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Volume 59, Number 11, 1 November 2011

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Health Behaviors as Predictors for Declines in Higher‐Level Functional Capacity in Older Adults: The
pp. 1993-2000(8)
Authors: Tsubota‐Utsugi, Megumi; Ito‐Sato, Rie; Ohkubo, Takayoshi; Kikuya, Masahiro; Asayama, Kei; Metoki, Hirohito; Fukushima, Naomi; Kurimoto, Ayumi; Tsubono, Yoshitaka; Imai, Yutaka

A Prospective Cohort Study of Geriatric Syndromes Among Older Medical Patients Admitted to Acute Care Hospitals
pp. 2001-2008(8)
Authors: Lakhan, Prabha; Jones, Mark; Wilson, Andrew; Courtney, Mary; Hirdes, John; Gray, Leonard C.

Improving Decision‐Making for Feeding Options in Advanced Dementia: A Randomized, Controlled Trial
pp. 2009-2016(8)
Authors: Hanson, Laura C.; Carey, Timothy S.; Caprio, Anthony J.; Lee, Tae Joon; Ersek, Mary; Garrett, Joanne; Jackman, Anne; Gilliam, Robin; Wessell, Kathryn; Mitchell, Susan L.

A New Multimodal Geriatric Discharge‐Planning Intervention to Prevent Emergency Visits and Rehospitalizations of Older Adults: The Optimization of Medication in
pp. 2017-2028(12)
Authors: Legrain, Sylvie; Tubach, Florence; Bonnet‐Zamponi, Dominique; Lemaire, Aurélie; Aquino, Jean‐Pierre; Paillaud, Elena; Taillandier‐Heriche, Elodie; Thomas, Caroline; Verny, Marc; Pasquet, Blandine; Moutet, Aline Lasserre; Lieberherr, Déborah; Lacaille, Sophie

Belt Restraint Reduction in Nursing Homes: Effects of a Multicomponent Intervention Program
pp. 2029-2036(8)
Authors: Gulpers, Math J. M.; Bleijlevens, Michel H. C.; Ambergen, Ton; Capezuti, Elizabeth; Rossum, Erik; Hamers, Jan P. H.

Cardiometabolic Effects in Caregivers of Nursing Home Placement and Death of Their Spouse with
pp. 2037-2044(8)
Authors: Känel, Roland; Mausbach, Brent T.; Dimsdale, Joel E.; Mills, Paul J.; Patterson, Thomas L.; Ancoli‐Israel, Sonia; Ziegler, Michael G.; Roepke, Susan K.; Chattillion, Elizabeth A.; Allison, Matthew; Grant, Igor

Patient Participation in Medical and Social Decisions in
pp. 2045-2052(8)
Authors: Hamann, Johannes; Bronner, Katharina; Margull, Julia; Mendel, Rosmarie; Diehl‐Schmid, Janine; Bühner, Markus; Klein, Reinhold; Schneider, Antonius; Kurz, Alexander; Perneczky, Robert

Incidence of Serious Upper and Lower Gastrointestinal Events in Older Adults with and without
pp. 2053-2061(9)
Authors: Wu, Jasmanda H.; Guo, Zhenchao; Kumar, Sandeep; Lapuerta, Pablo

Depression Is Associated with Sarcopenia, Not Central Obesity, in Elderly
pp. 2062-2068(7)
Authors: Kim, Nam Hoon; Kim, Hye Sook; Eun, Chai Ryoung; Seo, Ji A; Cho, Hyun Joo; Kim, Sin Gon; Choi, Kyung Mook; Baik, Sei Hyun; Choi, Dong Seop; Park, Moon Ho; Han, Changsu; Kim, Nan Hee

Concomitant Use of Cholinesterase Inhibitors and Anticholinergics: Prevalence and Outcomes
pp. 2069-2076(8)
Authors: Boudreau, Denise M.; Yu, Onchee; Gray, Shelly L.; Raebel, Marsha A.; Johnson, Jeanene; Larson, Eric B.

Successful Aging: Development and Testing of a Multidimensional Model Using Data From a Large Sample of Older
pp. 2077-2083(7)
Authors: Parslow, Ruth A.; Lewis, Virginia J.; Nay, Rhonda

Once‐Yearly Zoledronic Acid in Older Men Compared with Women with Recent Hip Fracture
pp. 2084-2090(7)
Authors: Boonen, Steven; Orwoll, Eric; Magaziner, Jay; Colón‐Emeric, Cathleen S.; Adachi, Jonathan D.; Bucci‐Rechtweg, Christina; Haentjens, Patrick; Kaufman, Jean‐Marc; Rizzoli, Rene; Vanderschueren, Dirk; Claessens, Frank; Sermon, An; Witvrouw, Richard; Milisen, Koen; Su, Guoqin; Lyles, Kenneth W.; for the HORIZON Recurrent Fracture Trialjgs3666-cr-0017

The Consistency Between Treatments Provided to Nursing Facility Residents and Orders on the Physician Orders for Life‐Sustaining Treatment Form
pp. 2091-2099(9)
Authors: Hickman, Susan E.; Nelson, Christine A.; Moss, Alvin H.; Tolle, Susan W.; Perrin, Nancy A.; Hammes, Bernard J.

Psychotropic Medication Burden and Factors Associated with Antipsychotic Use: An Analysis of a Population‐Based Sample of Community‐Dwelling Older Persons with Dementia
pp. 2100-2107(8)
Authors: Rhee, YongJoo; Csernansky, John G.; Emanuel, Linda L.; Chang, Chang‐Gok; Shega, Joseph W.

Does Cognitive Impairment Affect Rehabilitation Outcome?
pp. 2108-2111(4)
Authors: Poynter, Lynn; Kwan, Joseph; Sayer, Avan Aihie; Vassallo, Michael

Predicting Road Test Performance in Drivers with Dementia
pp. 2112-2117(6)
Authors: Carr, David B.; Barco, Peggy P.; Wallendorf, Michael J.; Snellgrove, Carol A.; Ott, Brian R.

Metabolic Cost of Daily Activities and Effect of Mobility Impairment in Older Adults
pp. 2118-2123(6)
Authors: Knaggs, Jeffrey D.; Larkin, Kelly A.; Manini, Todd M.

Prospective Validation of the Modified Mini Nutritional Assessment Short‐Forms in the Community, Nursing Home, and Rehabilitation Setting
pp. 2124-2128(5)
Authors: Kaiser, Matthias J.; Bauer, Jürgen M.; Uter, Wolfgang; Donini, Lorenzo M.; Stange, Inken; Volkert, Dorothee; Diekmann, Rebecca; Drey, Michael; Bollwein, Julia; Tempera, Settimio; Guerra, Alessandro; Ricciardi, Laura M.; Sieber, Cornel C.

The Identification of Frailty: A Systematic Literature Review
pp. 2129-2138(10)
Authors: Sternberg, Shelley A.; Schwartz, Andrea Wershof; Karunananthan, Sathya; Bergman, Howard; Mark Clarfield, A.

Inappropriate Medication Use in Older Adults Undergoing Surgery: A National Study
pp. 2139-2144(6)
Authors: Finlayson, Emily; Maselli, Judith; Steinman, Michael A.; Rothberg, Michael B.; Lindenauer, Peter K.; Auerbach, Andrew D.

Academic Geriatrics in
pp. 2145-2150(6)
Authors: Wong, Chek Hooi; Landefeld, C. Seth

Autism Spectrum Disorders in Older Adults: Toward Defining a Research Agenda
pp. 2151-2155(5)
Authors: Piven, Joseph; Rabins, Peter; on behalf of the Autism‐in‐Older Adults Working Groupjgs3632-cr-0003

Infectious Mononucleosis and Monoclonal B Lymphocytosis in an Elderly Man
pp. 2156-2157(2)
Authors: Malfuson, Jean‐Valère; Dutasta, Fabien; Konopacki, Johanna; Soler, Charles; Samson, Thierry; Revel, Thierry

Subjective Quality of Life in Older Community‐Dwelling Adults in the Kingdom of
pp. 2157-2159(3)
Authors: Sakamoto, Ryota; Okumiya, Kiyohito; Dorji, Nawang; Dorji, Tshewang; Lhadon, Kesang; Lhamo, Singye; Rinchen, Sangay; Ishine, Masayuki; Wada, Taizo; Fujisawa, Michiko; Otsuka, Kuniaki; Matsubayashi, Kozo

Fifteen‐Item Geriatric Depression Scale Predicts 8‐Year Mortality in Older
pp. 2159-2160(2)
Authors: Wada, Taizo; Kasahara, Yoriko; Ishimoto, Yasuko; Fukutomi, Eriko; Kimura, Yumi; Imai, Hissei; Chen, Wen‐Ling; Sakamoto, Ryota; Ishine, Masayuki; Fujisawa, Michiko; Okumiya, Kiyohito; Matsubayashi, Kozo

A New Crisis in
pp. 2160-2162(3)
Authors: Murayama, Hiroshi; Shibui, Yu; Fukuda, Yoshiharu; Murashima, Sachiyo

Physiologically Relaxing Effect of a Hospital Rooftop Forest on Older Women Requiring Care
pp. 2162-2163(2)
Authors: Matsunaga, Keiko; Park, Bum‐Jin; Kobayashi, Hiromitsu; Miyazaki, Yoshifumi

Self‐Neglect and Elder Abuse: Related Phenomena?
pp. 2163-2168(6)
Authors: Bartley, Mairéad; Knight, Paul V.; O'Neill, Desmond; O'Brien, James G.

Effectiveness of Thrombolysis with Intravenous Alteplase for Acute Ischemic Stroke in Older Adults
pp. 2169-2171(3)
Authors: Dirks, Maaike; Niessen, Louis W.; Wijngaarden, Jeroen D. H.; Koudstaal, Peter J.; Franke, Cees L.; Oostenbrugge, Robert J.; Dippel, Diederik W. J.

Depressive Symptoms Increase the Risk of Mortality in Older
pp. 2171-2172(2)
Authors: Piña‐Escudero, Stefanie Danielle; Navarrete‐Reyes, Ana Patricia; Ávila‐Funes, José Alberto

A 5‐Year Review of the Immunization Profile of Older Adults with Liver Disease at a Community Hospital
pp. 2172-2173(2)
Authors: Sy, Alexander M.; Fernandez, Gina S.; Williams, Susan; Bergasa, Nora V.; Chaudhari, Shobhana

Heparin Bridging Therapy and Bleeding Events in Octogenarian Inpatients with Atrial Fibrillation Starting Anticoagulation: Results of an Ancillary Study
pp. 2174-2178(5)
Authors: Bonnet‐Zamponi, Dominique; Aumont, Marie‐Claude; Comets, Emmanualle; Bruhat, Corinne; Chauveheid, Marie‐Paule; Duval, Xavier; Huisse, Marie‐Genviève; Diquet, Bertrand; Berrut, Gilles; Mentre, France; Delpierre, Sandrine; Legrain, Sylvie

Sicca Syndrome in Hospitalized Older Adults: Prevalence and Comparison of Objective and Subjective Symptoms
pp. 2178-2179(2)
Authors: Deschasse, Guillaume; Steenpass, Veronika; Couturier, Pascal; Diot, Elisabeth; Maillot, François; Maruani, Annabel

Asymptomatic Colonization by
pp. 2179-2181(3)
Authors: Schoevaerdts, Didier; Verroken, Alexia; Huang, Te‐Din; Swine, Christian; Glupczynski, Youri

Does Memantine Improve the Gait of Individuals with
pp. 2181-2182(2)
Authors: Beauchet, Olivier; Allali, Gilles; Launay, Cyrille; Fantino, Bruno; Annweiler, Cédric

Quality of the Rating of Mini‐Mental State Examination in a Well‐Defined Population of
pp. 2182-2184(3)
Authors: Mondon, Karl; Zid, Saousen Ben; Beaufils, Emilie; Eudo, Charlotte; Constans, Thierry; Hommet, Caroline

Objective Sleep Duration and Quality in Hospitalized Older Adults: Associations with Blood Pressure and Mood
pp. 2185-2186(2)
Authors: Arora, Vineet M.; Chang, Kevin L.; Fazal, Arshiya Z.; Staisiunas, Paul G.; Meltzer, David O.; Zee, Phyllis C.; Knutson, Kristen L.; Cauter, Eve

Geriatric MyHealth Passport: A Pilot Study of a Portable Health Summary in an Elderly Population
pp. 2186-2188(3)
Authors: Spencer, Martha Maria; Alexander, Lisa; Kaufman, Miriam

Timed Up and Go Test Predicts Cognitive Decline in Healthy Adults Aged 80 and Older in
pp. 2188-2189(2)
Authors: Katsumata, Yuriko; Todoriki, Hidemi; Yasura, Shotoku; Dodge, Hiroko H.

Guidelines for Non‐Medical Care Providers to Detect Illnesses in Elderly Evacuees After the 2011 Earthquake Off the Pacific Coast of
pp. 2189-2191(3)
Authors: Morimoto, Shigeto; Iijima, Katsuya; Kuzuya, Masafumi; Hattori, Hideyuki; Yokono, Koichi; Takahashi, Takashi

Gait Velocity Versus the Timed Up and Go Test: Which One to Use for the Prediction of Falls and Other Adverse Health Outcomes in Primary Care?
pp. 2191-2192(2)
Authors: Montero‐Odasso, Manuel; Muir, Susan W.; Gopaul, Karen; Annweiler, Cedric; Beauchet, Olivier

Response Letter to Dr. Montero‐Odasso et al.
pp. 2192-2193(2)
Authors: Studenski, Stephanie A.; Perera, Subashan; Viccaro, Laura J.

Undiagnosed Cognitive Impairment in Nursing Home Residents
pp. 2193-2194(2)
Authors: Webb, Fern J.; Wilson, George R.

Functional Recovery After Stroke
pp. 2194-2195(2)
Authors: Kumar, Neelima; Gadde, Likhita; Shil, Asit Baran

pp. 2196-2196(1)

pp. 2197-2197(1)

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