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Volume 100, Number 6, March 2007

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Free Content REVIEW
pp. 1431-1448(18)
Author: Quarles, Richard H.

Free Content Dopaminergic neuron loss and up-regulation of chaperone protein mRNA induced by targeted over-expression of alpha-synuclein in mouse substantia nigra
pp. 1449-1457(9)
Authors: St Martin, Jessie L.; Klucken, Jochen; Outeiro, Tiago F.; Nguyen, Paul; Keller-McGandy, Christine; Cantuti-Castelvetri, Ippolita; Grammatopoulos, Tom N.; Standaert, David G.; Hyman, Bradley T.; McLean, Pamela J.

Free Content Widespread neuronal expression of branched-chain aminotransferase in the CNS: implications for leucine/glutamate metabolism and for signaling by amino acids
pp. 1458-1468(11)
Authors: García-Espinosa, María A.; Wallin, Reidar; Hutson, Susan M.; Sweatt, Andrew J.

Free Content Mechanism of toxicity of pesticides acting at complex I: relevance to environmental etiologies of Parkinson’s disease
pp. 1469-1479(11)
Authors: Sherer, Todd B.; Richardson, Jason R.; Testa, Claudia M.; Seo, Byoung Boo; Panov, Alexander V.; Yagi, Takao; Matsuno-Yagi, Akemi; Miller, Gary W.; Greenamyre, J. Timothy

Free Content Proteomic analysis of protein nitration in rat cerebellum: effect of biological aging
pp. 1494-1504(11)
Authors: Gokulrangan, Giridharan; Zaidi, Asma; Michaelis, Mary L.; Schöneich, Christian

Free Content Calnuc binds to Alzheimer’s β-amyloid precursor protein and affects its biogenesis
pp. 1505-1514(10)
Authors: Lin, Ping; Li, Feng; Zhang, Yun-wu; Huang, Haining; Tong, Gary; Farquhar, Marilyn Gist; Xu, Huaxi

Free Content Truncated tyrosine kinase B brain-derived neurotrophic factor receptor directs cortical neural stem cells to a glial cell fate by a novel signaling mechanism
pp. 1515-1530(16)
Authors: Cheng, Aiwu; Coksaygan, Turhan; Tang, Hongyan; Khatri, Rina; Balice-Gordon, Rita J.; Rao, Mahendra S.; Mattson, Mark P.

Free Content Arachidonic acid potentiates exocytosis and allows neuronal SNARE complex to interact with Munc18a
pp. 1543-1554(12)
Authors: Latham, Catherine F.; Osborne, Shona L.; Cryle, Max J.; Meunier, Frederic A.

Free Content Enhanced proliferation of astrocytes from β2-adrenergic receptor knockout mice is influenced by the IGF system
pp. 1555-1564(10)
Authors: Chesik, Daniel; Glazenburg, Lisa; De Keyser, Jacques; Wilczak, Nadine

Free Content Reduction of methamphetamine-induced sensitization and reward in matrix metalloproteinase-2 and -9-deficient mice
pp. 1579-1588(10)
Authors: Mizoguchi, Hiroyuki; Yamada, Kiyofumi; Niwa, Minae; Mouri, Akihiro; Mizuno, Tomoko; Noda, Yukihiro; Nitta, Atsumi; Itohara, Shigeyoshi; Banno, Yoshiko; Nabeshima, Toshitaka

Free Content Pyruvate modifies glycolytic and oxidative metabolism of rat embryonic spinal cord astrocyte cell lines and prevents their spontaneous transformation
pp. 1589-1598(10)
Authors: Rouleau, Caroline; Rakotoarivelo, Clovis; Petite, Didier; Lambert, Karen; Fabre, Christine; Bonardet, Andrée; Mercier, Jacques; Baldet, Pierre; Privat, Alain; Langley, Keith; Mersel, Marcel

Free Content GAP-43 regulates NCAM-180-mediated neurite outgrowth
pp. 1599-1612(14)
Authors: Korshunova, Irina; Novitskaya, Vera; Kiryushko, Darya; Pedersen, Nina; Kolkova, Kateryna; Kropotova, Ekaterina; Mosevitsky, Mark; Rayko, Mikhail; Morrow, John S.; Ginzburg, Irith; Berezin, Vladimir; Bock, Elisabeth

Free Content Modulation of electrically evoked serotonin release in cultured rat raphe neurons
pp. 1613-1625(13)
Authors: Birthelmer, Anja; Ehret, Andreas; Riegert, Céline; Rothmaier, Anna Katharina; Leemhuis, Jost; Jackisch, Rolf

Free Content p53-dependent neuronal cell death in a DJ-1-deficient zebrafish model of Parkinson's disease
pp. 1626-1635(10)
Authors: Bretaud, Sandrine; Allen, Claire; Ingham, Phillip W.; Bandmann, Oliver

Free Content Molecular cloning of prostaglandin EP3 receptors from canine sensory ganglia and their facilitatory action on bradykinin-induced mobilization of intracellular calcium
pp. 1636-1647(12)
Authors: Kozaki, Yasuko; Kambe, Fukushi; Hayashi, Yoshitaka; Ohmori, Sachiko; Seo, Hisao; Kumazawa, Takao; Mizumura, Kazue

Free Content Characterization of wild-type and mutant forms of human tryptophan hydroxylase 2
pp. 1648-1657(10)
Authors: Winge, Ingeborg; McKinney, Jeffrey A.; Knappskog, Per M.; Haavik, Jan

Free Content Activation of GABAA receptors facilitates astroglial differentiation induced by ciliary neurotrophic factor in neural progenitors isolated from fetal rat brain
pp. 1667-1679(13)
Authors: Yoneyama, Masanori; Fukui, Masaki; Nakamichi, Noritaka; Kitayama, Tomoya; Taniura, Hideo; Yoneda, Yukio

Free Content Tubulin cofactor B plays a role in the neuronal growth cone
pp. 1680-1687(8)
Authors: Lopez-Fanarraga, M.; Carranza, G.; Bellido, J.; Kortazar, D.; Villegas, J. C.; Zabala, J. C.

Free Content Hypoxia-like transcriptional activation in TMT-induced degeneration: microarray expression analysis on PC12 cells
pp. 1688-1702(15)
Authors: Lattanzi, Wanda; Bernardini, Camilla; Gangitano, Carlo; Michetti, Fabrizio

Free Content Hydrogen peroxide triggers the proteolytic cleavage and the inactivation of calcineurin
pp. 1703-1712(10)
Authors: Lee, Ji-Eun; Kim, Hyungsoo; Jang, Hyonchol; Cho, Eun-Jung; Youn, Hong-Duk

pp. 1713-1713(1)

Free Content Acknowledgement of Reviewers
pp. 1714-1718(5)

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