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Volume 59, Number 12, 1 December 2011

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pp. E1-E10(10)

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pp. E11-E43(33)

Associations Between Cytomegalovirus Infection and Functional Impairment and Frailty in the BELFRAIL Cohort
pp. 2201-2208(8)
Authors: Matheï, Catharina; Vaes, Bert; Wallemacq, Pierre; Degryse, Jan

Behavioral Versus Drug Treatment for Overactive Bladder in Men: The Male Overactive Bladder Treatment in Veterans (MOTIVE) Trial
pp. 2209-2216(8)
Authors: Burgio, Kathryn L.; Goode, Patricia S.; Johnson, Theodore M.; Hammontree, Lee; Ouslander, Joseph G.; Markland, Alayne D.; Colli, Janet; Vaughan, Camille P.; Redden, David T.

Associations Between Sleep Architecture and Sleep‐Disordered Breathing and Cognition in Older Community‐Dwelling Men: The Osteoporotic Fractures in Men Sleep Study
pp. 2217-2225(9)
Authors: Blackwell, Terri; Yaffe, Kristine; Ancoli‐Israel, Sonia; Redline, Susan; Ensrud, Kristine E.; Stefanick, Marcia L.; Laffan, Alison; Stone, Katie L.; for the Osteoporotic Fractures in Men Study Groupjgs3731-cr-0009

Angiotensin‐Converting Enzyme Inhibitor and Statin Use and Incident Mobility Limitation in Community‐Dwelling Older Adults: The Health, Aging and Body Composition Study
pp. 2226-2232(7)
Authors: Gray, Shelly L.; Boudreau, Robert M.; Newman, Anne B.; Studenski, Stephanie A.; Shorr, Ronald I.; Bauer, Douglas C.; Simonsick, Eleanor M.; Hanlon, Joseph T.; for the Health, Aging and Body Composition Studyjgs3721-cr-0009

Testing the Effect of Function‐Focused Care in Assisted Living
pp. 2233-2240(8)
Authors: Resnick, Barbara; Galik, Elizabeth; Gruber‐Baldini, Ann; Zimmerman, Sheryl

Social Characteristics and Health Status of Exceptionally Long‐Lived Americans in the Health and Retirement Study
pp. 2241-2248(8)
Authors: Ailshire, Jennifer A.; Beltrán‐Sánchez, Hiram; Crimmins, Eileen M.

Inflammatory Cytokine Levels and Depressive Symptoms in Older Women in the Year After Hip Fracture: Findings from the Baltimore Hip Studies
pp. 2249-2255(7)
Authors: Matheny, Maya E.; Miller, Ram R.; Shardell, Michelle D.; Hawkes, William G.; Lenze, Eric J.; Magaziner, Jay; Orwig, Denise L.

Postoperative Opioid Consumption and Its Relationship to Cognitive Function in Older Adults with Hip Fracture
pp. 2256-2262(7)
Authors: Sieber, Frederick E.; Mears, Simon; Lee, Hochang; Gottschalk, Allan

Risk of Hypoglycemia in Older Veterans with Dementia and Cognitive Impairment: Implications for Practice and Policy
pp. 2263-2272(10)
Authors: Feil, Denise G.; Rajan, Mangala; Soroka, Orysya; Tseng, Chin‐Lin; Miller, Donald R.; Pogach, Leonard M.

Do Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Predict Dementia at 1‐ and 2‐Year Follow‐Up? Findings from the Development of Screening Guidelines and Diagnostic Criteria for Predementia Alzheimer's Disease Study
pp. 2273-2281(9)
Authors: Sikkes, Sietske A. M.; Visser, Pieter Jelle; Knol, Dirk L.; de Lange‐de Klerk, Elly S. M.; Tsolaki, Magda; Frisoni, Giovani B.; Nobili, Flavio; Spiru, Luiza; Rigaud, Anne Sophie; Frölich, Lutz; Rikkert, Marcel Olde; Soininen, Hilkka; Touchon, Jacques; Wilcock, Gordon; Boada, Mercè; Hampel, Harald; Bullock, Roger; Vellas, Bruno; Pijnenburg, Yolande A.L.; Scheltens, Philip; Verhey, Frans R.; Uitdehaag, Bernard M.J.

Liver Resection for Colorectal Metastases in Older Adults: A Paired Matched Analysis
pp. 2282-2290(9)
Authors: Benedetto, Fabrizio; Berretta, Massimiliano; D'Amico, Giuseppe; Montalti, Roberto; Ruvo, Nicola; Cautero, Nicola; Guerrini, Gian Piero; Ballarin, Roberto; Spaggiari, Mario; Tarantino, Giuseppe; Sandro, Stefano; Pecchi, Anna; Luppi, Gabriele; Gerunda, Giorgio‐Enrico

Absence of Influenza A(H1N1) During Seasonal and Pandemic Seasons in a Sentinel Nursing Home Surveillance Network in the Netherlands
pp. 2301-2305(5)
Authors: Enserink, Remko; Meijer, Adam; Dijkstra, Frederika; Benthem, Birgit; Steen, Jenny T.; Haenen, Anja; Delden, Hans; Cools, Herman; Sande, Marianne; Veldman‐Ariesen, Marie‐Jose;  on behalf of the Sentinel Surveillance Network on Infectious Diseases in Nursing Homes Study Groupjgs3715-cr-0011

Predisposing Factors for Postoperative Delirium After Hip Fracture Repair in Individuals with and without Dementia
pp. 2306-2313(8)
Authors: Lee, Hochang B.; Mears, Simon C.; Rosenberg, Paul B.; Leoutsakos, Jeannie‐Marie S.; Gottschalk, Allan; Sieber, Frederick E.

Community Aging in Place, Advancing Better Living for Elders: A Bio‐Behavioral‐Environmental Intervention to Improve Function and Health‐Related Quality of Life in Disabled Older Adults
pp. 2314-2320(7)
Authors: Szanton, Sarah L.; Thorpe, Roland J.; Boyd, Cynthia; Tanner, Elizabeth K.; Leff, Bruce; Agree, Emily; Xue, Qian‐Li; Allen, Jerilyn K.; Seplaki, Christopher L.; Weiss, Carlos O.; Guralnik, Jack M.; Gitlin, Laura N.

Determinants of Death in the Hospital Among Older Adults
pp. 2321-2325(5)
Authors: Kelley, Amy S.; Ettner, Susan L.; Wenger, Neil S.; Sarkisian, Catherine A.

Physician Perspectives on Medical Care Delivery in Assisted Living
pp. 2326-2331(6)
Authors: Sloane, Philip D.; Zimmerman, Sheryl; Perez, Rosa; Reed, David; Harris‐Wallace, Brandy; Khandelwal, Christine; Beeber, Anna Song; Madeline Mitchell, C.; Schumacher, John

Predicting Nursing Home Adherence to a Clinical Trial Intervention: Lessons for the Conduct of Cluster Randomized Trials
pp. 2332-2336(5)
Authors: Tjia, Jennifer; Mazor, Kathleen M.; Field, Terry; Doherty, Peter; Spenard, Ann; Gurwitz, Jerry H.

When Doctors and Daughters Disagree: Twenty‐Two Days and Two Blinks of an Eye
pp. 2337-2340(4)
Authors: Abadir, Peter M.; Finucane, Thomas E.; McNabney, Matthew K.

Resident Physician Interactions with Surrogate Decision‐Makers: The Resident Experience
pp. 2341-2346(6)
Authors: Reckrey, Jennifer M.; Diane McKee, M.; Sanders, Justin J.; Lipman, Hannah I.

Bisphosphonates and Osteonecrosis of the Jaw
pp. 2350-2355(6)
Authors: Shannon, Jodi; Shannon, John; Modelevsky, Steven; Grippo, Anne A.

Language Concordance and Patient–Physician Communication Regarding Mental Health Needs
pp. 2356-2362(7)
Authors: August, Kristin J.; Nguyen, Hannah; Ngo‐Metzger, Quyen; Sorkin, Dara H.

Lost in Transition
pp. 2369-2370(2)
Author: Stefanacci, Richard G.

Cerebral Venous Thrombosis in an Individual with Multiple Myeloma Treated with Lenalidomide
pp. 2371-2372(2)
Authors: Eudo, Charlotte; Cottier, Jean‐Philippe; Petit, Anne; Mondon, Karl; Rippault, Heliette; Dardaine, Véronique; Constans, Thierry; Hommet, Caroline

Apolipoprotein A‐1 Deficiency in Older Adults with Spontaneous Cerebral Lobar Hemorrhage
pp. 2372-2373(2)
Authors: Godani, Massimiliano; Capellini, Cesare; Sette, Massimo Del

Incidence of Emergency Intestinal Pseudo‐Obstruction in Parkinson's Disease
pp. 2373-2375(3)
Authors: Tateno, Fuyuki; Sakakibara, Ryuji; Kishi, Masahiko; Ogawa, Emina; Yoshimatsu, Yasushi; Takada, Nobuo; Suzuki, Yasuo; Mouri, Takayuki; Uchiyama, Tomoyuki; Yamamoto, Tatsuya

Severe Exfoliative Dermatitis Caused by Esomeprazole
pp. 2377-2378(2)
Authors: Mumoli, Nicola; Bagnoni, Giovanni; Biondi, Alessandro; Luschi, Riccardo; Camaiti, Alberto; Cei, Marco

Emphysematous Infections of the Prostate and Scrotum in an Older Adult in a Nursing Home
pp. 2378-2379(2)
Authors: Cheung, Wing‐Keung; Tsang, Yuk‐Ming

Alendronate and Risk of Esophageal Cancer: A Nationwide Population‐Based Study in Taiwan
pp. 2379-2381(3)
Authors: Chen, Yi‐Ming; Tsai, Yi‐Wen; Liu, Chien‐Liang; Chen, Yi‐Tsun; Chang, Li‐Chuan; Huang, Weng‐Foung; Chen, Der‐Yuan; Hsiao, Fei‐Yuan; Chen, Liang‐Kung

Medication Use in Older U.S. Adults with Diabetes Mellitus and the Potential Ramifications of Raising the Glycemic Target
pp. 2381-2383(3)
Authors: Yeh, Hsin‐Chieh; Huang, Elbert S.; Levin, Philip; Liu, Su‐Hsun; Brancati, Frederick L.

Survey of Emergency Medical Services Professionals’ Experience with Advance Directives and Medical Orders for Life‐Sustaining Treatment
pp. 2383-2384(2)
Authors: Sam, Stanley; Pekmezaris, Renee; Nouryan, Christian N.; Tan, Richard; Conrardy, Anthony; Ward, Mary Frances; Schwalberg, Alan; Vij, Brinder; Silverman, Harold; Guzik, Howard J.; Lesser, Martin L.; Wolf‐Klein, Gisele P.

d‐Dimer Plasma Concentrations in an Older Hospitalized Population
pp. 2385-2386(2)
Authors: Isaia, Gianluca; Bertone, Paola; Bo, Mario; Greppi, Francesca; Roet, Katia Molinar; Ausiello, Livia; Ruatta, Claudia; Sapone, Pasqualina; Zanocchi, Mauro; Isaia, Giovanni C.

Safety and Efficacy of Rotigotine in Individuals with Parkinson's Disease Aged 75 and Older
pp. 2386-2387(2)
Authors: Fasano, Alfonso; Guidubaldi, Arianna; Nigris, Francesca; Bentivoglio, Anna Rita

Variability in Sustained Attention and Risk of Frailty
pp. 2390-2392(3)
Authors: O'Halloran, Aisling M.; Pénard, Nils; Galli, Alessandra; Fan, Chie Wei; Robertson, Ian H.; Kenny, Rose Anne

The Use of Nintendo Wii with Long‐Term Care Residents
pp. 2393-2395(3)
Authors: Brandt, Kirsten; Paniagua, Miguel A.

Disease Clusters in Older Adults: Rationale and Need for Investigation
pp. 2395-2396(2)
Authors: Marengoni, Alessandra; Fratiglioni, Laura

Alzheimer's … Our New Cancer?
pp. 2396-2397(2)
Author: Vann, Allan

pp. 2399-2399(1)

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