: Gandy, Sam; Zhang, Yun-wu; Ikin, Annat; Schmidt, Stephen D.; Levy, Efrat; Sheffield, Roxanne; Nixon, Ralph A.; Liao, Francesca-Fang; Mathews, Paul M.; Xu, Huaxi; Ehrlich, Michelle E.

Free Content Genomic and proteomic microglial profiling: pathways for neuroprotective inflammatory responses following nerve fragment clearance and activation
pp. 627-645(19)
Authors: Glanzer, Jason G.; Enose, Yoshimi; Wang, Tong; Kadiu, Irena; Gong, Nan; Rozek, Wojciech; Liu, Jianuo; Schlautman, Joshua D.; Ciborowski, Pawel S.; Thomas, Mark P.; Gendelman, Howard E.

Free Content Proteomic analysis of γ-butyrolactone-treated mouse thalamus reveals dysregulated proteins upon absence seizure
pp. 646-656(11)
Authors: Ryu, Myung-Jeom; Kim, Daesoo; Kang, Un-Beom; Kim, Joon; Shin, Hee-Sup; Lee, Cheolju; Yu, Myeong-Hee

Free Content Flumazenil selectively prevents the increase in α4-subunit gene expression and an associated change in GABAA receptor function induced by ethanol withdrawal
pp. 657-666(10)
Authors: Biggio, Francesca; Gorini, Giorgio; Caria, Stefania; Murru, Luca; Sanna, Enrico; Follesa, Paolo

Free Content Evidence of calcium- and SNARE-dependent release of CuZn superoxide dismutase from rat pituitary GH3 cells and synaptosomes in response to depolarization
pp. 679-685(7)
Authors: Santillo, Mariarosaria; Secondo, Agnese; Serù, Rosalba; Damiano, Simona; Garbi, Corrado; Taverna, Elena; Rosa, Patrizia; Giovedì, Silvia; Benfenati, Fabio; Mondola, Paolo

Free Content Nidogen is a prosurvival and promigratory factor for adult Schwann cells
pp. 686-698(13)
Authors: Lee, Hyun Kyoung; Seo, In Ae; Park, Hye Kyung; Park, Yoo Mi; Ahn, Kyoung Jin; Yoo, Young Hyun; Park, Hwan Tae

Free Content Chronic second-by-second measures ofl-glutamate in the central nervous system of freely moving rats
pp. 712-722(11)
Authors: Rutherford, Erin C.; Pomerleau, Francois; Huettl, Peter; Strömberg, Ingrid; Gerhardt, Greg A.

Free Content Nicotine induces tyrosine hydroxylase plasticity in the neurodegenerating striatum
pp. 723-730(8)
Authors: Urbanavicius, Jessika; Ferreira, Margot; Costa, Gustavo; Abin-Carriquiry, Juan Andrés; Wonnacott, Susan; Dajas, Federico

Free Content Down-regulation of GRK2 after oxygen and glucose deprivation in rat hippocampal slices: role of the PI3-kinase pathway
pp. 731-740(10)
Authors: Lombardi, Maria Stella; Vroon, Anne; Sodaar, Peter; van Muiswinkel, Freek L.; Heijnen, Cobi J.; Kavelaars, Annemieke

Free Content The lack of CB1 receptors prevents neuroadapatations of both NMDA and GABAA receptors after chronic ethanol exposure
pp. 741-752(12)
Authors: Warnault, Vincent; Houchi, Hakim; Barbier, Estelle; Pierrefiche, Olivier; Vilpoux, Catherine; Ledent, Catherine; Daoust, Martine; Naassila, Mickaël

Free Content Chronic lithium administration attenuates up-regulated brain arachidonic acid metabolism in a rat model of neuroinflammation
pp. 761-772(12)
Authors: Basselin, Mireille; Villacreses, Nelly E.; Lee, Ho-Joo; Bell, Jane M.; Rapoport, Stanley I.

Free Content Intracellular ascorbic acid inhibits transport of glucose by neurons, but not by astrocytes
pp. 773-782(10)
Authors: Castro, Maite A.; Pozo, Miguel; Cortés, Christian; García, María de los Angeles; Concha, Ilona I.; Nualart, Francisco

Free Content Dopamine release is impaired in a mouse model of DYT1 dystonia
pp. 783-788(6)
Authors: Balcioglu, Aygul; Kim, Mee-Ohk; Sharma, Nutan; Cha, Jang-Ho; Breakefield, Xandra O.; Standaert, David G.

Free Content Excitotoxicity-related endocytosis in cortical neurons
pp. 789-800(12)
Authors: Vaslin, A.; Puyal, J.; Borsello, T.; Clarke, P. G. H.

Free Content Activation of recombinant human TRPV1 receptors expressed in SH-SY5Y human neuroblastoma cells increases [Ca2+]i, initiates neurotransmitter release and promotes delayed cell death
pp. 801-811(11)
Authors: Lam, Patricia M. W.; Hainsworth, Atticus H.; Smith, Graham D.; Owen, Davina E.; Davies, James; Lambert, David G.

Free Content Leptin induces interleukin-1β release from rat microglial cells through a caspase 1 independent mechanism
pp. 826-833(8)
Authors: Pinteaux, Emmanuel; Inoue, Wataru; Schmidt, Lorraine; Molina-Holgado, Francisco; Rothwell, Nancy J.; Luheshi, Giamal N.

Free Content Transcriptome analysis reveals altered cholesterol metabolism during the neurodegeneration in mouse scrapie model
pp. 834-847(14)
Authors: Xiang, Wei; Hummel, Manuela; Mitteregger, Gerda; Pace, Claudia; Windl, Otto; Mansmann, Ulrich; Kretzschmar, Hans A.

Free Content Presenilin dependence of phospholipase C and protein kinase C signaling
pp. 848-857(10)
Authors: Dehvari, Nodi; Cedazo-Minguez, Angel; Isacsson, Ola; Nilsson, Tatjana; Winblad, Bengt; Karlström, Helena; Benedikz, Eirikur; Cowburn, Richard F.

Free Content EAAT4 phosphorylation at the SGK1 consensus site is required for transport modulation by the kinase
pp. 858-866(9)
Authors: Rajamanickam, Jeyaganesh; Palmada, Monica; Lang, Florian; Boehmer, Christoph

Free Content An alternatively spliced cytochrome P4501A1 in human brain fails to bioactivate polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons to DNA-reactive metabolites
pp. 867-877(11)
Authors: Kommaddi, Reddy P.; Turman, Cheri M.; Moorthy, Bhagavatula; Wang, Lihua; Strobel, Henry W.; Ravindranath, Vijayalakshmi

Free Content Inhibition of protein phosphatases induces transport deficits and axonopathy
pp. 878-886(9)
Authors: Yang, Ying; Yang, Xi-Fei; Wang, Yi-Peng; Tian, Qing; Wang, Xiao-Chuan; Li, Hong-Lian; Wang, Qun; Wang, Jian-Zhi

Free Content NeuroD1: developmental expression and regulated genes in the rodent pineal gland
pp. 887-899(13)
Authors: Muñoz, Estela M.; Bailey, Michael J.; Rath, Martin F.; Shi, Qiong; Morin, Fabrice; Coon, Steven L.; Møller, Morten; Klein, David C.

Free Content A comparative study of proteasomal inhibition and apoptosis induced in N27 mesencephalic cells by dopamine and MG132
pp. 913-921(9)
Authors: Zafar, Khan Shoeb; Inayat-Hussain, Salmaan H.; Ross, David

Free Content A Critical role for Bim in retinal ganglion cell death
pp. 922-930(9)
Authors: McKernan, Declan P.; Cotter, T. G.

Free Content Lysophospholipids regulate excitability and exocytosis in cultured bovine chromaffin cells
pp. 944-956(13)
Authors: Pan, Chien-Yuan; Wu, Adonis Z.; Chen, Yit-Tsong

Free Content Sub-cellular localization of insulin-regulated membrane aminopeptidase, IRAP to vesicles in neurons
pp. 967-976(10)
Authors: Fernando, Ruani N.; Luff, Susan E.; Albiston, Anthony L.; Chai, Siew Yeen

Free Content Capsaicin-induced apoptosis of glioma cells is mediated by TRPV1 vanilloid receptor and requires p38 MAPK activation
pp. 977-990(14)
Authors: Amantini, C; Mosca, M; Nabissi, M; Lucciarini, R; Caprodossi, S; Arcella, A; Giangaspero, F; Santoni, G

Free Content The lipophilic metal chelators DP-109 and DP-460 are neuroprotective in a transgenic mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
pp. 991-1000(10)
Authors: Petri, Susanne; Calingasan, Noel Y.; Alsaied, Osama A.; Wille, Elizabeth; Kiaei, Mahmoud; Friedman, Jonathan E.; Baranova, Oxana; Chavez, Juan C.; Beal, M. Flint

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