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Volume 90, Number 4, August 2004

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Free Content MAP kinases in the mammalian circadian system – key regulators of clock function
pp. 769-775(7)
Authors: Coogan, Andrew N.; Piggins, Hugh D.

Free Content N-Acetylaspartate: a literature review of animal research on brain ischaemia
pp. 776-783(8)
Authors: Demougeot, Céline; Marie, Christine; Giroud, Maurice; Beley, Alain

Free Content Up-regulation of Na+–Ca2+ exchange activity by interferon-γ in cultured rat microglia
pp. 784-791(8)
Authors: Nagano, Takayuki; Kawasaki, Yasushi; Baba, Akemichi; Takemura, Motohiko; Matsuda, Toshio

Free Content Dopamine and cyclic AMP-regulated phosphoprotein-32 phosphorylation pattern in cocaine and morphine-sensitized rats
pp. 792-799(8)
Authors: Scheggi, S.; Rauggi, R.; Gambarana, C.; Tagliamonte, A.; De Montis, M. G.

Free Content Presenilin-directed inhibitors of γ-secretase trigger caspase 3 activation in presenilin-expressing and presenilin-deficient cells
pp. 800-806(7)
Authors: Alves da Costa, Cristine; Ayral, Erwan; Hernandez, Jean-François; St George-Hyslop, Peter; Checler, Frédéric

Free Content AMPA protects cultured neurons against glutamate excitotoxicity through a phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-dependent activation in extracellular signal-regulated kinase to upregulate BDNF gene expression
pp. 807-818(12)
Authors: Wu, Xuan; Zhu, Daming; Jiang, Xueying; Okagaki, Peter; Mearow, Karen; Zhu, Guanshan; McCall, Sherman; Banaudha, Krishna; Lipsky, Robert H.; Marini, Ann M.

Free Content Metalloendopeptidase EC3.4.24.15 is constitutively released from the exofacial leaflet of lipid rafts in GT1-7 cells
pp. 819-828(10)
Authors: Jeske, Nathaniel A.; Glucksman, Marc J.; Roberts, James L.

Free Content Phosphorylated p38MAPK specific antibodies cross-react with sarkosyl-insoluble hyperphosphorylated tau proteins
pp. 829-838(10)
Authors: Sahara, Naruhiko; Vega, Irving E.; Ishizawa, Takashi; Lewis, Jada; McGowan, Eileen; Hutton, Michael; Dickson, Dennis; Yen, Shu-Hui

Free Content Changes occurring in cortical NO release and brain NO-synthases during a paradoxical sleep deprivation and subsequent recovery in the rat
pp. 848-856(9)
Authors: Clément, Pierre; Sarda, Nicole; Cespuglio, Raymond; Gharib, Abdallah

Free Content Phosphorylation of Ser19 increases both Ser40 phosphorylation and enzyme activity of tyrosine hydroxylase in intact cells
pp. 857-864(8)
Authors: Bobrovskaya, Larisa; Dunkley, Peter R.; Dickson, Phillip W.

Free Content Regulation of dopamine D1-receptor activation in vivo by protein phosphatase 2B (calcineurin)
pp. 865-873(9)
Authors: Adlersberg, Mella; Hsiung, Shu-chi; Glickstein, Sara B.; Liu, Kuo-peing; Tamir, Hadassah; Schmauss, Claudia

Free Content Activation of AP-1 and CRE-dependent gene expression via µ-opioid receptor
pp. 874-882(9)
Authors: Bilecki, Wiktor; Wawrzczak-Bargiela, Agnieszka; Przewlocki, Ryszard

Free Content Distribution of CNT2 and ENT1 transcripts in rat brain: selective decrease of CNT2 mRNA in the cerebral cortex of sleep-deprived rats
pp. 883-893(11)
Authors: Guillén-Gómez, Elena; Calbet, Marta; Casado, Javier; de Lecea, Luís; Soriano, Eduardo; Pastor-Anglada, Marçal; Burgaya, Ferran

Free Content Nomifensine amplifies subsecond dopamine signals in the ventral striatum of freely-moving rats
pp. 894-903(10)
Authors: Robinson, Donita L.; Wightman, R. Mark

Free Content Focal adhesion kinase mediates endothelin-induced cyclin D3 expression in rat cultured astrocytes
pp. 904-912(9)
Authors: Koyama, Yutaka; Yoshioka, Yasuhiro; Shinde, Michiyo; Matsuda, Toshio; Baba, Akemichi

Free Content Differential expression of N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor NR2 isoforms in Alzheimer's disease
pp. 913-919(7)
Authors: Hynd, Matthew R.; Scott, Heather L.; Dodd, Peter R.

Free Content Intracellular lithium and cyclic AMP levels are mutually regulated in neuronal cells
pp. 920-930(11)
Authors: Montezinho, L. P.; B. Duarte, C.; Fonseca, C. P.; Glinka, Y.; Layden, B.; Mota de Freitas, D.; Geraldes, C. F. G. C.; Castro, M. M. C. A.

Free Content Organic anion transporter 3 is involved in the brain-to-blood efflux transport of thiopurine nucleobase analogs
pp. 931-941(11)
Authors: Mori, Shinobu; Ohtsuki, Sumio; Takanaga, Hitomi; Kikkawa, Tazuru; Kang, Young-Sook; Terasaki, Tetsuya

Free Content Lack of mitochondrial nitric oxide production in the mouse brain
pp. 942-951(10)
Authors: Lacza, Zsombor; Horn, Thomas F. W.; Snipes, James A.; Zhang, Jie; Roychowdhury, Sanjoy; Horváth, Eszter M.; Figueroa, Jorge P.; Kollai, Márk; Szabó, Csaba; Busija, David W.

Free Content Effects of NGF on acetylcholine, acetyl-CoA metabolism, and viability of differentiated and non-differentiated cholinergic neuroblastoma cells
pp. 952-961(10)
Authors: Szutowicz, Andrzej; Madziar, Beata; Pawełczyk, Tadeusz; Tomaszewicz, Maria; Bielarczyk, Hanna

Free Content Effects of phosphorylation by protein kinase A on binding of catecholamines to the human tyrosine hydroxylase isoforms
pp. 970-978(9)
Authors: Sura, Giri R.; Daubner, S. Colette; Fitzpatrick, Paul F.

Free Content Docosahexaenoic acid promotes neurite growth in hippocampal neurons
pp. 979-988(10)
Authors: Calderon, Frances; Kim, Hee-Yong

Free Content Biosynthesis of NAAG by an enzyme-mediated process in rat central nervous system neurons and glia
pp. 989-997(9)
Authors: Gehl, Laura M.; Saab, Omar H.; Bzdega, Tomasz; Wroblewska, Barbara; Neale, Joseph H.

Free Content Effects of post-injury hypothermia and nerve growth factor infusion on antioxidant enzyme activity in the rat: implications for clinical therapies
pp. 998-1004(7)
Authors: DeKosky, Steven T.; Abrahamson, Eric E.; Taffe, Kevin M.; Dixon, C. Edward; Kochanek, Patrick M.; Ikonomovic, Milos D.

Free Content Atorvastatin-induced activation of Alzheimer's α secretase is resistant to standard inhibitors of protein phosphorylation-regulated ectodomain shedding
pp. 1005-1010(6)
Authors: Parvathy, S.; Ehrlich, Michelle; Pedrini, Steve; Diaz, Nichole; Refolo, Lorenzo; Buxbaum, Joseph D.; Bogush, Alexey; Petanceska, Suzana; Gandy, Sam

Free Content Aging, gender and APOE isotype modulate metabolism of Alzheimer's Aβ peptides and F2-isoprostanes in the absence of detectable amyloid deposits
pp. 1011-1018(8)
Authors: Yao, Jun; Petanceska, Suzana S.; Montine, Thomas J.; Holtzman, David M.; Schmidt, Stephen D.; Parker, Carolyn A.; Callahan, Michael J.; Lipinski, William J.; Bisgaier, Charles L.; Turner, Brian A.; Nixon, Ralph A.; Martins, Ralph N.; Ouimet, Charles; Smith, Jonathan D.; Davies, Peter; Laska, Eugene; Ehrlich, Michelle E.; Walker, Lary C.; Mathews, Paul M.; Gandy, Sam

Free Content Circadian rhythms in the retina of rats with photoreceptor degeneration
pp. 1019-1024(6)
Authors: Sakamoto, Katsuhiko; Liu, Cuimei; Tosini, Gianluca

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